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10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine: Step-by-Step Process and Product Recommendations

7 mins

Nevena Marincic

The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine is the latest beauty trend taking over the world. Wondering what it's all about? Read this article to learn everything about the skincare trend, including a detailed step-by-step guide.

As the interest in all things Korean increases around the world, something that has caught the attention of the beauty community lately is the 10-step Korean skin care routine. Korean beauty regimen, also known as the K-beauty regimen, focuses on harnessing the ancient beauty traditions and skincare tips that have the power to produce astonishing results.

Korean skincare routines are designed according to their beauty philosophy. At its core, Korean skin care is all about respecting your skin in terms of both the methods and the skincare products you use. 

This kind of skincare focuses on improving the natural ecosystem of the skin through cleansing, hydration, and skin protection. It is something designed for the long haul. However, with dedication and consistent effort, you can achieve your skin goals.

If you're interested in starting with the 10-step Korean skin care routine, we will tell you everything you need to know in the following sections. Let's get to it.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Korean Skincare Routine?
  • What Exactly Is Glass Skin?
  • What Makes Korean Skincare Routines Popular?
  • 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine: Detailed Guide
  • Step 1: Oil-Based Cleanser to Remove Dirt
  • Step 2: Cleansing the Face for the Second Time
  • Step 3: Skin Exfoliation
  • Step 4: Applying Toner
  • Step 5: Apply Essence
  • Step 6: Apply Serum, Booster, or Ampoule
  • Step 7: Using a Face Mask
  • Step 8: Using an Eye Cream
  • Step 9: Apply Moisturizer or Emulsion
  • Step 10: Finish It Off with SPF/Night Cream
  • Korean Skincare for Different Skin Types

      What is Korean Skincare Routine?

      The main idea behind the Korean skincare routine is to prevent skin damage. Once the skin has been damaged, reverting it to its healthy and original state can be difficult. This is why the Korean skincare routines are built to provide the skin with the attention, care, and respect it deserves. 

      korean skincare routine

      It is generally thought to be more comprehensive and elaborate compared to other skincare routines. However, it has the power to yield truly magical results.

      What Exactly Is Glass Skin?

      A syntagm you'll commonly come across in the K-beauty community is 'glass skin.' It essentially refers to skin that is clear, smooth, and intensely hydrated. It differs markedly from dewy skin, as it is known to be so transparent that even dewy skin seems dull in comparison. 

      Common characteristics of glass skin are:

      • Minimal to no visible pores
      • Lack of blemishes and pimples
      • Flawless skin texture
      • Looks translucent

      What Makes Korean Skincare Routines Popular?

      The K-beauty philosophy places a primary focus on the skin, which means that they value skincare more than makeup. The main idea is that when the skin is nourished and healthy, your face will look flawless even without makeup. 

      k-beauty skin care routine

      Now, you may be wondering – how did Korean skincare become so popular? It was not developed by some particular brand or a person. This skincare craze developed when many Koreans adjusted how they approached skincare.

      Korean skincare became very popular very quickly because the techniques and ingredients used in the routine were not very well known in the beauty industry previously. Skincare brands and scientists are still conducting research to know how these techniques and ingredients work. 

      Besides this, the K-beauty industry is very advanced when it comes to innovation too. The first introduction of a Korean beauty product in the western world was the BB cream in 2011, which has become something of a beauty staple now for many now. The Korean skincare routine is also popular because it encourages everyone to indulge in some self-care.

      10-Step Korean Skincare Routine: Detailed Guide

      One of the most popular skincare routines in the world today is the 10-step Korean skincare routine. To call it a simple beauty routine would, however, be wrong. Korean skincare is more of a lifestyle. Skincare enthusiasts and beauty experts (even some celebrities) swear by the 10-step Korean skincare routine to achieve their skin goals.

      washing the face

      The 10-step Korean skincare routine is about using and applying the products in the right order rather than following a certain number of steps. This skincare routine can help you understand your skin better, so you can provide it with what it needs. Here is how you can start this routine:

      • Step 1: Oil-Based Cleanser to Remove Dirt

      The first step of this skincare routine involves an oil-based cleanser which can help in picking up dirt and makeup from the skin. Using oil-based products to remove makeup and dirt from the skin is an old skincare practice. For one, oil-based cleansers don't disrupt the skin barrier and pH balance. Additionally, they also hydrate the skin while gently removing excess sebum and oil-soluble contaminants. 

