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A WOW Beginning Of The Year

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Andela Patrnogic

The past two years have been challenging for any business. We needed to embrace the challenge and keep attaching wins to our name. Here’s to a WOW beginning of the year!

We, here at WOW, are thrilled to share some terrific news with you! 

This year has begun in a tremendously good light.

The ones that have been following us for a while surely know that we never give up on quality. Not only that, but we never hesitate to put in the effort to meet the standards of natural beauty we set. 

That is not all – we are here to surpass those standards – to make our holistic beauty even better!

Not for the first time, our brand has got some honorable mentions. That, for us, means that the efforts we are constantly putting into the growth of our brand are most definitely seen from the outside. 

Here’s what we are boasting about.

  • Nick Cannon Show

Our serums were featured on the Nick Cannon Show! 

Valerie Greenberg, the famous lifestyle expert, was uncovering celebrity secrets for treating the undereye region. 

And, under Reese Witherspoon’s cloche, what could you find?! Face rollers and WOW Skin Science vitamin C face serum

wow skin science vitamin c face serum

Also, you can hear it firsthand from the host, Nick Cannon himself, and Valerie Greenberg – not only does our serum have such a good smell, but it also feels great on your skin.

So, we don’t have to explain how proud we are of this one.

  • Buzzfeed 45 Promising Products That Are Definitely Worth Trying As A Last-Ditch Effort

Our dear friends at Buzzfeed featured us as one of the 45 promising products.

Which products were featured; we hear you ask? 

Well, our pride and joy – Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner Set, of course! As you already know, you can use this combo to address your scalp and hair needs by clarifying and softening at the same time.

wow skin science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner Set

But what you did not hear is a first-hand experience comment on the quality of our product. 

“THIS STUFF is the holy grail,” Karla Harley exclaimed.

And we couldn’t agree more.

Do we still need to cover why this year began as a WOW year for us? 

Finally, we would like to thank you, the customers, for recognizing our brand’s strength! And, of course, the whole WOW Skin Science team, Nick Cannon, and our dear friends at Buzzfeed! 

We are looking forward to more victories and success stories like these.


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