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Best Shampoo For Excess Sebum That’ll Actually Make An Impact


Only people with oily hair and scalp can understand the huge mood-dampener that excess oil and grease-filled scalp can be. All those hours spent on researching how to get rid of sebum on scalp. But, you are here now, so I say “no more!” Several factors contribute to an oily scalp, such as excess styling, exposure to heat, chemical products, hormones, excess washing, etc. As per the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Joshua Zeichner, MD, excess production of hormones known as androgens in your body can lead to excess sebum production, causing acne on your skin and oily hair.

Fighting with this excess sebum production can get quite maddening at times if you’re unaware of what to do. Let’s get deep into this issue and find a solution for this commonly faced greasy hair care misery. 

Table Of Contents:

  • Understand Your Scalp Type
  • Causes Of Excess Sebum and Oily Hair
  • My Choice Of The Best Shampoos For Excess Sebum
  • Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

Understand Your Scalp Type

Understanding your scalp and its type becomes really helpful while making your choice of a hair cleansing agent. As per a hair expert, trichologist, and hair health advisor at HairClub, Shab Reslan, different shampoos have different cleansing capabilities, therefore it’s really essential to identify your scalp type before deciding on buying a certain product. 

A gentle cleansing shampoo penetrates deep into your roots and provides intense nourishment. Those who have oily roots must look for a less oily shampoo that deeply cleanses their scalp and helps prevent excess sebum. 

The signs of having a dry scalp are feeling itchiness with or without the presence of flakes and a tight feeling in your scalp after each hair wash. On the other hand, a person with an oily scalp will have shine in hair soon after washing it and often dandruff that gathers up in clumps. 

Some people might have a combination scalp, which is neither too dry nor too oily. So, you see, it’s always better to buy your hair care products after understanding what your scalp and hair type is. 

Causes Of Excess Sebum and Oily Hair

causes of excess sebum

There can be quite a few causes of excess sebum production in your scalp leading to greasy hair. Here’s a list of the major causes.

  • Production of cortisol due to extreme stress and mental pressure;
  • Hormonal changes due to several reasons such as puberty, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, etc.;
  • Excess consumption of sugar or foods rich in saturated fats;
  • Choice of wrong cosmetic products packed with harmful chemicals;
  • Genes and heredity also play a significant role in the amount of sebum the sebaceous glands produce;
  • Color treatments, keratin treatments, and other hair styling treatments.

    My Choice Of The Best Shampoos For Excess Sebum

    I'm someone who's struggled all my life dealing with excessive oily and greasy scalp. My hair used to go from fresh and voluminous in the morning to dull, oily and greasy by the end of the day.  I spent days asking myself how to get rid of sebum on scalp.

    There are tons of hair care shampoos that I've tried over the years looking for the one that'll actually work for my oily hair. But none of them were helpful in the least.

    Finally, I stumbled upon a highly reliable, brilliant, and effective product that has made all the difference for my scalp and hair and made it possible for me to flaunt my tresses without fretting about the excess amount of sebum. It is without a doubt the best sebum cleansing shampoo I stumbled upon.

    The WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is a gentle formula, perfectly suited for my hair type, which has provided me relief not just from excess sebum, but other issues as well, such as residue build-up, clumped flakes, tangled knots, split ends, etc. The all-natural shampoo is infused with the goodness of raw apple cider vinegar, argan oil, and almond oil. All of these ingredients work together to ensure a nourished and smooth scalp. 

    My frizzy tresses were easy to tame after washing my hair with this shampoo, and there were hardly any tangled knots. The natural ingredients balance the pH level of your scalp and reduce the production of flakes. The scent of the shampoo is quite refreshing and stays all day long without being overwhelming.

    All that brittleness, oiliness, and lack of shine that I was dealing with has diminished quite a lot in recent months. See why I dubbed it the best sebum cleansing shampoo? You can opt for this shampoo without any stress or side effects as the product is free from all toxins and harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfate, etc.

    The coconut oil conditioner that comes along with the shampoo is apt for all hair types and is smooth to apply. Grab this pack for a shiny, smooth, and oil-free mane. 

    Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

    guide for choosing the best shampoo for sebum control

    Several essential factors must be taken care of before finalizing your choice of a shampoo most suited for excess sebum-producing scalp. Here’s a list of parameters that you must pay close attention to:

    • Ingredients: It’s always safer and more preferable to go for an all-natural shampoo made up of organic ingredients. Such products are harmless in nature and ensure enhanced protection as well. A few ingredients that work exceptionally well with excess sebum and greasy hair are apple cider vinegar, argan oil, lemon, grapefruit, pomegranate oil, etc.

    • Gentle: A shampoo that gently cleanses your scalp and isn’t too harsh goes well for regular use and does not weigh your hair down as well. Try to look for a clarifying shampoo that is smooth and gentle on your scalp. 

    • Versatile: An excellent quality shampoo is multipurpose in nature and will serve many of your needs. Always go for a shampoo that provides maximum benefit apart from removing excess sebum such as hair growth, reduction in dandruff and fizziness, etc. 

    • Look: If you’re always on the road and make frequent travel plans, then pay attention to the packaging. Try to buy a compact bottle that is easier to carry around and has minimal chances of spillage.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Does clarifying shampoo remove sebum?

    Yes, a premium quality clarifying shampoo removes excess sebum from your scalp and rinses it away. 

    2. What will dissolve sebum plugs?

    Exfoliating your scalp with topical medications such as salicylic acid, retinoids, glycolic acid, etc., can dissolve sebum plugs.

    3. Does sebum build-up cause hair loss?

    Excess sebum production can lead to your hair thinning, which can further lead to your hair falling at a quicker rate than normal. 

    Hair filled with excess oil and greasiness is simply difficult to style and manage, something that none of us wish to tackle. But, waste no more time asking yourself how to get rid of sebum on scalp and wait no more! Grab this shampoo perfectly designed for your oily scalp. I assure you that it’ll be a worthy investment!

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