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Add Volume To Your Mane By Learning How To Texturize Hair!


Gone are the days of flaunting natural hair and simple hairdos; nowadays, people prefer experimenting with their mane, trying on different hairstyles to stand out in a crowd. Adding texture to your hair can create more bounce and add on a unique element to your look as well. As per a renowned celebrity stylist, Daniel Koye, texture can be added to any hair type, although they might respond differently, but a little volume will work with each hair type. As per him, “Anybody can add visual texture to their hair. The method of how just changes depending on whether the hair is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky curly hair.”

Texturizing helps you easily upgrade your look without doing any major changes like cutting your locks or coloring them. Follow this article to know all about hair texturizing and how to effectively texturize your locks for an ultimate look. 

Table of Contents

  • What Is Texturized Hair?
  • Benefits Of Texturized Hair
  • Process Of Hair Texturizing
  • Recommended Products To Maintain Texturized Hair

What Is Texturized Hair?

Although hair texturizing has recently been gaining popularity, it is not new concept. Primarily done by African-American women around the 1990s, this chemical treatment was done to loosen out the tight curls. The chemical process involves devolving your tight curls into loose ones without completely straightening them to create a more natural look.  

The mild chemical process does not damage your hair as much as relaxing and has been proven not to disrupt the pattern of your natural curls as well. 

Benefits Of Texturized Hair

There are tons of advantages that texturized hair offers. Here’s a list of the most essential ones: 

  • Adds bounce: A texturizer adds bounce and volume to your flat and lifeless strands, making them appear fuller and less flat.
  • Uplifts your roots: Those who have thick hair that falls flat and limp can use a texturizer to define the layers of their tresses and add some volume.
  • Easy to untangle: Texturizing your hair allows you to try out different styles without any discomfort. It also makes combing your hair and getting rid of tangled knots quite easy. 
  • Diminished flyaways: Texturizing your hair makes it easier to tame those stubborn and unruly locks as well as frizziness. 
  • Enhances highlights and curls: Using texturized products makes your highlights and curls stand out more. Texturizing gives your mane a more defined and styled look. 

Process Of Hair Texturizing

The chemicals present in the process of texturizing modify the protein, i.e., keratin present in your hair, thus adding structure to your mane. Hair texturizing is a delicate process that requires intense care and must not be done on a frequent basis. 

Here are the steps in the process of texturizing your hair:

  • Preparing your hair: Before undergoing the process of texturizing your hair, it is really important to prepare your hair for the process. Since it is a chemical process, you must try and limit your usage of other chemical products to a bare minimum a few months before texturizing.
  • Apply coconut oil: To avoid all sorts of side effects and chemical burns in response to texturizing, apply coconut oil on your scalp before the process. Petroleum jelly is another product that can be used to fight against all sorts of chemical reactions. 
  • Application of texturizer: Once all the prior preparations for the chemical process are complete, the application of texturizer can be made. The texturizer is applied by parting your hair into small sections and making use of a brush for application from roots to tips. 
  • Wash: After the specified time is complete, the texturizer can be rinsed off with water, followed by hair wash using a gentle shampoo. After shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner must be applied to your locks for enhanced results.

Recommended Products To Maintain Texturized Hair

Getting texturized hair isn't that difficult; maintaining it is the more tricky part. To make the choice of hair care products that work exceptionally well for your texturized hair easier for you, here’s a list of the products I recommend:

Shampoo and Conditioner Value Packs

Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

Maintaining your texturized hair can get extremely easy if you choose the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. WOW Skin Science offers a large variety of combination value packs of shampoo and conditioner that provide nourishment to your hair and deeply cleanses them well. Formulated with different ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, Moroccan argan oil, coconut milk, and red onion, all these premium quality packs make it easier to manage your hair.

ACV Shampoo and Conditioner

Both the shampoo, and the conditioner, add life to your hair and enriches it with intense nourishment. Regular use of these products can make it easier to style your curls and flaunt them stylishly.

Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Leave-in treatment

The leave-in revitalizer and the tonic spray by WOW Skin Science are effective products that can provide intense hydration to your texturized hair and make the process of styling effortless and smooth. Both leave-in products are suitable for all hair types and will leave your hair feeling fresh and smooth, without any trace of stickiness. Get these products and add more to your texturized hair!

Hair Revitalizer

Hair Oil

An effective hair oil formulated with the best of soothing and natural ingredients, when applied to texturized hair, makes it more voluminous, shiny and nourished. Hair oils formulated by WOW Skin Science are infused with the best oils, some of which are castor oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, onion black seed oil, coconut oil, etc. Try out these hair oils on your mane and witness the way it highlights your curls.

onion black seed oil

Hair Mask

Use hair masks infused with the best ingredients that detoxify and help remove help remove scalp buildup. Enriched with the best ingredients and minerals, the hair masks from WOW Skin Science leave your scalp feeling refreshed and your curls bouncy. The elasticity and vibrant shine offered by these hair masks work to add life to your texturized hair.

Hair Mask


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does texturizing thin your hair?

Yes, texturizing your hair can thin out the thick strands.

2. Can I texturize my hair twice?

Texturizing can be done every two to three months. 

3. Is texturizer a perm?

No, texturizers aren’t perms. They cannot curl your naturally straight hair.


Texturizing your hair can get quite messy if you aren't completely in sync with the chemical process and all its pre-requisites and requirements. Texturizing, if done correctly, can provide you with frizz-free bouncy curls that can be styled any way you want. The recommended products in this article can help you manage your texturized hair and keep them fresh and easy to style. 

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