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Oil Of Bergamot: Uses And Benefits

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Goutaman Ram

Oil of bergamot is used by aromatherapists for depression, anxiety, and irritability. Bergamot essential oil does much more than just smell good!

What is oil of bergamot used for?

Bergamot extracts have been used in a variety of applications from cosmetics to medicine. 

If you’ve ever had a cup of Earl Grey tea, then you're familiar with the bergamot fragrance.  The beverage uses black tea leaves infused with Bergamot essential oil.

Best known for its uplifting signature aroma, this versatile citrus fruit does more than just smell good.   


What is Bergamot essential oil used for? What are the health benefits of bergamot oil? Aromatherapists regularly use it for depression, anxiety, and irritability. Oil of bergamot has also been used in traditional European medicine since the 15th century for treating conditions like fevers.

In the perfume industry, it's prized for its unique aromatic notes in fragrances which can be found in many popular eau-de-cologne brands. 

Bergamot essential oil is also full of natural bioactive compounds: 

  • A-pinene

Believed to be linked to benefits like increased euphoria, and alertness. If you're wondering what are the bergamot essential oil benefits for skin? It can help improve oily skin!

  • Limonene

Is Bergamot oil good for hair? Since it has a volatile aroma, oil of Bergamot it can be found in numerous household items like soaps, shampoos, detergents & air fresheners. That's why Bergamot oil is good for hair!

Bergamot essential oil has also been linked to reduced stress & anxiety along with anti-inflammatory benefits. 

  • Linalool

A naturally occurring compound found in various aromatic plants. It is known to relieve pain, repel insects, and contain antimicrobial properties.

  • Geraniol acetate

This compound is quite popular in the formulation of fragrant products for a sweet, fruity scent. Used widely as a food enhancer and known for its antifungal effects.

How to Use Bergamot Oil?

What are the side effects of bergamot oil? Conduct a patch test before using to make sure there's no adverse side effects.

For an instant pick-me-up, simply place a drop or two or bergamot oil in between your palms, rub it together and cup it over your nose. If you have a vaporizer or humidifier, all you need is a few drops of this essential oil for a long-lasting positive aroma.

We do not use any fillers and use only 100% pure essential oils cold expressed from Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) fruit peels.  

For insect bite relief, rub a single drop of bergamot essential oil directly on the sting site. For direct topical use, be sure to see if you are allergic to it by testing with a single drop or two on your skin beforehand.

For a simple deodorizer, add 5-6 drops of bergamot oil into a spray bottle with some plain water and give it a quick spritz for a lovely refresher.  

And if you have an upset tummy? Just mix a drop of Bergamot oil into a single teaspoon of any carrier oil of your choice like almond or canola. Massage it lightly onto your tummy area for quick relief. 

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