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Does Anemia Cause Hair Loss? Here's All You Need to Know

3 mins

Sangya Shaily

Does anemia cause hair loss? Yes, iron deficiency anemia does. But it is reversible with the right care. Read the article to find out more.

Hair loss is a common issue. According to The Hair Society, over 30 million men and 20 million women suffer from hair loss in the US alone. Although it can have many causes and affect anybody, regardless of age or gender, it can also be caused by specific health conditions. 

In this article, we will explore if anemia is related to hair loss and how. 

Table of Contents

  • What Is Anaemia? Does it Cause Hair Loss?
  • Why Does Iron Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?
  • Can I Use Essential Oils to Promote Hair Growth?
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Can I Prevent Future Hair Loss?
  • Eat Healthily
  • Add Plenty of Vitamins to Your Diet
  • Be Gentle on Your Scalp
  • Try Products Containing Caffeine
  • To Sum it Up

What Is Anemia? Does it Cause Hair Loss?

Anemia is a health condition in which there is a decreased level of hemoglobin or red blood cells in your blood. Since red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues, this condition can pose various challenges to the patient, including hair loss.

One of the most common forms of anemia is iron deficiency anemia. Our bodies need a certain amount of iron to produce hemoglobin, so iron deficiency lowers the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Low hemoglobin, caused by iron deficiency, leads to an insufficient amount of oxygen reaching the cells in your body, which causes anemia. And anemia causes hair loss.  

Why Does Iron Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

Due to iron deficiency, our body suffers subsequently lower levels of hemoglobin. Also, iron deficiency is affecting the growth, and the repair of cells responsible for hair follicle health. Low hemoglobin will result in hair follicles not receiving enough oxygen. Now you understand how iron deficiency can cause hair loss.

The good news is that, in many cases, hair loss due to iron deficiency anemia is reversible, and the correct treatment, with proper iron intake, can promote hair regrowth. 

One study showed that iron defficiency may play a significant role in patterned hair loss and that an initial iron screening for patients with hair issues can be the first step to correcting the problem. It also showed that hair loss due to iron deficiency can cause hair to fall out similarly to genetic baldness in males and females. 

Can I Use Essential Oils to Promote Hair Growth?

If you suspect you have iron deficiency anemia, you should immediately see your healthcare provider to make sure you’re getting the right treatment, as hair loss can often be the least of your problems. But, to answer the question, yes, many essential oils are known to promote hair growth, including lavender oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and others. 

Lavender Essential Oil

One study performed in 2016 showed that using lavender essential oil can help grow thicker and healthier hair

Additionally, lavender oil has numerous other benefits when it comes to promoting overall hair health such as relieving stress and anxiety (which can also be related to hair loss) and inducing restorative sleep.  

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is an excellent choice for boosting hair growth, with one study showing that rosemary had comparable results with the commonly used drug minoxidil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and hair growth-promoting properties. A study was performed in 2013 to test the effectiveness of tea tree oil when combined with minoxidil. It was found that the combination is more effective at promoting hair growth than minoxidil alone. 

Can I Prevent Future Hair Loss?

Yes, taking certain steps such as those mentioned below can help not only in preventing hair loss, but also in promoting healthy hair growth. Additionally, you should:

Eat Healthily

Ensure that you consume enough iron-rich foods to prevent iron deficiency and hair loss. Sources of iron rich foods are fish, beans, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits; you know the gist. You should also include biotin, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, and omega 6. If you take omega 3 and omega 6 supplements continuously for a few months may help prevent hair loss fatty acids in your meals. 

Add Plenty of Vitamins to Your Diet

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps in the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues including the scalp. Foods rich in vitamin C include oranges, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, etc. Vitamin D and vitamin E are also important for hair growth. 

adding vitamins to your diet

Be Gentle on Your Scalp

Avoid wearing tight hairstyles that cause harm and irritation to the scalp. Use heat styling tools sparingly, and always use a hair protectant before styling your hair. Plus, do not forget to give yourself a nice, long head oil massage at least once a week. 

Try Products Containing Caffeine

Yes, caffeine is beneficial not only for your daily energy boost, but also to promote hair growth. One study performed in 2014 revealed the growth-promoting effect of caffeine on human hair follicles at the molecular, cellular, and organ level. 

To Sum it Up

You now know that iron deficiency anemia can cause hair loss. But, fortunately, it is reversible with the right iron deficiency and hair loss treatment.

Before I go, I want to recommend you two of my top favorite products that have worked wonders for my hair and may do the same for you:

WOW 10-in-1 Hair Oil

WOW 10-in-1 Hair Oil is packed with some of the most intense moisturizing ingredients for your hair. It includes extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, Moroccan argan oil, and tea tree essential oil, to name a few. Thanks to these star ingredients, this oil will boost blood circulation to the scalp and help stimulate natural hair growth. 

Plus, it has a non-sticky formula, so you can go about your chores without fussing about it. 

You only need a few drops of this oil. Massage it onto your scalp gently and leave it on for an hour before you wash it off with shampoo. Voila! Say hello to soft, frizz-free, and healthy hair. 

WOW Peppermint Essential Oil

Take 3 to 4 drops of this essential oil, mix it with a carrier oil of your choice, and massage it gently on your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes to stimulate hair growth. Leave it on for at least 30 mins before washing it away with shampoo. 

WOW Onion shampoo and conditioner are excellent products for promoting healthy hair growth. The rich sulfur content in onions helps to strengthen hair follicles and increase hair growth. The presence of antiseptic properties helps protect the scalp from bacteria, fungi, and other irritants.

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Sangya Shaily

Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.

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Author: Sangya Shaily

Latest posts:

Sangya Shaily

Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.
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