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Does Vitamin D Help Hair Growth?


Who doesn’t dream of flaunting those Rapunzel-like long locks, right? Yet, a constant struggle with hair loss and failing to understand the reason behind why hair loss is fairly common. Even though you might be following a stringent routine and sticking to a perfect hair care regime, you still might be falling short of achieving those luscious and thick strands. Pinpointing the exact reason for this failure can be very tricky at times. Is it your lifestyle, the environment, the styling tools you use, or something completely different? One essential factor that we are often quite oblivious to is the lack of “sunshine vitamins” in our bodies aka vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is one significant nutrient that can stimulate the process of hair growth, prevent hair loss and provide you with those long silky locks. Keep reading to know all about the role of vitamin D and how it can help you achieve a longer and healthier mane. 

Table of Contents

  • The Connection between Vitamin D and Hair Loss
  • Other Causes of Hair Loss
  • Natural Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth 

    The Connection between Vitamin D and Hair Loss

    Vitamin D deficiency in your body plays a big role in deteriorating bone health and the immune system, but also in causing constant mood swings. According to ​​Michele Green, MD, a New York City-based cosmetic dermatologist, vitamin D deficiency and hair loss are closely connected. When your body has low Vitamin D levels, Michele says, the keratinocytes present in your hair follicles have trouble facilitating hair growth, further leading to constant thinning and hair loss. 

    Also, a study has linked Vitamin D deficiency to alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is a skin condition that leads to the formation of bald patches on your scalp. This study also supports the idea that vitamin D deficiency might be a big reason for hair loss, and a 2019 study, published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, found that low Vitamin D levels could worsen hair loss at a rapid rate. 

    Other Causes of Hair Loss

    While Vitamin D deficiency is one big factor contributing towards stunted hair growth and hair loss, several other factors might be responsible for your hair loss. Here are a few of the most common ones: 

    • Hormonal changes: Our body constantly goes through hormonal changes and, on several occasions, the hormonal imbalance caused due to health conditions such as thyroid, pregnancy, mensuration, PCOD, etc. might lead to thinning of hair and further hair loss. 
    • Medications: Certain drugs and medicines can also cause hair loss and make your strands thinner. 
    • Environmental pollutants: Harmful toxins and pollutants present in the atmosphere around you might be a big cause of the deteriorating health of your scalp and tresses. Dr. ​​Michele Green states that toxins and carcinogens present in polluted air interfere with the protein-building process of your body badly and hinder the growth of your locks. 
    • Stress: Emotional stress can take a brutal toll on your physical and mental health, disturbing the equilibrium of your body. Your hair growth cycle can be severely affected by these stressors, further leading to hair loss. 
    • Diet deficiency: As they say, ‘You are what you eat.’ A balanced diet enriched with the right proportion of all nutrients ensures good health while wrong food choices and deficiency of essential vitamins in your diet can lead to physical ailments that can cause hair loss. Also, lack of protein, iron, and other nutrients in your diet might be a big reason for the constant thinning of your hair.  

    Natural Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth 

      If you’re not sure about using Vitamin D supplements, check these simple and natural ways in which you can prevent hair loss and achieve soft, smooth, and silky long hair:

      • A deep scalp massage: One of the easiest ways to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth is by providing your scalp with regular massages to enhance blood circulation and provide strength to your roots and follicles. Research has concluded that regular scalp massage is also quite beneficial against stress hormones (which have been linked to hair loss), high blood pressure, and heart issues. 

      You can provide your hair with a dry massage and make use of your favorite essential oil for the purpose. While many essential oils, with their soothing aromas and enriching ingredients, can help enhance the health of your locks, rosemary essential oil is especially known to stimulate hair growth. WOW Skin Science is my personal favorite when it comes to essential oils. The brand offers a wide range of 100% pure essential oils that you can safely use topically (properly diluted in a carrier oil, of course). 

      • Restrict smoking: Yes, it’s a personal choice, yet there’s no hiding the fact that smoking has several ill effects on your health, hair loss being one of them. As per Dr. Alan J. Bauman, a board-certified hair restoration surgeon and an advisory board member for the World Trichology Society, smoking restricts blood flow to your scalp and follicles, further keeping the essential nutrients necessary for hair growth and health away from your scalp. Also, research has shown that the toxins from smoking can seep deep within your follicles, further leading to severe damage. 
      • Regular oiling: Hair oil is one underrated element when it comes to hair care. In our constant switch-ups of different shampoos and conditioners along with other chemical-infused products, we often skip the practice of including a hair oil in our regime, although hair experts state that regular hair oil application to your scalp and hair from roots to tip can provide them with an intense dose of nourishment. Also, regular oiling can smooth out your constant struggle with dry and unruly locks making them shiny and easily manageable. 

      Check WOW Skin Science’s natural hair oils, all of which promise to provide your locks with proper care and moisturization. Though all of these hair oils are excellent in their own way, I would recommend you castor oil, because it is packed with antifungal and antibacterial properties, but also because it can penetrate the hair shaft and the scalp, providing them with essential nutrients and boosting healthy hair growth. 

      • Avoid excess use of heat styling tools: Though we’re often tempted to use blow dryers and iron rods to instantly style our hair, constant use of these tools can cause irreversible damage to our mane. Try ditching these tools and stick to air drying your wet locks if you care about the health of your hair. 

       Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      1. Can Vitamin D deficiency cause Grey hair?

      Yes, Vitamin D deficiency can be a big factor contributing towards premature greying of your hair.

      2. Can I take biotin and vitamin D together?

      Though no interactions have been found between biotin and Vitamin D supplements, it’s always advised to consult your healthcare provider before combining any type of medication or supplements. 

      3. Can low vitamin D levels cause alopecia areata?

      Yes, several studies have shown Vitamin D deficiency is a significant risk factor for developing alopecia areata.


      Stunted hair growth might seem like a constant struggle at times, something one that you’re not able to fight against. Yet, understanding the underlying causes of hair loss can ease this struggle and help you have a shorter journey towards your hair goals. If Vitamin D deficiency is the factor affecting your hair growth, then this article has completely covered all tips and fixes that can help you. So fulfill your dream of having long and luscious locks by basking in some sunlight (or taking Vitamin D supplements) and adding the best of hair oils to your routine!

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