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Essential Oils for Energy: Boost Focus & Alertness Naturally

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Feeling tired and fatigued can affect your performance at work and make your life feel dull. We live in a culture where we are told to push through on sheer willpower.

But that can be difficult when you’re tired all the time. Relying on unhealthy alternatives like caffeine and sugar simply causes you to crash often.

What essential oils for energy help wake you up? How to use essential oils to beat sluggishness? Here are a few healthier alternatives to crush fatigue and boost energy levels naturally!

1. WOW Peppermint Essential Oil

What we sometimes refer to as brain fog can also be described as a mental hangover. This is caused by the hormone called adenosine which accumulates throughout your day as you burn energy.

Caffeine from coffee and energy drinks block your brain from detecting these hormones but they end up affecting your sleep. This causes a vicious cycle of a lack of sleep even when you are already getting sufficient hours of sleep. What essential oils promote happiness?

Does peppermint essential oil makes you energetic? Using aromatherapy with strategic essential oils like the WOW Peppermint Essential Oil can help to stimulate the mind. It does this by naturally activating certain receptors in the brain to boost alertness and achieve mental clarity.

Shop the WOW Peppermint Essential Oil.

2. WOW Focus X Essential Oil

Another common cause of fatigue is feeling stressed all the time. This can often be caused by work or even our social life. The stress from other areas of our lives can cause us anxiety and physically exhaust us to the point of constant tiredness.

This can make it difficult to focus on a task and impair judgment as you are too tired to think.

Using a special essential oil blend for increased energy like the WOW Focus X Essential Oil can help to strengthen your mental faculties and boost cognitive function. Even a single whiff is able to invigorate your senses and help you focus better.

Shop the WOW Focus X Essential Oil.

3. WOW Step Up Motivation Essential Oil

Sometimes even if you have a perfectly healthy lifestyle where you exercise almost every day and eat well, you might still experience tiredness. This can happen when you are tackling a big project or doing something particularly difficult.

Motivation can be hard to come by and we almost always fall to procrastination. All we need is that little spark of vitality to push a little harder.

What's the best essential oil energy recipe? We did the hard work for you, with WOW Step Up Motivation Essential Oil Blend. It’s formulated with a blend of oils for energy boost that delights the mind and can greatly reduce any signs of self-doubt and negativity. You can feel a sustained positive effect that allows you to go full speed ahead with energy.

Shop the WOW Step Up Motivation Essential Oil.

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  • by Marta Cossey on

    I am new to essential oils, can you mix oils safely? Energy and Mindfulness

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