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3 Things That Are Secretly Damaging Your Skin


Do you still get oily skin or frequently break out even when you’re religiously cleansing your face every morning? Maybe you're a skincare enthusiast and have numerous products but still have trouble with skin issues. 

Here are some lesser-known factors that are secretly causing you to flare up and what you can do to prevent skin damage.

1. Dehydration

Not drinking enough water may seem overrated but it does play a role as your skin's ability to function well. If you have dry or oily skin, the effects of being dehydrated will be more obvious. 

Without enough moisture, your skin will get irritated and secrete excess sebum. This causes your skin to be prone to further complications that can lead to skin damage. 

Things like having really hot showers play a role as well since hot temperatures open up your pores which can dry out your skin during prolonged hot showers. Having too much salt or sodium in your diet can contribute to this as well.


2. Poor Diet

Things like skin bumps, wrinkles, and skin spots could be a sign that your diet may need a change as well. You may have heard of how certain foods can cause inflammation in your body. 

Highly refined sugars, deep-fried foods, and alcohol can spike inflammation in your system which in turn, can cause your skin to breakout. 

Other than inflammation, these foods also tend to lack sufficient nutrition. If your diet is deficient in healthy fatty acids, you can experience dry or flaking skin and if your diet is lacking in Vitamin C, your skin may age faster due to a lack of antioxidants.


3. Your Skin Products

Unlike the previous factors, your skin products can be a little tricky as you may have already spent a lot of money in it and you may be unsure of which products to stop. 

Everyone’s skin has a different, individual makeup and this means a traditional store-bought cleanser may not be ideal for your skin. These products are mass-produced and are designed to sell as many units as possible. 

Ingredients like alcohol and sulfates suck the moisture out of your skin and can cause irritation to your skin and skin damage. These ingredients can also be found in products like moisturizers and lotions. These are products that are meant to add moisture to your skin, but they end up causing the opposite effect. 

This is why ingredient labels are practically impossible to understand. 

We recommend using a gentle cleanser that’s enriched with natural ingredients. The WOW Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is filled with essential nutrients and fatty acids. 

Shop the WOW Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash. 

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