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5 Thick Hair Low Maintenance Mid Length Hairstyles


I have been very fortunate to have my weird hair. It is fine, but I have a lot of it. It holds a curl well, and it grows at a steady pace. I do not have many complaints. 

My oldest daughter, on the other hand, takes after her father and my sister, super thick hair that grows fast. She is only nine and already constantly fighting with it. Either she cannot keep it looking brushed and groomed, or it catches and hangs on to oil, giving her hair a heavy, greasy look. 

We have had to invest in shampoo and conditioner specifically for her hair, and have experimented with a variety of hair cuts and low maintenance hairstyles for her mid-length thick hair. 

Fortunately, we have my sister and my husband’s sisters to help with advice and counsel, as I would have had to resort to the wonderful world of the web for answers. 

Table of Contents:

  • Why Low Maintenance for Thick Hair?
  • Top 5 Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Mid Length Thick Hair
  • Layers
  • Graduated Bob
  • Feathered Layers
  • Grown Out Fringe
  • Boho Long Waves
  • How to Best Care for Thick Hair
  • Helpful Products for Thick Hair

Why Low Maintenance for Thick Hair?

Polls show that an average of 40% of women reports having thick hair. And there is a difference between having thick hair and merely having dense hair. I, for example, have dense hair, meaning I have a lot of it. People with thick hair have thicker strands that come from their follicles. My daughter, poor dear, has both, thick and dense. 

For those with thick hair, and especially with thick and dense hair, low maintenance styles are key. The upkeep is insane. You have to wash and condition with a product that will not sap all the moisture from your hair, creating frizz, but the products must also not be overly moisturizing or you will find your hair capturing oil, dirt, and grease. Regular washing is key, to clean out oil captured in all that hair, but you do not want to over wash and lose your natural oils. 

Once you have figured this process out, you will have to style it. Drying takes forever! My sister wakes up at 5 AM just to spend a minimum of thirty minutes on her hair. Add to the drying the curling, straightening, and any other styling you plan for and your morning feels half gone. 

A nice, low-maintenance style will save you time and energy, and you can still look super cute. 

Top 5 Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Mid Length Thick Hair


Lots of long layers in your mid-length hair will help break up all that thickness and make it easier to style. 

layers, layered style, layered haircut

Graduated Bob

With more length in the front that builds toward more volume in the back, you can wash and go with this style while still seeming to have put in a ton of effort. 

graduated bob hairstyle

Feathered Layers

Embrace your inner Charlie’s Angel. With thick hair, layers can cut hours off your washing and styling time. Feathers layers add a bit of pizzazz that is fairly effortless to obtain once it is cut correctly. 

feathered layers, hair layers, bob hair layers

Grown Out Fringe

An excellent low-maintenance cut for thick hair, you don’t have to worry about returning to the salon as often as the idea is to look a bit mussed. 

grown fringes, long bangs

Boho Long Waves

This has always been my favorite low-maintenance style, no matter the hair thickness. With long layers of boho waves on your mid-length cut, you are going for the fresh out of bed, straight from the beach, careless style kind of look. It feels all at once nonchalant and lovely. 

wavy bob hair

How to Best Care for Thick Hair

In the end, the most important thing you can do for your thick hair is to give it a proper cut a few times a year and invest in products that will support and nourish your hair. It is indeed a blessing and a curse, but you might as well embrace both the challenges and the benefits of thick hair. 

Wash it a couple of times a week with a shampoo and conditioner that support thick hair. Stick to plant-based, all-natural ingredients, so you do not dry out your lovely locks. Only add products after washing that will not build up in hair over the few days in between washes. 

Thick hair is heavy enough; you don’t want to add insult to injury. Invest in a detangling brush to save yourself time and pain while your hair is still wet. And consider adding a leave-in treatment or oil to your hair while it is still damp, which will help support your scalp’s natural oils. 

Helpful Products for Thick Hair

Below you will find several links to products designed with healthy hair in mind, perfect for low maintenance, thick hair.  

Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I love Moroccan argan oil for all things nourishing and moisturizing. The shampoo and conditioner combo pack is ideal for thick hair. 

Wet & Dry Brush

This wet and dry brush will save you a ton of time brushing out your longer locks and it will save you pulling out tangles in your thick hair. 

wow hair brush

Leave In Treatment

I love a good leave in treatment for supporting your hair for the days in between washes. This one listed will keep your hair soft and shiny. 

Click the links and invest in products meant to promote strong, healthy, effortless hair. Exactly what you deserve. 

Shanna Mendez

Shanna Mathews Mendez is a freelance writer and blogger on topics related to self-care, naturopathy, female empowerment, and motherhood. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children, where she enjoys traveling, being active outdoors, and studying herbalism and plant-based remedies in her free time. Drawing on her graduate degree in comparative literature and her own life experiences, she is currently writing her first book. She can be found online at her website

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