      Oil-based cleansers are also great for removing waterproof sunscreens. Using an oil-based cleanser ensures limits the skin irritations and side effects that usually result from harsh surfactants.

      How to use: Use a small amount of an oil-based cleanser and rub it into your skin gently with some water. If the cleanser turns milky, you know you're doing it the right way. Cleanse for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Remember to cleanse in circular motions to increase blood flow, as it helps in keeping your skin bright and healthy.

      • Step 2: Cleansing the Face for the Second Time

      In the first step of the routine, you will have cleaned the oil-based impurities from the skin. So, in the second step, you cleanse the skin again to remove the accumulated dirt and sweat. The second round of cleansing with a water-based cleanser helps in removing all the water-based impurities. 

      Double-cleansing is a popular method in Korean skincare, which can help in getting rid of all impurities, sweat, grime, and dirt. There are mainly three types of water-based cleansers that can be used with Korean skincare – gel, foam, and cleansing water.

      double cleansing the skin

      Cleansing gels are great at leaving the skin hydrated, and they are suitable for most skin types. The Wow Skin Science Aloe Vera Face Wash and Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash are two great options for gel-based cleansers. If you have oily skin, it would be a better idea to use foam-based cleansers like the Wow Skin Science Green Tea Foaming Face Wash and Activated Charcoal Foaming Face Wash.

      How to use: Take a pump of the water-based cleanser and massage it into the skin gently. Try to look for skin-friendly ingredients and gentle formulations that don't disturb the natural pH balance of the skin.

      • Step 3: Skin Exfoliation

      The third step in this skincare routine involves gentle exfoliation. This is a necessary step for removing all the dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Gentle skin exfoliation can help in making the skin firmer and brighter, and it also helps in improving the overall skin tone and texture. 

      Exfoliation should always be done according to the skin's requirement, and it should always be limited to 2-3 times a week. The Wow Skin Science Ubtan Face Scrub is a great option for exfoliating your skin gently, as it contains sandalwood oil (skin-calming active).

      skin exfoliation

      How to use: Apply a small amount of scrub in the palm of your hands and gently rub it in circular motions. Continue this for 30 seconds and wash it off with lukewarm water. Your skin will start appearing visibly brighter.

      • Step 4: Applying Toner

      After your skin has been thoroughly cleansed with the abovementioned steps, you can apply toner to your skin to remove any leftover impurities and dirt. Toning the skin can help in tightening your pores while maintaining the skin's pH balance. 

      If you use alcohol-based toners, however, it can remove the natural oils from your skin, making it feel very tight and dry. This is why it's important to look for hydrating toners for your skin with ingredients that are best suited for your skin. The Wow Skin Science Coconut Super Rich Toner and the Vitamin C Mist Toners are two great options for toning solutions with 100% plant-based ingredients.

      How to use: Pour out a few drops of toner in the palm of your hands and gently pat it into your skin. Remember to always work your way up, starting from the chin and ending at the forehead. Also, don’t forget to focus on areas with fine lines and wrinkles.

      vitamin c skin toner
      • Step 5: Apply Essence

      Essences are Korean inventions that are usually packed with skincare activities. They are very much like serums, but their formulas are considerably lightweight. Essences help in providing moisture to the skin, and they also prep the skin for the next part of the process by increasing the skin's moisture absorption capacity.

      How to Use: Take a few drops of the essence and pat it into your skin lightly.

      • Step 6: Apply Serum, Booster, or Ampoule

      The next step in the Korean skincare routine is serum, which is a heavier version of essences. Serums, boosters, and ampules are skincare products that come with a high concentration of active compounds. 

