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3 Benefits of Antioxidants for Skin Care

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Goutaman Ram

Equip yourself with the best antioxidants for skin! Find out which are the must-have antioxidants for skin health and if you're eating the right foods!

The beauty world is full of ingredients we don’t understand. We’ve pretty much learned that if it sounds fancy and fairly familiar, they’re probably good for your skin! 

But one such ingredient called antioxidants is actually really good for the skin. Here's why! 

1. Fights Oxidative Stress And Keeps Your Skin Supple

We’ve all heard of supple skin but what is it? It’s skin that’s soft and plump to the touch with an almost radiating glow to it. 

Many skincare products claim to ‘moisturize’ your skin but contain harmful ingredients. Moisturizing creams often are found to be filled with fragrances that are notorious for irritating the skin barrier and triggering allergic reactions. 

They also contain ingredients like silicones and mineral oils that give your skin a smooth look and feel but clog up your pores with bacteria and dead skin cells. This causes all sorts of complications over time. 

Getting suppler skin is as simple as making sure your skin stays hydrated. 

And you’d be surprised at how effective staying away from harmful chemicals can be for your skin. Making sure your skin gets enough antioxidants through eating the right foods can do a lot for keeping your skin supple too. 


2. Neutralizes Free Radicals and Reduces Signs of Aging  

Can antioxidants reverse aging? Well, another great benefit of having a rich supply of antioxidants in your diet is to have younger, more youthful skin. 

As you age, your skin functions start to slow down which results in signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and age spots. 

Dead skin cells do not shed as fast as they would when you were younger and your skin starts taking longer to heal. You need to ensure that you are exfoliating your skin more without damaging your skin. Furthermore, you need to equip your skin with the right nutrients and antioxidants to fight free radicals and help your skin stays glowing. 

This can be a challenge as cleansers and face wash products can be harsh for your skin. Opt for a cleanser that’s gentle on the skin barrier.  

3. Protects Your Skin

Your skin is in a constant battle against various aggressors on the daily like damaging sun rays, stress, and unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol. 

Aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin are accelerated from a lack of antioxidants. This is why these effects are sometimes referred to as premature aging. 

Toxic byproducts produced by the body from alcohol consumption and smoking are prime causes of inflammation. Having sufficient antioxidants helps you keep this at bay by fighting inflammation and slowing its effects. 

Sun damage can dry out the skin and cause skin discoloration or age spots which can be prevented by having enough antioxidants as well. 

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