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Essential Oils For Sleep: Our Top 3 Choices

1 min

Goutaman Ram

Dump the sleeping pills. Give essential oils a try. It's a far healthier alternative and it comes with plenty of other benefits. 

These days, we’re more stressed than ever and have trouble sleeping.

Dump the sleeping pills. Give essential oils for sleep a try. It's a far healthier alternative and it comes with plenty of other benefits.

Essential Oils For Sleep: Our Top 3 Choices

Do essential oils work for sleep? Which essential oil helps you sleep? Here are our favorites:

1. WOW Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend

This is a blend of the best essential oils for sleep - lavender essential oil, vetiver essential oil, frankincense essential oil, chamomile essential oil, melissa essential oil, valerian essential oil  - that puts you at ease almost immediately. It puts both your mind and body in a relaxed state. 

Most of us have trouble getting restful sleep.

We wake up the next day feeling foggy & grumpy. This leaves your body and mind in an agitated state the whole day, which affects your work and personal life.

With the WOW Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend, getting into deep sleep won’t be a problem. It's made from a synergistic blend of six relaxing and sleep-inducing essential oils, with each one known to enhance calmness &  peacefulness, helping you fall asleep faster. 

2. WOW Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend

We accumulate a lot of stress throughout the day. By the time we get home, we’re too tired to do anything else.

As you try to sleep, your brain starts thinking about all the problems for the day. 

The WOW Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend has a charming fruity-floral fragrance. How to use essential oils for sleep? Give yourself a relaxing massage using this blend, all the anxiety and tension melts away. You can feel all the stresses of the day just dissipate from your body. 

No more sleepless nights!

3. WOW Sore No More Essential Oil Blend

Muscle soreness or joint stiffness can also get in the way of a good night's sleep. If you have an active lifestyle or have arthritic symptoms, then this is perfect for you.

The WOW Sore No More Essential Oil Blend is an amazing blend of six pure essential oils. It's trusted for centuries to ease inflammation and reduce pain. Helping you to not just move easier, but rest easier as well.

Each of the 6 essential oils is acknowledged in aromatherapy as a natural pain relief and muscle pain relaxer. Many have been used for thousands of years to treat arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, and other muscular pains. 

Explore the WOW website for more natural essential oils. 

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Goutaman Ram

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