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Dull Dry Hair? Get a Clarifying Shampoo for Healthy Shiny Curls

4 mins

Angelina Wells

Certain haircare products and environmental pollutants can leave back residue, which can lead to scalp build-up. Use a clarifying shampoo to restore life to your tresses.

You might have heard the term “clarifying shampoo” in almost all topics that cover healthy hair or a haircare routine. An effective hair care routine is incomplete without a clarifying shampoo.

But what is actually a clarifying shampoo? Why include it in a haircare routine? How does it help your hair?

If you are already using a clarifying shampoo without understanding its benefits, then knowledge of the same can help you choose better clarifying shampoos. If you are following a hair care routine that does not include a clarifying shampoo, it is time to get one.

Table of Contents:

  • What Is a Clarifying Shampoo? 
  • Signs of Build-Up
  • How is a Clarifying Shampoo Different from Regular Shampoo?
  • Benefits of Using a Clarifying Shampoo
  • Eliminates Build-Up
  • Restores Health and Shine of Your Hair
  • Helps Color-Style Your Hair Better
  • Include a Clarifying Shampoo in Your Routine
  • The Best Clarifying Shampoo

What Is a Clarifying Shampoo?

A clarifying shampoo works to eliminate any unwanted build-up in your hair.

But what causes the build-up in the first place?

Natural body oil, dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells can clog your hair follicles and cause build-up. Hard water, too, has a way of reaching your hair and causing build-up. Products you may be using, such as shampoos and gels, tend to leave a residue.

why is my hair oily, best shampoo for oily hair

If you are using any products for hair styling, then they too can add to the residue. This accumulation of residue causes build-up. If you are an avid swimmer, you should know that chlorinated water too can block hair follicles.

It should be noted that not all hair care products leave a residue. Products containing silicones, mineral oils, and harsh chemicals add to hair build-up. It is important to choose products that do not contain harsh chemicals.

You may want to try the haircare range by WOW Skin Science. These products are 100% natural, using plant actives. They are free of sulfates, parabens and silicones, and mineral oils.

These products are also dermatologically tested for safety. They use natural ingredients that have been part of several ancient cultures with scientific proof of their safety and efficiency.

wow skin science products

These products do not leave a residue. In addition, they clear any existing residue and clean up hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and shine.

Signs of Build-Up

If you are noticing the following changes in your hair, then product and dirt build-up may be the cause:

  • Visible build-up appears like particles of dirt or grime. If you notice such particles while combing your hair or in your mirror, then it is time to use a clarifying shampoo.
  • Dry, lifeless locks that are prone to tangling and breaking. Hair appears and feels dry even though the scalp feels greasy. Dandruff may also be noticed.
  • Unusually dull hair that does not improve with regular washing. Build-up weighs down the strands as they stagger under the weight.
    how to get rid of hair build up
  • Strands lose their ability to absorb natural body oil because the build-up clogs follicles, which affects their absorption capability. Moisture and other nutrients in haircare products are not absorbed because of clogged follicles. As a result, hair remains dry despite frequent washes. Washing often with normal shampoo only adds to the build-up, which weakens strands further.
  • Thinning hair. When there is build-up, hair becomes weak at its roots. Without nutrients, strands tend to dry out and weaken. Breakage resulting from weakening roots thins hair further. The result is dull hair without shine or volume.
  • Scalp turns itchy. Build-up can irritate the scalp, leading to itchiness and infections.

Note that an itchy scalp need not always have to be due to build-up. But if itchiness accompanies other symptoms mentioned here, then you may want to consider build-up as a possible cause.

itchy scalp remedy

How is a Clarifying Shampoo Different from Regular Shampoo?

A normal shampoo does not offer the deep cleanse that a clarifying shampoo is capable of, which is why using the latter is a must. Moreover, a standard shampoo may use ingredients such as detergents, which can leave their own residue, causing further hair damage.

Clarifying shampoos are specifically formulated to get rid of the build-up in your hair. Good clarifying shampoos use natural ingredients to remove build-up from the scalp while being gentle to the scalp.

