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Featured Article

Bowl Method for Curly Hair: Pros and Cons

3 mins

Sarah Dickenson

The bowl method originated from TikTok, and many claim it to be the perfect solution for curls. Find out everything about the things to keep in mind before trying the bowl method.

How to Choose the Best Clarifying Shampoo for Natural Hair

Why does your natural hair need clarifying shampoo, and which one to use? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Evelyn Carter

7 mins

Thinner Eyebrows Are Frustrating You? Trust these Wonderful Home Remedies for Thicker Eyebrows

If you desire bolder and thicker eyebrows, then try these natural home remedies that are not only harmless but also full of goodness.

Radhika Bhatia

5 mins

What Happens If You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

How often is often enough? Read on to find out do you need to wash your hair every day.

Tyler Teresi

3 mins

Rosemary Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses

Interested in trying rosemary essential oil? Read on for the benefits the oil has to offer and different ways to use the product.

Mary Jones

5 mins

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body? Body Scrubs 101

Not everybody knows how often they should exfoliate their body. Here is our body scrub 101: everything you need to know.

Barbara Cameron

4 mins

Witch Hazel for Skin: Benefits and Uses

Interested in trying witch hazel but not sure how to use it? Read on for all things witch hazel, including its many skin care benefits!

Angelina Wells

4 mins

Holistic Skin Care Routine: 5 Important Steps

Looking to develop a holistic skincare routine? Read on for tips and tricks on improving your skin's quality in an all-natural way.

Nadja Molnar

5 mins

Lemongrass Essential Oil: What Is It Used For & What Are the Benefits

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing. Lemongrass essential oil is very popular and offers tons of benefits. Let's talk about them.

Shelly Jones

4 mins

What Is Hair Plopping, and How Can I Plop My Hair Correctly?

Plopping is not rocket science – it’s the quickest and safest way to get defined curls and waves without damaging your hair. Here’s all you...

Himani Bose

6 mins

What Causes Freckles to Suddenly Appear?

Freckles are a common skin condition. While they are almost always harmless, you shouldn't ignore them. Here's why you get freckles and how you can...

Evelyn Carter

3 mins

How Much Conditioner Should I Use in the Shower?

Is your hair losing volume or looking drab? The problem may lay in how you are using your conditioner. Read on for easy and effective...

Sarah Dickenson

5 mins

Patchouli Oil: What Are the Benefits?

Searching for a natural way to treat your acne and dandruff or a holistic approach to relieving stress? Look no further than patchouli essential oil.

Radhika Bhatia

5 mins

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