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5 Volumizing Haircuts For Thin Long Hair


Women with thin hair are often torn between having long hair and compromising on volume or chopping it off to get fuller hair. 

We understand the pain of having to chop off your long tresses when you don’t want to. Although short hairstyles can be equally chic, you should not have to give up on your dream of having longer, fuller hair at any cost. 

We say this because there are ways to make long hair look more voluminous too.

It all depends on the haircut you opt for. This will trigger a hundred questions in your head now. 

Do layers add volume to thin hair? 

Are bangs good for thin fine hair? 

We’ll answer all your questions soon. 

So, keep reading.

Table of Contents:

  • Can thin hair become thick again?
  • What are the best haircuts for thin long hair?
  • Choppy layers with side-swept bangs
  • Long layers with beachy waves
  • Long feathered layers on the front
  • Chunky layers and bold highlights
  • Soft, one length curls with balayage highlights
  • How can I add volume to my thin hair naturally?
  • Use an organic volumizing shampoo
  • Use leave-in products to protect from humidity
  • Style your hair while it's wet

Can thin hair become thick again?

A common question we come across quite often is this one. Most women want to know if their thin hair can become thick. 

There is no single answer to this because it depends on why your hair is thin in the first place. 

If your hair was originally thick but has gotten thinner because of excessive hair fall, it may go back to being thicker naturally. 

Often the effects of hair fall can be reversed with proper nutrition and hair care. Hair fall may naturally stop as well if it was caused by an illness, and you can get your thick mane back.

thin hair

But, if your thin hair is a result of a lower density of follicles in your scalp, it is not possible to get thicker hair naturally. 

You can only have as much hair as the density of follicles you have. So, the lower the number of follicles, the thinner your hair is. That is how your hair is and that can’t be changed.

But you can always add the illusion of volume to your hair with the right haircut. Shorter haircuts usually look more voluminous, but you can achieve similar results with a long haircut if done right.

What are the best haircuts for thin long hair?

Here are some amazing volumizing haircuts for long hair that you could go for.

Choppy layers with side-swept bangs

Many hairstylists today would advise you against layering on long hair, but layers add volume and texture, and there's no denying it. 

Layering your long hair the right way can give you a voluminous yet trendy look. The idea here is not to overdo it.

If you have straight, thin hair, go for choppy layers from the mid-length downwards. Choppy layers avoid those razor-sharp edges that look too obvious and give your long hair some much-needed texture. 

Add to this some subtle side bangs, and your look is complete. Blow-dry with a round brush, lifting your hair at the roots for a fuller appearance.

Long layers with beachy waves

Okay, fine. We love layers and can’t get over them. 

Another layered haircut for long thin hair that makes it to our list is this one with long layers and beachy waves. 

beach hair style

Like we said, keep the layers less obvious and subtle. Put your curling iron to good use and create some beautiful, casual beachy waves to style your long, layered hair. Backcomb around the crown a little for some added volume, and it’s done.

This look is part messy, part classy, and completely stunning.

Long feathered layers on the front

If you don’t want to add too many layers to all of your hair, keep it to the front alone. 

Leave the hair on the back plain and simple while adding some wispy, feathered layers on the front. This makes your hair look sleek but also voluminous with the layers framing your face. 

Feathered layers blend easily with the rest of the hair and bring the whole look together.

You could wear this haircut straight or just blow dry with a round brush, curling the feathered ends outwards for a little more definition.

Chunky layers and bold highlights

Keeping your layers chunky and making them pop with some bold highlights is probably one of the easiest ways to get thicker hair - or at least thicker-looking hair. 

You can have just two prominent layers in your hair and add bold highlights in golden brown or blonde to give your hair more depth.

This is a simple but extremely effective tip for adding the appearance of fullness to long haircuts on thin hair.

Soft, one length curls with balayage highlights

Moving on from layered haircuts for long thin hair, here’s one that does not need much effort. 

A single-layered, one-length haircut given some definition with curls and highlights can also give your hair the illusion of fullness.


Add some soft, flowing curls to your long hair and make them stand out with balayage highlights. 

Balayage highlights create an illusion of depth, as the hair underneath is usually darker, making your hair look more voluminous.

How can I add volume to my thin hair naturally?

While your haircut can be a turning point for your otherwise thin and flat long hair, there are some more ways to add volume and improve hair health. 

The hair care products you use play a vital role in improving your hair’s texture too.

Here are a few simple ways you can add volume to your hair naturally with the right products.

Use an organic volumizing shampoo

Though hydrating shampoos and conditioners are great for adding smoothness and shine to your hair, they may make your hair turn oily much faster. 

If you already have thin, limp hair, these products will make your hair lay flat on your head. Use a clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioner instead. 

The WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Avocado hair conditioner set is the perfect combo for this. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Coconut/Avocado Oil Conditioner Pack

The clarifying shampoo washes off oils and dirt from your hair giving it more volume and bounce. And the Coconut Avocado conditioner nourishes your hair to make it soft and shiny.

Use leave-in products to protect from humidity

Humidity is the arch-nemesis of thin, flat hair. On particularly humid days, you will notice your hair looking much limper and refusing to cooperate no matter how much you try to style it. 

This is because moisture gets absorbed in your hair, making it heavy and weighing it down.

Adding hydration to your hair naturally can solve this problem. Using a hydrating leave-in treatment to naturally moisturize your hair and scalp can solve this problem. 

Use the WOW Hair Revitalizer spray or the 10-In-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Mist Tonic. Both of these products add hydration to your hair, making it more manageable. 

The active natural ingredients also prevent hair and scalp problems like dandruff, split ends, and so on.

Style your hair while it's wet

This might sound very wrong, but we have our reasons for recommending this. Using hot tools on your hair can be damaging and may further spoil the texture of your hair. 

Since you have to use heat protection products on your hair, they can make your hair greasy and cause product build-up that eventually makes your hair appear flat.

Try rollers or curlers on wet hair instead and leave them on till your hair dries or overnight. You will see an equally stunning result without damaging your hair. 

Be careful when detangling wet hair, though, as wet hair is relatively weaker and can break easily. Use a wide-toothed comb for this, such as the Gentle Flex Detangling Brush For Wet & Dry Hair by WOW Skin Science. It does not pull or stress your wet hair and gives easy detangling with zero damage.

Discover more products from our range of natural haircare essentials for long, lustrous hair that bounces with life.

Dorothy Clifton

Dorothy Clifton is a beauty blogger specializing in haircare and skincare. She has reviewed hundreds of beauty products as a blogger and a guest writer for other blogs and websites in her domain. Dorothy loves to stay current with the latest trends in the world of beauty and fashion. Her honest reviews and opinions are loved by readers and brands alike.

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