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Castor Oil for Eyebrows: Does It Work & How to Use It


Celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Khloé Kardashian swear by this inexpensive and yet effective hair and skincare product. The internet has deemed it one of the best natural remedies for hair growth. Brow experts claim it does work when used properly. Still, there are many mixed opinions about using castor oil for eyebrows. 

And if you've plucked your brows too much over the years, or you simply haven't been blessed with a set of thick, bushy eyebrows, you may want to know for sure. Is Castor oil the beauty secret, the miracle-worker you've been waiting for? Well, yes! It does work. But not how you'd expect it to!

From Marlene Dietrich to Cara Delevingne: discover how to regrow your eyebrows naturally!

1. What is castor oil?
2. Why Castor oil is a good choice if you over-plucked your eyebrows?
3. The research that supports castor oil for hair growth
4. Can Castor oil make your eyebrows thicker?
  4.1 Why you should try castor oil for eyebrows: check its healing properties  and disadvantages
  4.2 The benefits and uses of Castor oil for stronger, fuller brows
  4.3 How long does it take castor oil to help your eyebrows grow?
5. How to use castor oil for eyebrows

1. What is Castor oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from castor seeds. Filled with vitamins and minerals that help the skin and the hair to regenerate, Castor oil is quite popular in natural beauty routines. High in omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E, Castor oil is recommended for thicker hair, healthy hair growth, lustrous eyelashes, and bushy brows. 

Before you go on a shopping spree, make sure to read all about its properties and the way to incorporate it into your beauty routine. First things first:

  • You can choose cold-pressed Castor oil. Cold-processed Castor oil is yellow and is made from fresh seeds.
  • You can also go for Jamaican Black Castor oil, which is made from roasted seeds, and has a darker color. 

2. Why Castor oil is a good choice if you over-plucked your eyebrows?

Do you have to deal with sparse brows due to over-plucking over the years? Do you want to keep your natural brow shape but help the hair grow thicker and more resistant? The good news is Castor oil can help repair your brow damage. Castor oil is high in Vitamin E, which, according to studies, is a vitamin that boosts hair growth. It also contains minerals that help keep hair strong and thick. It also has a large concentration of ricinoleic acid, an ingredient effective in improving micro blood circulation. An enhanced blood flow to the follicles means more nutrition for the hair follicle bulb. This equals less damage and breakage of the hairs, which translates into full, thick, strong eyebrows! 

There is a catch: you’d have to respect the quantities recommended, to avoid follicle clogging and skin irritation. FYI, a patch test on your skin is also highly recommended to diminish the chances of irritation. And there’s another catch for everybody’s who’s searching for a quick fix: you’ll need patience and apply Castor oil daily to refill your brows naturally. How much patience? Well, be patient, dear, and keep on reading!

3. The research that supports castor oil for hair growth

According to many health and beauty experts, Castor oil can help make your brows thicker, since it's a powerful remedy for hair regeneration. Dr. Apratim Goel, MBBS, MD, DNB, a doctor with 22 years of experience, deems Castor oil a potent remedy for growing hair faster. 

She mentions the antifungal and antibacterial properties of Castor oil that can aid in preventing infections. She also mentions the active ingredients in Castor oil that penetrate the hair and seal the hair shaft to retain moisture. The same ingredients are deemed to be nourishing for the hair, assisting growth. 

According to People, Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York-based dermatologist, named Castor oil a safe solution to use around the eyes, due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. She also says that the oil is moisturizing, nourishing for the follicle, and stimulating for hair growth. 

In one study, it was discovered that applying Castor oil may aid in treating male pattern baldness, a condition that leads to hair loss due to high amounts of the protein D2 (PGD2), aka prostaglandin. And yet another study reveals that ricinoleic acid that makes up for about 90% of Castor oil inhibits PGD2, regrowing hair. 

4. Can Castor oil make your eyebrows thicker?

Celebrities and influencers include it in their pampering rituals. But is Castor oil effective for your brows? Many beauty specialists say applying Castor oil can aid brow health. While there is no direct study applied for eyebrow growth and regeneration, there is plenty of information that indirectly says “it wouldn’t hurt to try it!” 

4.1. Why you should try castor oil for eyebrows: check its healing properties & disadvantages

Castor oil has been used for hair loss for many years. Ricinoleic acid, a compound found in a high percentage in pure Castor oil (it makes out about 90% of it), may treat hair loss. Its composition aids in hair regeneration and strength as well as skin health. 

While there is no direct data to attest Castor oil as a sure remedy to eyebrow growth, that may be because we all have different hair growth phases. There is one downside to using Castor oil on your brows. Castor oil can act as an occlusive agent if you're not careful about the quantity used, clogging the pores and stopping brow regeneration.

4.2. The benefits and uses of Castor oil for stronger, fuller brows

Castor oil benefits:

  • improves blood flow to the hair follicles;
  • stimulates the lymphatic system;
  • prevents infections of the skin due to antifungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties;
  • acts as a potent emollient and moisturizer;
  • adds nutrients needed in hair hydration (hence less breakage) and hair follicle health (hence, stronger, thicker brows);
  • nourishes the follicles and brows, having an antioxidant effect and coating the hair, preventing brittleness and hair loss due to breakage;
  • boosts eyebrow regrowth.

4.3. How long does it take castor oil to help your eyebrows grow?

Eyebrows grow naturally in a three to four months cycle. While Castor oil may aid the growth process, you'd still have to use it for a couple of months to benefit from it entirely. A great way to also work on your emotional maturity, positive body image, and patience. We know we can all use some patience these fast-pacing and perfectionistic days! Just like we can all use some pampering and high-quality beauty routines. And speaking of routines, here's how to add Castor oil to your regimen:

5. How to use castor oil for eyebrows

Castor oil

Once you did a skin patch test (apply Castor oil on your arm and check for irritations the next day), it's important to use Castor oil daily to aid brow regeneration. You can start with one application and get to two applications per day. At first, start applying the oil at night, before sleeping. Make sure to wash it the next day with a gentle cleanser.

  • Make sure your brows are free of make-up, and the skin is clean since powder, gel, or make-up can block the oil from penetrating the skin and coating the brows.
  • Use a clean mascara wand (a cotton swab can work fine in the beginning) to apply a drop of Castor oil over the brows.
  • Gently massage the area of the brows (circular moves and soft pinches help) until your skin absorbs the oil.
  • Avoid the eye area, which is sensitive and can clog or irritate and avoid the eyes.

Castor oil really can be a potent, affordable home remedy to regrow your brows. While you'd get instant results with eyebrow pigmentation and micro-blading, using Castor oil is a natural, non-invasive procedure you can try at home. It's also a cheap way to get your brows back. Still, make sure you go for a high-grade, cold-pressed, organic, and pure Castor oil. After all, what would Cara choose?

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