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Best Lotion for Diabetic Dry Skin: Healing and Helpful Tips

3 mins

Andela Patrnogic

I am genetically predisposed to diabetes. I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. Every family member older than me in my paternal line has already been diagnosed with diabetes. It is a reality I have faced for many years. Fortunately, I am a nature-loving, nutrient munching, movement-adoring modern-day hippie who has...

I am genetically predisposed to diabetes. I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. Every family member older than me in my paternal line has already been diagnosed with diabetes. It is a reality I have faced for many years. Fortunately, I am a nature-loving, nutrient munching, movement-adoring modern-day hippie who has been actively working to prevent the onset of diabetes for years. One of my early concerns with this condition has been dry skin, sensitive skin and adopting the appropriate skin care routine. I am already prone to eczema; I get flare-ups during any dry weather spell, any excess stress, or any change in hormones. (Not fun!) As a result, I have discovered many preventatives and fragrance free curatives on my journey for soft, moist, supple skin. My experience can be a tremendous help to anyone wondering what the best lotion for diabetic dry skin might be, among other concerns.  

Table of Contents:  

  1. Why Do Diabetics Have Dry Skin? 
  2. Top 5 Things to Know about Treating Diabetic Dry Skin 
  3. Benefits of Plant-Based Products for Diabetic Dry Skin 
  4. Best Lotions to Use for Diabetic Dry Skin 

Why Do Diabetics Have Dry Skin? 

The experts are not all in agreement on this one. According to dermatologists, more than 20% of people with diabetes struggle with dry skin and other skin conditions like rashes and skin tags. Many believe the dry skin is due to hyperglycemia, meaning the high glucose levels in your blood are causing your skin to dry out. Others believe there may be something already in the skin of people prone to diabetes that also causes dry skin. The research is still out. Suffice to say: if you have diabetes and dry skin, you need help, look no further!

Top 5 Ways Things to Know about Treating Diabetic Dry Skin 

You don’t have to suffer from dry skin just because you have diabetes. While you absolutely should consult your doctor when treating your diabetes, there are safe and healthful things you can do to treat and prevent dry skin. As a bonus, those things could also have a beneficial impact on your diabetes. They certainly cannot hurt.  

1. Hydrate! 

Okay, you had to know this was coming. Yes, high blood sugar dehydrates you, and staying hydrated can help lower your blood sugar. It can also help nourish your skin from within. Actually, one of the best tricks for diabetics dry skin relief is drinking water. Regular water intake can help your skin stay soft and smooth, and it can also give it more glow. Who’d have thought?  

2.  Eat Your Veggies 

You want antioxidants in your food. They will protect your skin and keep it looking young, healthy, and hydrated. Foods like carrots and spinach, tomatoes, and berries are antioxidant-rich. Also, fatty fish and nuts are great additions to your diet, keeping your skin supple and firm.  

3. Cut the Crap 

If you struggle with skin issues, you will have to cut processed food out of your diet. At the very least, cut back. It can be incredibly damaging to your already suffering skin. And it cannot be great for combatting diabetes either. 

4. Do Not Smoke 

I am sure your doctor has already told you this, especially if you are dealing with diabetes, but smoking is bad for you! And what is worse, it is not great for your skin. It causes premature aging, thinning of your skin, and dehydration. Not wonderful for dry skin.  

5. Moisturize 

This is another simple trick for diabetics' dry skin relief. After showering, start with gently drying off and continue by appplying moisturizing cream to damp skin. A good skin cream, whether you’re looking for fragrance free or naturally scented ones, will provide an extra layer of protection right after your skin is cleaned and still a bit damp, adding hydration to your outer layer. Also, be sure to carry hand lotion around with you after you wash your hands.

The Benefits of Plant-Based Products for Diabetic Dry Skin 

One big no-no for dry skin, diabetic or otherwise, is added chemical fragrance. Fragrance free moisturizers and lotions will cause fewer rashes, for a start. Adding chemical fragrance is essentially like adding alcohol, which is a drying agent, to your already dry skin! For lotions and moisturizers, as well as your body washes and any other products that touch your skin, you want all-natural, plant-based products that have no added harsh chemicals that will only make your condition worse. The best advice I have heard in terms of diabetes, in general, is to go as plant-based as possible, getting as many of your nutrients as possible from whole foods with little to no processing involved. This advice must hold for whatever you put on your skin as well as whatever you put in your body. Plants are our friends, and we can be grateful that we have found a way to coexist and benefit from them. Your skin will certainly thank you.  

Best Lotions to Use for Diabetic Skin 

I have included here some all-natural, plant-based moisturizers for your face and body. If you make a single investment in your skin beyond your diet, make it in your lotions.  

Coconut Milk and Argan Oil Lotion 

Coconut Milk and Argan Oil Lotion

I will sing the praises of these two ingredients for the rest of my life. Coconut anything is so hydrating and nourishing for your body (and so is shea butter, if I may add one more) while Moroccan argan oil is like the liquid gold of moisturizers. Check these out for sure when looking for the best products for diabetic skin! 

Aloe Vera Body Lotion 

Aloe Vera Body Lotion

I love aloe vera for all skin-related causes because it is not only hydrating, but it is also healing and restorative! The aloe plant is one I always have in the house, and I invest in any product with aloe vera as its primary ingredient. Yes to this hydrating lotion.  

Click the links above and browse the descriptions and ingredients list to see what might work for you. Also, take the time to navigate away and check out the other products on the site. From face wash to shampoo and conditioner, Wow Skin Science offers a whole product line that can help your diabetic dry skin from scalp to toe. Happy hunting!

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