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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits


Ylang Ylang is a flowering species that are native to tropical Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and regions like Australia as well.

The yellow, star-shaped flowers with drooping petals grow on the fast-growing Cananga Odorata tree. Ylang Ylang flowers have a deep, and rich aromatic flowery scent.

Oils extracted from the Ylang Ylang flower are used to make different intensities of essential oil.

The most potent oils are used as a top note in expensive perfumes while oils with medium and base notes are used in lotions and soaps.

Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits: what is Ylang Ylang essential oil good for?

Does ylang ylang make you sleepy? The exotic, euphoric aroma of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a calming effect on the nervous system. It can be used as an aid and to alleviate the pressure from any anxiety which can affect your sleep or work productivity. 

Its natural quality as an aphrodisiac is another key factor for stress relief. No more performance anxiety in the bedroom and you can now enjoy a more relaxed time with your partner. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of Ylang Ylang oil are also great for reducing skin irritations. It also has a balancing and stimulating effect on the skin. 

Much of the benefits of Ylang Ylang essential oil come from its bioactive constituent compounds. 

  • Linalool

Linalool-rich essential oils are popular for their various effects on the central nervous system. They are also known to reflect biological activities such as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

  • Germacrene

A class of volatile organic hydrocarbons that are most commonly used for their antimicrobial and insecticidal uses. The aroma of Germacrene resembles that of the fig fruit. 

  • Caryophyllene

It is a class of terpenes that is a constituent of oils such as clove oil, hops, and rosemary. Caryophyllene is also one of the main compounds contributing to the black pepper aroma. 

  • Sesquiterpenes

They are commonly found naturally in plants and insects as defensive agents or pheromones. Sesquiterpenes are one of the most extensively studied aspects of natural products. 

Ways To Use  

Is Ylang Ylang good for hair? Absolutely! Ylang Ylang oil is known to help moisturize and replenish dry, damaged hair, which makes it a natural substitute for costly & harmful hair products. You can easily use it as a shampoo or moisturizer with a pleasant, euphoric, floral scent. Simply add 1 drop per 10 ml shampoo for a healthier hair & scalp. 


Can you put ylang ylang oil directly on skin? As with any essential oil, it is recommended to dilute it. For moisturizers, add 1 drop of Ylang Ylang oil to every 10 ml of a moisturizer of your choice to help improve any dry, oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin. It’s also great for helping to slow down signs of aging – dilute it in a light, non-comedogenic carrier oil and apply it on your face in the evening

If you have a diffuser or a humidifier in your home, you can add a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to it to create a romantic mood. As it is a natural aphrodisiac, you can enjoy a relaxed and pleasant evening with your partner with just a few drops. 

And if you are looking to unwind and have your own spa at home, simply add a few drops of Ylang Ylang oil to a bowl of bath water for a luxurious, refreshing experience. 


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