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Can You Use Shampoo As Body Wash? Find Out What Happens If You Do!


Isn’t it completely infuriating when you’re falling behind on your morning schedule, running to grab a quick shower only to discover your body wash completely empty? Have you also had those fleeting thoughts of substituting your body wash with your shampoo to serve your needs in these situations? A shampoo is one hair care product specially designed to provide care to your tresses. Since it creates a rich amount of lather, just like a body wash, we've all been tempted to use shampoo as body wash in these situations of a rush to rid our body of all the sweat and odor. Let's put all these queries to rest with this detailed guide for a clear understanding of whether shampoo can be used as a body wash. 

Table of Contents 

  • Similarities & Differences Between Shampoo And Body Wash
  • Alternatives To Body Wash
  • Bonus Tip: Perfect Body Wash Recommended For You

Similarities & Differences Between Shampoo And Body Wash

The two beauty products have a list of similarities:

  • Surfactants: The basic formula of both shampoo and body wash is similarly designed with water and detergent. The majority of these body washes and shampoos are formulated with the same ingredient, i.e., Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).
  • Scent: Since both body washes and shampoos are infused with similar ingredients, their fragrance is quite similar. Both products are equipped with soothing scents that make you smell good.
  • Conditioning agents: Both beauty products make use of conditioning agents to minimize the abrasiveness of detergents and provide a smooth after-feel. 

There are quite a few notable differences between the two as well. 

  • Acidic: Shampoos are more acidic in nature in comparison to body washes, so that they can penetrate deep into your follicles and keep your cuticles smooth. This acid content can cause severe dryness if a shampoo is used in place of a body wash. 
  • Slick: A shampoo has a lower level of surface-active agents in comparison to a body wash. Thus, it may not be able to rinse all the sweat, dirt, and odor off as well as a body wash. Moreover, if you use shampoo as body wash, it may leave you feeling slick.
  • Formulation: A lot of the shampoos available out there are formulated with several chemicals required to protect your scalp and hair follicles. These ingredients also work well to provide protection against hair woes. However, if you wash your body with shampoo, these chemicals might cause unwanted side effects when applied to other body parts. 

Alternatives To Body Wash

If you’re still curious as to what can be used as a substitute for your body wash, then there are plenty of options available out there, so you don't necessarily have to use shampoo. Here’s a list of products that can be used in place of body wash to rinse your body and keep it clean:

Clay: Enriched with exfoliating properties, clay can effectively cleanse your skin and remove all the impurities, dirt, and sweat. Suitable for both oily and combination skin, the excellent ingredient leaves your skin feeling refreshed and super clean. 

Therapeutic shower oil: Any shower oil of your choice, whether alone or in combination with some other scented oil, can be applied all over your skin before jumping in for a bath. Such oils create a milky texture as soon as they come in contact with water. Rinse your body thoroughly to clean it. Also, it works well against itchiness and infections. 

Body scrubs: Infused with coarse particles suspended in an oil base, a body scrub works brilliantly to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. Available in a large variety of options, these scrubs also work well to boost the regeneration of new skin cells. 

Bath foams: These products are infused with ingredients that create a rich amount of lather, much more than soaps and regular body wash. These extra bubbles and foam make bathing a more soothing experience for both kids and adults. 

Wash berry: Basically, a small fruit that creates a significant amount of lather when crushed, boiled, and de-seeded. With an apt pH level that is safe for your skin, this is a great product to use to clean your skin. 

Bonus Tip: Perfect Body Washes Recommended For You

Though we’ve listed a list of alternatives to a body wash, there’s no other beauty product that can care for your precious skin and keep it as hydrated and soft as an effective body wash. 

Experimenting with different shampoos and body washes is completely fine as long as the products you opt for are of premium quality and free from all sorts of hazardous chemicals. WOW Skin Science is one such promising brand that has added a wide range of body washes formulated with different ingredients to its collection. All of these exotic revitalizing flavors are blended with the goodness of natural ingredients that make them even more desirable. 

All of these formulations are free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful agents. Several soothing and powerful ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, tea tree essential oil, mint, lemon, pine, lavender, peppermint, etc., are infused in these body washes to make them a perfect choice for all skin types. 

Many of these products are a gentle yet quite impactful blend of two or more ingredients that work together to create magic on your skin and leave it feeling completely fresh and well taken care of after a long day. Each of these products has a mild and sweet fragrance that stays for a long time without feeling overwhelming. 

Make your own collection of these best body washes and keep your skin glowing and velvety smooth all the time! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you use handwash as a body wash?

Yes. Although the ingredients of a hand wash are different from a body wash, it can be used to clean your body. 

2. Can adults use baby body wash?

Yes, adults can use body wash designed for delicate baby skin. Since these products are extremely gentle, they work well for all skin types.


Both body washes and shampoos work best when used for their specific purpose. Though it’s completely okay to use shampoo as a body wash once in a while to clean your skin if you’ve run out of your stock of body wash, make sure not to make a habit of it. You can use any one of the above-stated alternatives as well to thoroughly clean your body when a body wash isn’t available. 

If you’re done with those plain and regular body washes available out there, then grab one or more of the products recommended in this article and keep your body silky smooth all the time.

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