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7 Foods that Help Clear Skin


If you’ve tried every beauty trick in the book to get your skin to clear up and nothing seems to be working, then it’s high time you take a look at your diet and make some necessary adjustments. The wellness of your skin starts from within – here are the main foods you need to bring into your diet to make your skin both look and feel as clear as crystal.

Table of Contents:

  • 7 Foods that Help Clear Skin
  • Fatty fish
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados
  • Green tea
  • Chia seeds
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Chocolate
  • General Tips for Keeping Your Skin Clear

    7 Foods that Help Clear Skin

    A well-rounded diet rich in organic nutrients can go a long way to promote a clear, all-natural look for your skin. Take note of the following: 

    Fatty fish 

    Incorporating salmon or herring into your diet is highly advised, as they contain fatty acids like omega-3

    Omega 3 is essential because it lowers inflammation levels, regulates sebum production, improves skin elasticity, and may even strengthen the skin’s barrier against UV damage. More than that, its anti-inflammatory properties are great when it comes to flushed skin and acne, and for leveling the skin’s oils levels, since overproduction of sebum can lead to clogged pores and unwanted pimples. 

    Fatty fish may even be great for having antiageing effects because they contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant (oxidative stress speeds up the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles and loose skin).


    Your mom was right after all – You really should eat your vegetables if you want clear skin! Like many green vegetables, broccoli contains important nutrients like vitamin C and A, and zinc. 

    Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which means it helps fight against aging signs. Moreover, it can also speed up the healing process, diminish the appearance of scars, and boost the production of collagen in your body. Vitamin A is – you guessed it – also an antioxidant, so what reason do you have for not eating broccoli? No doubt about it, broccoli is great for keeping a youthful and healthy look. 


    Avocados are a great source of B-vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin C, all in one neatly riped little package.  

    B-vitamins can help the overall appearance of the skin, balancing the secretion of natural oils, which means providing enough lubrication for a plump look, but without making it look too oily. Vitamin C can help the skin when it comes to sun damage and also brightens it up, while vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It really seems like these two vitamins do their best work when combined, don’t they?

    Green tea 

    Starting to observe a pattern? That's right; green is the color of freshness!

    Green tea is already a miracle worker in the beauty community when it comes to hair and face masks, so it’s only natural that it brings you benefits just by consuming it. What makes it so great? The fact that it contains catechins, vitamin C and E, and vitamin B2. 

    For one, catechins are natural antioxidants, and there is no need for us to talk about oxidative stress again, is it? Green tea’s antioxidant properties may be what makes it such a sought-after drink, especially in Asian cultures, where naturally radiant complexions are the norm.  

    Vitamin C and E also play a role in combating the reactive free radicals that trigger oxidative stress, while vitamin B2 improves the overall appearance of the skin by making it more radiant and controlling sebum.

    Chia seeds 

    Chia seeds are not only tasty but also incredible for your health and skin. They contain omega-3, they are anti-inflammatory, boost the skin’s protective barrier, contribute to hydration, improve elasticity and brighten up the skin. 

    They also have amazing health benefits for your body, and you can eat them with anything you like. Most people eat them in the morning, putting them in yogurt, oatmeals, or shakes.

    Sweet potatoes 

    Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. This component keeps the skin protected from the sun and it is a great antioxidant. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C, E, B, and potassium. The latter helps with absorbing moisture and improves the skin texture. 


    In large quantities, chocolate is pretty unhealthy, but if consumed carefully, it might even bring the best out of your skin. 

    The cocoa found in chocolate is actually the one bringing all the benefits, which is why dark chocolate is the better option to eat. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as zinc, copper, potassium, it might help with UV damage on the skin and it stimulates blood circulation to the skin. 

    There is also omega-6 in cocoa powder, a fatty acid that, as we’ve mentioned before, is essential to our skin’s health – it assists with healing and scarring, boosts hydration, and generally helps us keep a youthful look. 

    Other foods to keep an eye out for

    So far, we have seen that vitamin A, C, and E are incredibly important for achieving a healthy look for your skin, so here is a list of other foods that are perfect sources of the aforementioned components:

    • Foods rich in vitamin A: cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk, liver products. 
    • Foods rich in vitamin C: oranges, strawberries, pepper, Brussels sprouts.
    • Foods rich in vitamin E: olive, sunflower, corn oil, nuts, seeds, cereal products.

    General Tips for Keeping Your Skin Clear

    Beyond a healthy, well-rounded diet, you can always help your skin stay as clear as crystal by adhering to the following practices in your skincare routine: 

    Wash it in the morning AND at night

    Wash your face (gently and patiently) twice a day to clean off all the dirt, sebum, and unwanted particles accumulated during the day, using products that are meant for your specific skin type. 

    Fortunately, you can have your cake and eat it too if you invest in a face wash with a built-in brush. 

    The hypoallergenic silicone bristles will ensure that you’re not irritating it by rubbing too harshly, while the wide range of available organic formulas gives you the necessary options to pick and choose what’s right for you! Go for the Vitamin C blend for a deeply refreshing, citrusy cleanse, or appeal to the age-old ayurvedic Ubtan formula for an invigorating and flavorful exfoliation – the options are endless!

    Always pat, never rub 

    Don’t rub your face aggressively with a towel after washing your face, rub gently instead, so as not to exfoliate improperly and irritate the skin.

    Moisturizer is a must

    Never skip moisturizer, no matter if you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin! Moisturizer is incredibly important for your skin’s well-being, offering much-needed hydrating nutrients that provide tremendous help in keeping your skin clear of unwanted marks and impurities. 

    Round out your routine 

    If you're somewhat of a skincare expert or have a prescription from a professional dermatologist, make sure to finish off your routine with serums or any other face products that you know will prevent breakouts and soothe unwanted inflammation. 

    And after all that hard work, remember the most important part – enjoy your newly cleared-up skin in all its glory!

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