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Best Home Remedies For Severely Dry Cracked Hands


The global pandemic has made each one of us even more alert when it comes to our personal hygiene and cleanliness. Washing hands frequently and constantly sanitizing our hands have become a crucial part of our lives - a tradition that we follow with all seriousness. But all this excessive hand washing has led to our skin becoming completely dry and cracked.

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Apart from this, several other factors such as environmental changes, stress, hormonal imbalance, and irregular sleeping pattern can also be the culprits behind your dull and moisture-lacking cracked hands. 

Sometimes chemical-infused hand creams fail to provide relief that simple ingredients from our pantry can. 

Keep scrolling to learn about home remedies for severely dry cracked hands that can help you combat this irritating skin woe.

Table of Contents:

  • Causes Of Dry And Cracked Hands
  • Weather conditions
  • Genetics
  • Psoriasis
  • Occupation
  • Diabetes
  • Best Home Remedies To Tackle Dry Skin

Causes Of Dry And Cracked Hands

Amidst our frantic lifestyle, we often tend to ignore our skin concerns and troubles. One product of such behavior is dry, dull, and cracked hands that are quite often neglected.

But it’s crucial to understand what exactly causes your severely dry hands and take immediate action to take proper care of them. 

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As per Dr. Alia Ahmed, a consultant dermatologist based in London, the palm of our hands is covered with a thick layer of skin that is not capable of producing sebum. This is why it lacks natural factors essential for hydration which makes it prone to flaking and drying. 

The other prime factors responsible for dry and flaky hands are: 

Weather conditions

Extremely cold weather strips your skin of its moisture. This means that the level of moisture decreases and leads to dry skin and hair.


According to Dr. Barbara Reed, a dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Colorado, some people tend to have an allergy passed down generations. This allergy can make their skin susceptible to flaking, or sensitive to chemical infused products and other cosmetics as well. 


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people with psoriasis are prone to dry and sensitive skin. 


Some specific occupations that require extensive washing of hands and exposure to certain harsh chemicals, such as hairstylists, doctors, nurses, factory workers, and teachers, might make your hands extraordinarily flaky and dry. 


This is another medical condition that tends to affect the blood flow and circulation in your body, making it prone to dry skin problems.

Best Home Remedies To Tackle Dry Skin

Being alarmed after gaining an understanding of the factors that might be responsible for your dry hands is natural. However, combating dry skin isn’t difficult if you’re aware of appropriate remedies. 

Some of these fixes do not even require stepping out of your homes. Here are a few simple remedies that can help you tackle your flaky and dry hands:

Never miss out on a moisturizer

Make moisturizing your skin after each shower a regular habit. Lather your skin well from head to toe with natural ingredients infused lotion that feels light on your skin and is easy to absorb as well. The American Academy of Dermatology also advises using a rich and creamy lotion to fight against dryness. 

Try an avocado mask

Whip up a creamy DIY mask made from avocado, olive oil, and honey. Apply the mask to your face and hands and reap hydrating benefits of the powerful ingredients. 

Soothe your skin with castor oil

Enriched with ricinoleic acid, castor oil prevents water loss and works exceptionally well as a natural moisturizer to keep your flaky hands hydrated. It is also known to alleviate symptoms caused by eczema. 

castor oil, skin care, buywow, wow castor oil


Besides being a metabolism-boosting product, this excellent kitchen ingredient works like a magical exfoliator. It removes the dead skin cells and clears all the clogged pores of your skin effortlessly. Simply make a solution of oatmeal mixed with warm water and soak your chapped hands in it. The results will amaze you! 

A skin scrub of olive oil, sugar, and lavender essential oil

Olive oil and sugar are two all-natural and highly beneficial items present in your pantry. They have rich hydrating properties. Make a simple DIY scrub with these two ingredients and add the aromatic lavender essential oil to the mix for its soothing fragrance and relaxing properties. Apply the scrub to your flaky hands. 

Coconut oil

We’ve all heard from our grannies about several skincare benefits of this moisturizing and nourishing hair oil. Extremely light on your skin and enriched with hydrating properties, this staple product is one of the best ways to take care of your dry skin. 


Get working on your flaky skin with this antioxidant-rich fruit that can replenish your skin and restore all the lost shine and softness within a few applications. Mash a banana and apply its smooth paste on your hands every once in a while.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you soothe cracked fingers?

Using a moisturizing cream, exfoliating, applying an antifungal medicine, and petroleum jelly are a few simple ways to soothe your cracked fingers. 

How can I hydrate my skin fast?

Drinking plenty of water, using hydrating skincare products, a humidifier, and consuming a balanced diet are some easy tips to keep your skin hydrated.

What do dermatologists recommend for extremely dry hands?

Nowadays, many over-the-counter treatments are being suggested by dermatologists for dehydrated hands.

If you’ve been avoiding treating your cracked hands for long, thinking it’ll heal on its own, then it’s time to re-evaluate. Pay attention to your skin and what it demands from you. 

Battling dry and cracked hands isn’t that tricky and doesn’t even require spending too much money. Even the most commonly available items from your pantry can suffice all your needs. 

Put that lost moisture back in your dry and cracked hands. Try any one of the recommended home remedies and get smooth and velvety soft hands.

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