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Top Hair Growth and Thickening Products: Boost Your Hair Health

7 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Thick hair isn't a myth, nor is it exclusive to advertisement models and celebs. Here are the best products for hair growth and thickness, that will help you achieve it!

Your haircare journey may be long but it will be a journey worth venturing on. Any person would want to have a head of healthy and luscious locks well into their old age. 

If you've been struggling with weak and damaged hair and want to make a change, it is time to get serious. When it comes to hair care, you must be ready to play the long game. 

It's much like running a marathon - you have to be ready and patient. Once you do that, you can expect to see the results you want.

For many, hair is a means of self-expression- the way we style our tresses, the length and color we prefer- everyone's hair tells something about the person. 

It is also a source of confidence and self-esteem, the healthier one's hair, the more confident their vibe is. 

Inversely, it is also true that thin and brittle hair may lead to a person undermining their self-worth because they don't feel confident. 

The positive note here is that it is a temporary problem. If you have weak hair that has suffered visible damage, it can be repaired with due care and attention.

Table of Contents: 

  • Understanding Hair Weakness: Causes and Symptoms
  • Essential Nutrients for Healthy Hair Growth and Thickness
  • Nourishing Hair Oils for Stronger and Fuller Hair
  • Hair Growth and Nourishing Oils
  • Hair Repair and Strengthening Oil
  • Oil for All-Around Hair and Scalp Health
  • Cleansing Shampoos that Promote Hair Growth and Thickness
  • Frizz-Control and Moisturizing Shampoos
  • Shampoo for Scalp and Dandruff treatment
  • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Deep-Clean and Repair Shampoo
  • Hair Breakage-Reducing Shampoo
  • Conditioning Products to Boost Hair Health and Manageability
  • Restorative Hair Masks for Revitalized and Thicker Hair
  • Must-Have Haircare Tools for Stronger and More Lustrous Hair

Understanding Hair Weakness: Causes and Symptoms

Most of us have asked ourselves this question and even googled a variation of it at least once in our lives. The truth is that for any person it is difficult to single out one particular reason for hair loss or weakness unless it's obvious like a chronic disease.

Generally, our hair health is subject to a number of factors like stress levels, hormonal imbalance, genetic makeup, pollution and even neglect. Your hair may be getting thinner because of one or more of these underlying reasons. 

how to have better hair, why is my hair not growing

If you can find out 'why?', it might be easier to find a solution but it's okay even if you can't.

What's more important is to ask yourself, "What can I do about my hair?"

Essential Nutrients for Healthy Hair Growth and Thickness

Though our diet, environment and mental state play an important role, the products we use also contribute to the condition of a person's hair. 

It's surprising how many people think that more chemicals mean greater benefit but that's just not true. The visible results brought by harsh chemicals are temporary but their consequences are long-lasting.

This brings us to the answer. In today's markets, it's hard to find products that are not overflowing with numerous chemicals and this has led to increasing demand for nature-based products

how to have stronger hair, thick hair

Chemical-based products tend to break the bodily balance according to their properties whereas natural hair products retain the scalp's unique balance. 

For your scalp to be healthy and for it to grow healthy hair, it needs attention and a mix of reliable, trusted and tested products.

Nourishing Hair Oils for Stronger and Fuller Hair

Hair Growth and Nourishing Oils

As far as at-home beauty treatments go, castor oil has always been a staple. Today, it's also used in a number of market products because of its enriching properties. Castor oil can help increase blood flow to the scalp which brings a ton of oxygen to the roots. This gives a boost to the growth rate of each hair strand.

Moroccan women have long reaped the skin and hair benefits of their liquid gold argan oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree. Our cold-pressed argan oil maximizes the goodness and nutrition offered by the oil. Cold-pressing extracts the natural oil by crushing the kernels and without any chemical intervention. It is extremely hydrating and can help moisturize dry and brittle locks. It also controls frizz caused post-wash or even due to humidity.

hair oils, hair growth

Hair Repair and Strengthening Oil

If your hair has suffered years of damage from the sun, pollution, and heat exposure, you might need treatment much more targeted than simple rejuvenation. 

Your hair needs moisture, but it also needs a healthy dose of compounds that repair each damaged follicle. This Red Onion and Black Seed oil boosts growth by strengthening hair roots which decreases hair fall. Black seed and other essential ingredients like castor, almond, coconut and jojoba oils work on reversing hair damage.

Oil for All-Around Hair and Scalp Health

Sometimes we don't have a particular hair concern but still prefer to have thick, voluminous and healthy locks. Regularly using a good-quality hair oil keeps your hair healthy and even prevents future damage. 

If you're looking for multiple benefits without the hassle of choosing different products, all you need is a bottle of this 10-In-1 hair oil. 

It contains a healthy mix of oils and essential oils like grapeseed, rosemary, and tea tree. The formula has been carefully crafted to provide the individual benefits of all ten ingredients to make the hair shiny and dense.

Cleansing Shampoos that Promote Hair Growth and Thickness

Frizz-Control and Moisturizing Shampoos

We know how beneficial coconut oil is to treat dryness of skin and hair. Coconut milk works just as effectively to tackle the dryness of hair and preventing frizz. 

Our Coconut Milk Shampoo softens the hair and adds a silky shine to the texture. Most sulfate and paraben-based shampoos tend to strip the hair of their natural oils, leading to dryness. 

Our shampoos are plant-based and mild. This means their effects will only benefit the hair by cleaning the oil and dirt and enriching with organic nutrition.

