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7 Top Tips to Get Rid of Hair Flyaway Hair


Those little wisps of hair that stick out on your hair as opposed to laying flat can be highly annoying. They are called flyaways and have the potential to ruin your hairstyle and your entire look. 

You must have tried a lot of things to tame them, but to your dismay (and ours), they end up sticking back up. Fortunately, there are many solutions to fix your hair flyaways for good. Read on to find out. 

Table of Contents

1. Why Do You Have Flyaway Strands of Hair?
2. Why Are Your Flyaways Worse
3. Best Tips to Tame Your Stubborn Flyaway Hair
3.1 Don't Miss Out on Oiling Your Hair 
3.2 Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner
3.3 Dry Your Hair the Right Way
3.4 Combing over Brushing
3.5 Use a Deep Conditioner 
3.6 Use a Good Hair Serum
3.7 Wrap Your Hair in a Scarf
4. Conclusion

Why Do You Have Flyaway Strands of Hair?

Flyaway hair or baby hair is typically caused by broken hair strands, split ends, and even product buildup. A dry climate can also cause static in your hair and breathe new life into those flyaways, giving you that typical messy hair look. 

Although all hair types can have flyways, they are more common in straight hair. In other hair types, such as curly and wavy hair, the strands retain the moisture better, whereas straight and fine hair will lose moisture faster. 

Moreover, many people mistake flyaway hair with frizz, but they are quite different. 

Why Are Your Flyaways Worse?

I you’ve noticed that your flyaways seem to be worse than in other people, it may be that you have fine hair. If so, you need to use hair products that contain moisturizing ingredients. Basically, the best solution to tame flyaways is to add a little bit of weight to your hair. 

Best Tips to Tame Your Stubborn Flyaway Hair

There is quite a lot you can do to keep the flyaways tamed. Read on to find out some of our top tips!

Don't Miss Out on Oiling Your Hair 

Hair oiling protects your hair from regular wear and tear and reduces hair drying. It can also provide nourishment and help reduce hair fall and other hair damage, including flyaways. Oiling your hair at least once a week is beneficial for good hair health. Our recommendation: 

WOW Castor Oil 

WOW Castor Oil

WOW 100% Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is a staple when it comes to a healthy hair routine. It contains antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, which nourish and help in maintaining healthy hair. It acts directly on the dryness, so it helps tame flyaways. You can use this multi-purpose oil for hair, nails, skin, lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows as well. 

To use it on your hair, you should take about five to ten ml of this oil and massage it on your scalp to improve blood circulation. You can also distribute it along your strands. Leave it on for at least an hour. You should start seeing a considerable difference in the appearance of your hair within the first few uses. 

Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

You want to make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you are choosing are packed with moisturizing ingredients. Examples include argan oil, glycerin, aloe vera gel, and other agents that promote hair growth and help seal in moisture. Our recommendation:

WOW Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Pack

WOW Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Pack

WOW Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner have moisturizing and nourishing properties and are packed with the goodness of Moroccan Argan oil, aka liquid gold. 

The duo also has several other beneficial ingredients, including vitamin A, vitamin E, niacin, castor oil, and omega-6-fatty acids, which work in sync to nourish dry hair and add extra hydration, tame flyaways, and promote the growth of healthy hair by improving the blood circulation to the hair follicles. Say hello to gorgeous hair in only two steps!

Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Regular towels contain rough fibers that can cause friction and frizzy hair, leading to flyaways and breakage. Preferably, use a microfibre cloth to dry your hair. Microfiber cloths have smaller fibers that do not damage your hair. Ergo, bye-bye flyaways. If you do not want to invest in a microfiber cloth, you can also use a cotton t-shirt for the same purpose. 

Combing Over Brushing

It is better to use a wide-tooth comb than a hairbrush. More so, if you have flyaways. A hairbrush causes static and friction, making your hair more unruly and worsening the flyaways. A wide-toothed comb, on the other hand, is gentler and smoothens the hair. Alternatively, you can use only your fingers to detangle your hair - this is a great tip, particularly if you have curly hair. 

Use a Deep Conditioner 

Since flyaways are a clear sign that your hair needs extra moisture and attention, using a deep conditioner is an excellent way to prevent them. 

WOW Hair Revitalizer Spray (Leave-In Conditioner)

Hair Revitalizer Spray

WOW Hair Revitalizer Spray contains a plethora of beneficial ingredients such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamin E, and other oils that boost natural hair growth, tame your frizz and flyaways, condition, add shine and make your hair stronger and healthier from the roots down, whether it's straight or curly hair. 

Thanks to the spray formula, it is easy to use and leave on your hair all day. Depending on the length of your tresses, you can evenly spray this on your hair a few times and massage it onto the scalp and hair. 

Use a Good Hair Serum

Hair serums also promote hair health. They help in smoothing down unruly wisps of hair strands, control frizz, boost shine, and protect fine hair against damage. Ensure that your serum contains aloe vera gel, rosemary oil extract, jojoba oil, or other similar nourishing ingredients. 

Wrap Your Hair in a Scarf

One of the easiest ways to manage flyaways is to wrap your hair in a satin scarf every night before bed. The soft material of the scarf reduces the friction between your hair and pillow cover, so you can wake up to smoother and more manageable hair. 

One final recommendation to help you get healthy, shiny hair in no time:

WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil 

WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is another excellent option to improve the look and feel of your hair and bring back moisture to it. You only need two to four pumps of this oil, depending on the length of your hair. Massage it well onto your scalp for ten minutes and let it soak for about an hour before you wash it away. 

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Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.

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