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Do Hair Vitamins Work For or Against Our Hair?

3 mins

Nora Simion

When we think of hair health, we think of healthy diets and supplements, but do hair vitamins work? Let’s find out!

Supplements are usually the go-to solution for any health and beauty problem. There is a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals on the market for various illnesses and deficiencies. The tendency is to supplement our daily intakes with tablets of vitamins to get healthier bones, hair, nails, and better-looking skin. But do they work? Do hair vitamins work? How are they different from bone and nails supplements? In the following lines, we will tackle all these questions one by one. To start, let’s explain the main uses, modes of action, and benefits of hair supplements. 


  1. What are hair vitamins? 
  2. Do hair vitamins work?
  3. Hair vitamins use and mode of action explained
  4. Can we replace hair vitamins?

1. What are hair vitamins?

Most supplements contain more or less the same vitamins and minerals, which leads to our next question: how are hair supplements any different from, say, bone supplements? Usually, it is the dosage that makes the difference. While the list of vitamins and minerals in their composition may be the same, the dosage differs, depending on the addressed affection. For instance, a vitamin-and-mineral-based product intended for stronger bones will contain a larger amount of vitamin D and calcium, relative to the other nutrients therein. 

Hair growth supplements will most likely contain the same six major categories of vitamins – A, B, C, D, E, and K; yet, the ones that are related to hair loss prevention and essential for hair growth will be found in the largest dose. In addition, most hair supplements will also include minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, and magnesium.

2. Do hair vitamins work?

One review study that investigated the effects of vitamins on hair loss has revealed that vitamins A, B, C, D and E play an important role in hair loss prevention and promote hair growth, as long as they’re taken in the right amount.

According to the results of the study, Vitamin A is vital when it comes to cell rejuvenation and immune system reinforcement and may even help prevent alopecia. 

Vitamin B complex includes vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. The most important of them all, when it comes to healthy hair growth, is biotin (B7). However, tests have shown that B vitamins in general, and biotin in particular, have an impact on hair loss if and only if there is a considerable vitamin B deficit. Otherwise, they can cause more harm to the body. 

Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants, which help slow down the aging process of cells. This is why they are contained in many beauty products. Just like with the skin, hair can also benefit from a controlled intake of vitamin C and E. Too big of a dose can lead to unwanted results, so the solution would be to determine the exact quantity of vitamins our body requires at a given time. 

Vitamin D is usually associated with the reinforcement of the immune system and bone structure. When exposed to the sun, the human body produces vitamin D, which is why it is recommended to spend more time outdoors. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with many immune system problems, which, in turn, can lead to various hair and skin problems

3. Hair vitamins use and mode of action explained

Based on the findings we talked about, the general conclusion is that hair growth supplements can be both an ally and an enemy for our bodies. Vitamins B and D are essential for hair growth, since they are highly nutritious for the cells. Thus, supplements meant to help boost hair length and glow will contain larger amounts of vitamins B and D. Vitamins A, C, and E work to protect and restore the health of our cells, be they liver cells, blood cells, or hair cells. However, they must be taken at the recommendation of a specialist, otherwise they can do more harm than good. 

3.1. Vitamins mode of action explained

How do hair growth vitamins work? The liver is our body’s engine. Everything that we ingest, whether it is food, supplements, or drinks, will eventually be processed by the liver. Vitamins can help restore or boost the functions of the liver so that it can then send “the good stuff” throughout the entire body. 

However, taking too many hair growth supplements can lead to the opposite reaction in the liver and the body. This is because, when in high quantities, vitamins may be perceived as toxic by the liver, triggering unwanted reactions in the body.

4. Can we replace hair vitamins?

Yes, we can. A healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and proteins and an active lifestyle will, most of the times, give the body the necessary substances to function optimally. In addition, we can apply vitamin-rich products externally to boost hair growth from the outside. 

4.1. Using vitamins externally

So one solution is to use the said vitamins directly on the hair or skin. For that, look for haircare products that are rich in natural ingredients packed with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth and for reducing hair loss. WOW Skin Science has an extended line of vitamin and mineral-rich haircare products you can choose from, so you can check those out.


In the previous lines, we have addressed the following question: do hair vitamins work? Much to our surprise, medical evidence has shown that it is typically safer to apply vitamin-rich products externally than to risk taking an inappropriate amount of hair growth supplements. That’s not to say that supplements cannot play a highly beneficial role in reducing hair loss and supporting healthy hair growth. You just have to do your homework, talk to a specialist and make sure you’re taking the right supplements, in the right amount. 

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Nora Simion

My two secret passions are hair styling and dogs. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to mix the two together and get my dog a cute looking hairstyle. Other times, I usually braid my hair or my friends' hair in an attempt to mimic the most recent Tik Tok trends. I love the no-makeup or the bed head look and I live for the relaxed, all bio fashion trends.

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Author: Nora Simion

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Nora Simion

My two secret passions are hair styling and dogs. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to mix the two together and get my dog a cute looking hairstyle. Other times, I usually braid my hair or my friends' hair in an attempt to mimic the most recent Tik Tok trends. I love the no-makeup or the bed head look and I live for the relaxed, all bio fashion trends.
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