      Applying these products to your skin can help with skin brightening, anti-aging, oil control, hydration, and other issues you may be experiencing. This step in your skincare routine is essential for improving the overall health of your skin. The Wow Skin Vitamin C Serum is a great option for this step.

      vitamin c face serum

      How to use: Squeeze 3 to 4 drops of serum in the palm of your hand and gently distribute it on your skin. Pat the product into your skin. With serums, ampoules, and boosters, you don't have to rub the product as the small molecules get absorbed into the skin easily.

      • Step 7: Using a Face Mask

      After applying essences and serums, the next step is to pamper your skin with a mask. Koreans popularized the sheet mask trend. In this skin care step, sheet masks made from microfibre or cotton, and drenched with serums, extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid, are applied to the face. 

      They are left on the skin for a specific time period to nourish and rejuvenate dull skin. They are known to leave your skin soft and supple. If you don't have access to any sheet masks, you can try a regular face mask. Just make sure that it's made from all-natural ingredients, like the Wow Skin Science Pink Rose Clay Mask.

      How to use: Sheet masks usually come in standard size with cut-outs for your eyes, nose, and lips. All you have to do is apply a sheet mask to your skin, leave it on for 20-30 minutes and remove it. Once you remove it, you can rub the remaining solution into your skin.

      sheet face mask
      • Step 8: Using an Eye Cream

      It is important to address the skin under your eyes, as it is here that the first signs of aging are seen. Eye creams are designed to address the under-eye skin and prevent dark circles, wrinkles, and crow's feet from appearing.

      How to use: Take a pea-size amount of eye cream and gently tap it into the skin. Make sure that you don't rub it in, as the under-eye region is very sensitive.

      Step 9: Apply Moisturizer or Emulsion

      The second-last step of the Korean skincare routine is to seal in all the moisture. You can either use a lightweight emulsion or a moisturizer for the step. 

      Both emulsions and moisturizers help in improving the skin barrier and locking in all the moisture from the previous few steps. The Wow Skin Science Coconut Perfecting Cream and Vitamin C Face Cream are both great options for a skin-friendly moisturizers.

      How to use: Take a small dollop of emulsion or moisturizer in the palm of your hands and rub it into your skin gently. 

      korean skin care routine tips

      Step 10: Finish It Off With SPF/Night Cream

      In the last step of the Korean skin care routine, you can apply an SPF or night cream, depending on the time of the day. When applying sunscreen, make sure to use a broad-spectrum one with SPF 15 or more.

      Korean Skincare for Different Skin Types

      While these are the basic ten steps to the comprehensive Korean skincare routine, it is always a good idea to alter it according to your skin type.

      1. Oily Skin: People with oily skin can skip the oil-based cleanser and just go ahead with a water-based one. Another important thing with oily skin types is to use lightweight toners, serums, and moisturizers that are not heavy for the skin.
      2. Dry Skin: Since dry skin needs all the possible hydration, it would be a good idea to stick to just oil-based cleansers if you have extremely dry skin. Pay attention to how your skin feels after applying a water-based cleanser. As for the serums, toners, and moisturizers, look for formulations with hyaluronic acid in them.
      how to treat skin korean style
      1. Combination Skin: Combination skin types should choose products that balance out the skin. Special attention must be paid when layering the skincare products.
      2. Acne-prone Skin: People with acne-prone skin should follow all the pointers given for oily skin. Besides this, acne-prone skin types should also skip the step of skin exfoliation.

      With this comprehensive guide to the 10-step Korean Skincare Routine, you too can get the glass skin you've always wanted. This 10-step guide, however, is just a procedure. A lot depends on the type of products you choose and what kind of benefits they can provide to your skin. 

      It is always a good idea to steer clear of products laden with chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. Wow Skin Science provides a natural of 100% natural products, which can help you reach all your skincare goals in no time.

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      Nevena Marincic

      Nevena has long years of experience in writing, editing, and SEO optimization. She got her affection for writing from her passion for reading, which she developed at an early age. Her biggest quirk is that she is super organized, has schedules for her schedules, and she loves traveling.
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