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What Causes Hair To Frizz?

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Goutaman Ram

Factors like climate temperature and humidity play a role but those are often signs of something deeper. 

Frizzy hair is exhausting and can be frustrating. But sometimes it isn’t the weather that’s causing all that mess.

Factors like climate temperature and humidity play a role but those are often signs of something deeper.

What Causes Hair to Frizz?

Here are the top 3 mistakes that's causing all that frizz.

1. Showering With Hot Water

No matter your hair type, almost everyone makes this mistake. 

Frizzy hair is essentially hair that lacks moisture. That’s why it sticks out and creates such a mess, as the follicles lack the body and structure to behave properly. 

You can be doing everything right and be using all the right products but still suffer from frizz. Water at higher temperatures lifts your cuticles and opens your pores. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon hot showers forever!

Frizz only happens if you’re using hot water too long that your follicles dry out.

How do I make my hair less frizzy? Use hot water at the beginning of your showers so your cuticles open up and the products can do their job. Rinse off and end your showers with cold water so your cuticles seal in the moisture and nutrition, leaving you with nourished, shinier hair!

Bonus Tip:

Traditional conditioners and shampoos are filled with synthetic chemicals like silicones and sulfates. Companies add them to products to give you short term results so you keep buying but these chemicals only serve to damage your hair and scalp in the long run.

How do you stop frizzy hair naturally? Opt for natural products like the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & WOW Coconut Oil Conditioner that are made without any harsh chemicals.

Shop the WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Coconut Oil Conditioner Pack.

2. Touching Your Hair Too Much

This is for all the thicker hair types and higher porosity hair types out there. If you cringe at the thought of breakage and split ends then pay attention.

You may have heard of tutorial videos and articles talking of hand-scrunching or finger curling. These are great in moderation as long as you don’t overdo it. This also applies to habits like pulling or playing with your hair whenever you’re nervous or bored. No amount of products can save you from this.

Touching your hair too much affects your hair's moisture levels and messes with your cuticles, potentially causing frizzy hair. Every time your fingers touch the strands, they take away a little bit of the natural oils of your hair. And if you already have damaged hair, any additional disturbance only makes it worse, given that your hair is prone to frizz.

3. Over Styling


Is frizzy hair bad? Just because your hair isn’t fried and frizzled, that doesn’t mean there’s no damage.

Styling tools are an amazing invention to have entered the beauty world but improper use can lead to heat damage. Depending on how severe the damage, you may have to reduce or even totally stop the curling wands and blow dryers.

Frizz is also a sign that you may be washing too frequently. This affects your hair texture as your follicles would be dried up from all the cleansing. This is especially true if you are using a traditional shampoo with surfactants or other harsh ingredients.

If this is the source of your frizzy hair problem, you need to focus on nursing your strands back to life before anything else. What is the best treatment for frizzy hair? Be gentle with your hair, minimize styling, dry your hair naturally and use a natural leave-in conditioner like the WOW 10-in-1 Hair Revitalizer Spray.


Shop the WOW 10-in-1 Hair Revitalizer Spray and enjoy frizz free hair!

 Explore the WOW website for more natural hair care products.

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