Benefits of Using a Clarifying Shampoo

Introducing a clarifying shampoo into your routine eliminates any existing product build-up and prevents further building up. With build-up out of the way, your hair gets back its natural shine and life.

  • Eliminates Build-Up

Be it dirt, natural oils, pollutants, or chlorinated or hard water deposits; a clarifying shampoo is effective at removing all types of build-ups.

You may think that a thorough wash with a standard shampoo can get rid of build-up. But that could be a result of styling products or treatments which does not dissolve with a normal shampoo. The residue tends to accumulate on the hair shaft and scalp.

The residue of mineral oils, environmental pollutants, and minerals existing in hard water attach themselves to the hair shaft, making removal extremely difficult.

washing the hair

A clarifying shampoo works by cleaning the scalp thoroughly. It removes any kind of build-up on the scalp, making it a clean surface again. By cleansing the scalp, a clarifying shampoo also makes the hair ready for hair styling, treatments, and products.

When you use a clarifying shampoo after coloring, it not only cleans product build-up but also removes any extra pigments left behind.

  • Restores Health and Shine of Your Hair

Strands affected by build-up become weak, dull, and flat. Regular use of a clarifying shampoo cleanses the scalp and removes build-up. With follicles unclogged, nutrients reach strands, which restores natural health and glow. Hair turns smooth, making strands more manageable and less prone to breakage during combing.

  • Helps Color-Style Your Hair Better

You may want to consider using a clarifying shampoo on your hair as preparation before your appointment for coloring.

Color-Style Your Hair Better

Build-up can form a barrier, deterring the new color from settling on your hair. Coloring treatment tends to sit better on a scalp that is clean and on strands that are healthy. Ensure that you use a clarifying shampoo a couple of days before coloring.

Include a Clarifying Shampoo in Your Routine

You can use a clarifying shampoo once every week. If you swim or style your hair often, then use a clarifying shampoo as often as twice a week. It is better if you shampoo your hair immediately after a swim in salt or chlorine water.

  • The Best Clarifying Shampoo

A good clarifying shampoo has natural ingredients and is gentle on the hair. You may want to consider using WOW Skin Science’s Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo for the best results.

The Best Clarifying Shampoo

This shampoo contains the goodness of red onion, argan oil, black seed oil, pro-vitamin B5, and sweet almond oil. The formulation addresses scalp build-up and dull hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

Red onion and black seed extracts are full of nutrients essential for rich hair growth. These extracts reduce hair loss, prevent scalp irritation, and keep follicles naturally nourished.

Argan oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid, which keep hair well-hydrated and soft. Pro-vitamin B5 extracts replenish skin moisture, which ensures that your scalp stays hydrated after clean-up.

Sweet almond oil comes with the goodness of vitamin E, A, B6, and B1. These vitamins protect your hair and scalp from sun damage. They are also efficient at repairing any existing damage.

sweet almond oil hair benefits

This clarifying shampoo does not stop with removing build-up and cleansing the scalp and follicles. It nourishes hair with hydration and essential nutrients, restoring strength and shine to hair. 

Introduce this clarifying shampoo to your haircare routine. Let the natural ingredients weave their gentle magic on your strands.

If you notice signs of scalp build-up, then you benefit from the use of a clarifying shampoo. You may want to use it regularly to prevent build-up and add volume to your hair.

Consider complementing the results of a clarifying shampoo with conditioners and other haircare products from WOW Skin Science.

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Angelina Wells

Angelina Wells is not new to the world of glamour and style. After all, she has been working as a beauty guide for a few decades. She imparts her expertise to style lovers across the globe through her blog. Stay up-to-date on the latest and the best in beauty and wellness with Angelina.

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Angelina Wells

Angelina Wells is not new to the world of glamour and style. After all, she has been working as a beauty guide for a few decades. She imparts her expertise to style lovers across the globe through her blog. Stay up-to-date on the latest and the best in beauty and wellness with Angelina.
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