Formulated with the soothing quality of roses from the Himalayas, this Himalayan Rose shampoo turns brittle hair into smooth and bouncy locks. The vegan shampoo gently cleanses all pores and its bioactives replenish the hair with natural oils. It works even better when paired with the Himalayan Rose Conditioner. The two compliment each other in the best way possible, cleaning the grime and locking in nourishment.

hair shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo for Scalp and Dandruff treatment

When our scalps pH balance gets irritated, the result is flaky and itchy scalp with dandruff. You can tackle this by using a shampoo like the Green Tea and Tea Tree Shampoo that aims at maintaining the natural pH balance of the scalp. 

When the sensitive balance is maintained, scalp health improves and dandruff cannot fester. For your hair to be healthy, you must start by making sure that your scalp is in the best possible shape.

Clarifying Shampoo

Apple cider vinegar has long been hailed as a go-to for good skin and even fat loss. It has also become a primary ingredient in hair care because of its detoxifying properties. The Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo gets rid of the offending buildup in the scalp and gently revitalizes each strand. Vinegar mist is also used as a protective shield against pollutants and that is one of the inherent benefits of this shampoo.

Deep-Clean and Repair Shampoo

Outside elements play an important role in deciding how healthy our hair will be. If you live in a highly polluted city, chances are that your hair will bear the brunt of it. 

Gradual and long-term exposure to pollution is highly damaging for hair and regular shampoos are unable to clean the follicles thoroughly to get rid of the micro-pollutants. 

Our Activated Charcoal and Keratin is the best shampoo tag team that deep cleans and repairs simultaneously.

charcoal shampoo, shampoo for healthy hair

The activated charcoal particles clean every single crevice from the scalp to the tip. As the pores are cleaned, keratin gets to work by bolstering every strand individually. 

Our hair is made up of keratin and it makes the strengthening feature of this shampoo even more effective.

Hair Breakage-Reducing Shampoo

Hair loss begins at the root but hair that breaks easily due to weakness is also a chronic problem. Just like argan oil, the Moroccan Argan shampoo makes the hair smooth and soft. As it softens and strengthens the hair, combs glide through easily- reducing the chances of breakage.

Conditioning Products to Boost Hair Health and Manageability

Freshly shampooed hair brings the best opportunity for you to lock in all the enrichment you want your hair to receive. As we shampoo, the blood flow increases and the scalp pores open up and it is the ideal time to apply a conditioner that will work.

All conditioners aim at moisturizing your hair that becomes sensitive and vulnerable after shampoo. However, you can find additional benefits depending on the conditioner of your choice. The Coconut and Avocado Natural hair conditioner is infused with botanicals that revive and hydrate the hair. These botanicals are also extremely beneficial in terms of improving lustre and hair texture. Using a combination of coconut and avocado conditioner with apple cider vinegar shampoo is a great way to get the most out of your hair care routine.

The Coconut Milk conditioner compliments the Coconut Milk Shampoo by adding onto the softening effect. If there is a complimentary conditioner to the shampoo you've chosen, it is wise to choose that conditioner. This helps both the products unleash their fullest potential and work parallel to each other.

Restorative Hair Masks for Revitalized and Thicker Hair

After a long day exposed to the sun and air, a hair mask might just be the break your hair needs. Like oil, a hair mask aims at nourishing. But the nourishment gained from a hair mask might be even more refreshing than oil. In dry and humid weather, a hair mask helps you cool down your scalp and revitalize wish essential nutrients.

hair washing, treating the hair

The Moroccan Argan Oil hair mask provides all the benefits of argan oil and more. It is deeply stimulating for the hair and contains many other ingredients for repairing the damage. This hair mask is especially beneficial for hair that has sustained damage as a result of dying and coloring. It also protects the hair from sun damage.

The Apple Cider Vinegar hair mask is well-suited to all skin types. It detoxifies and revives the hair, and controls dirt buildup. If you're looking to have a good hair day, this hair mask is the one you need.

Must-Have Haircare Tools for Stronger and More Lustrous Hair

Everyone knows the importance of shampoos and masks in a hair care routine. However, there is one more aspect of hair care that gets ignored or is unknown to many people. The kind of tools you use for your hair also matters.

Any person who has hair uses combs. They're such a simple tool that most think it's okay to use any comb as long as it does its job. Ironically, most hair is lost or breaks while combing. Simple as it might be, combing is a necessary hair care routine and only deserves the best quality comb you can find. This comb detangles hair, be it wet or dry, without causing any unnecessary damage.

hair tools

We use our hands to shampoo but it may not be the best course of action for all. People with itchy and dandruff-prone scalps scratch their head with their nails while shampooing. This causes further irritation and ends up worsening the problem. the solution is to use a scalp massage brush that doesn't let your nails come in contact with your scalp. It cleans the hair thoroughly and increases blood and oxygen supply to the roots.

Taking care of your hair might seem like a chore at first but when you start noticing the results, you'll begin enjoying the process of loving your hair through attention and care. Today's market saturation has confused the customer and made them impatient.

If they don't see visible results after one or two uses, they tend to jump onto the next product. This is counterproductive to their own hair health which deteriorates due to exposure to multiple chemicals in a small period. 

The key lies in being patient and staying true to the routine you've promised to follow. Once you begin pouring love and care into your hair, the results are bound to show up.

Browse the WOW Skin Science website, and find your perfect hair care today.

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