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    6 Reasons to Love Us

    Our vision is to lay the foundation for sustainable and responsible beauty and wellness products in the industry. We aim to curate formulations that are derived from age-old beauty and health recipes and make it affordable for you.

    Natural Ingredients

    Holistic beauty is what we're all about.     
    WOW Skin Science combines time-tested ingredients from nature with innovative formulations backed by science to deliver 100% vegan beauty that works! To create these highly effective products, we scour the world in search of the highest quality plant extracts and potent formulations. With the utmost respect for nature, we appreciate what these natural ingredients give to us and make the most of them for our customers.

    Himalayan Born

    We are deeply rooted to the Himalayas     
    Revolutionizing the natural beauty industry was possible by sourcing quality bioactives from the Himalayas. Our first raw Apple Cider Vinegar drink used Himalayan Apples and freshwater from the Himalayas. The secret to this highly effective formula is keeping the mother in raw Apple Cider Vinegar (most brands filter it out), so your skin and hair can enjoy all the essential nutrients. This is what makes our best selling Apple Cider Vinegar formula so special!

    No Harsh Chemicals

    Natural bioactives are the bread and butter of our holistic solutions
    We are extremely conscious about what goes into our formulas, as everything is produced in a 100% vegan manufacturing facility. Our products NEVER include harsh parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, and silicones. Skin and hair loving products don’t need those icky ingredients to give you the results you want.

    Women Made, Women Powered

    In an endeavor to empower women from all walks of life    
    Our workforce currently consists of 80% women. The determination and consistent innovations of our women employees in various departments have been the backbone of this company. By providing these women with the necessary platforms and financial stability, we have been able to fuel, albeit in a small manner, the movement for women empowerment and social change.

    Animal Love

    Integrity is at the forefront of our brand values
    We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to animal testing and cruelty. Our products are cruelty-free and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering vegan products on your doorsteps. By upholding our cruelty-free standards, we are doing our part to change the industry for the better.

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Mother nature gives us so much, the least we can do is give back!     
    We've improved our ecological footprint by using 30% post-consumer recycled packaging. This means our product packaging is easier to recycle and creates a reduced impact on garbage disposal systems. We are putting plans in place to work towards our goal of 100% PCR packaging, reduced carbon footprint, and improved sustainability measures. It is our responsibility to make positive choices that help our planet thrive, so we can keep bringing natural beauty to our customers.

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