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Fabulous Fine Hair: Thin Hair Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles for 2022

4 mins

Rahul Bhatia

Fine hair can be made to look fuller with the right hairstyling. These are the best fine hair / thin hair low maintenance short hairstyles!

Fine hair has always been a double-edged sword. While on the one hand, fine hair can have a beautiful silky texture, on the other, it lacks volume and bounce. 

Short hairstyles for fine hair are low-maintenance hairstyles and give your hair some much-needed volume as well. Longer hairstyles, on the contrary, tend to weigh your hair down, making it look flatter at the roots.

So, is a short hairstyle better for fine thin hair? Yes, it is. What kind of short hairstyle should you go for? We’ll discuss more on that below.

Table of Contents:

  • Is a short haircut good for thinning hair?
  • Do layers make thin hair look thicker?
  • Low maintenance short haircuts for fine hair
  • Messy choppy bob with side bangs
  • Blunt bob with retro curls
  • Classic layered pixie cut
  • Lob with tousled waves
  • Rounded inverted bob / angled bob
  • How to care for your short, thin hair?
  • Pick the right shampoo and conditioner for your thin short hair
  • Use leave-in treatments that hydrate your locks 

Is a short haircut good for thinning hair?

There is no hard and fast rule that women with fine or thinning hair must go for short low maintenance haircuts. Whether you'll wear a short haircut or long hair all depends on personal preferences. While someone may be able to look fabulous in longer hairstyles despite having thin hair, someone else may not be able to pull it off that well and decides to keep on with short hairstyles.

short hair care tips

A short haircut for thin hair is usually recommended because it is a no-fuss, hassle-free hairstyle. Since you already have thin or fine hair, long hairstyles may result in tangling. If you are not gentle and careful when detangling your hair, it may result in more hair fall causing further thinning of your hair.

With a nice short hairstyle, you hardly have to worry about tangles. Short haircut is easier to oil, shampoo, condition, and style as well. So with little effort, you can have healthier-looking short hair.

short haircut

Most importantly, short haircuts are highly volumizing. Short hairstyle lifts your hair at the roots, giving your short hair some lively bounce.

Do layers make thin hair look thicker?

The simple answer is yes. Layering your hair gives it more texture and definition, giving it an illusion of volume. Layers today don’t have to be perfect. The current trend is choppy layers that look very organic without any razor-sharp edges to them.

You can go for one-length haircuts too, but they would be a little less volumizing than the soft layers. But with short haircuts, layers or no layers, you are sure to get some desirable volume.

Low maintenance short haircuts for fine hair

Here are some of the trendiest low maintenance short haircuts that will make your fine hair look fuller. We’ve curated a list of both layered and straight, clean volume cuts so you can pick what short hairstyle best suits your style.

Messy choppy bob with side bangs

Gen Z no longer wants to be prim and proper. For 21st century girls, style is about looking as carefree and natural as they can. Hence the choppy bob. Instead of neatly cut edges, ask your stylist to give the ends of your bob a rugged finish to make it look more natural. Team this up with light side-swept bangs, and you have a beautiful, volume-boosting short haircut both on the front and the back.

Style your choppy bob into a messy, unkempt look by adding a slight curl along the mid-length of the hair, keeping the ends straight. This will add more volume and give you that perfectly messy look (talk about oxymorons!)

Bob with bangs haircut


Blunt bob with retro curls

The retro curls are back and girl, are they stunning! Retro curls and a blunt bob are a match made in heaven. Go for a simple blunt bob, not much lower than your jawline. Then style this short hairstyle with the ravishing retro curls. You will need a holding spray to keep the retro curls in place. This is going to be a great party look.

On regular days, you could just style your blunt bob with some loose curls and it’s sure to look equally stunning.

curly bob haircut

Classic layered pixie cut

Pulling off a pixie cut may seem difficult if you have never worn your hair that short. But trust us, the pixie cut is one of the coolest haircuts out there and has been so for a long time. Almost every Hollywood beauty, from Audrey Hepburn to Winona Ryder to Natalie Portman, has rocked the pixie.

For thin hair, add layers to your pixie cut to add a little more definition and volume.

pixie haircut

Lob with tousled waves

If the pixie cut is too short for your taste, keep it a little longer with a lob (a long bob). Unlike a bob that ends somewhere near your chin, the lob will be a little longer – maybe just brushing your shoulders.

Give it some definition with tousled waves for a fuller look. This short hairstyle is an extremely low-maintenance style that almost anyone can do justice to.

long bob with waves haircut

Rounded inverted bob / angled bob

Rounded bobs probably remind you of the good old 90s. Well, they are back in the fashion scene albeit with a new twist. Modify your regular rounded bob by teaming it with the angled cut. An inverted bob with razor-sharp edges, rounded under, can not only pump up the volume of your hair but also make you look like a diva.

inverted bob haircut

How to care for your short, thin hair?

With the right short haircut, half the battle is won. Now all you need is a good hair care routine that will further spruce up your new look. Here’s what you need for the best low maintenance hairstyle.

Pick the right shampoo and conditioner for your thin short hair

The shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair can play a huge role in improving its texture and volume. Use volumizing formulas that will give your short haircut additional volume.

The WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Avocado hair conditioner set is a perfect choice. The clarifying shampoo cleanses all the grime and dirt from your scalp and hair. As thin hair gets oily very quickly, a clarifying shampoo like this one can be great for you. To prevent your short thin hair from drying out after a wash, the Coconut Avocado conditioner adds just enough hydration and nourishment. So your hair will look fuller and feel softer.

Use leave-in treatments that hydrate your locks

Humidity from the atmosphere can make thin hair look limper. That is because your hair absorbs moisture that makes it damp and weighs it down. This can be avoided by hydrating your hair enough so it does not absorb additional moisture from the surroundings. A hydrating leave-in treatment can do the trick.

Try the WOW 10-In-1 Hair Revitalizer Spray

wow skin science, buywow , 10 in 1 hair revitalizer

Just spray your short hair and scalp with the tonic before you leave your home every morning and forget about frizzy, dull, lifeless hair. This leave-in conditioner will keep your short thin or fine hair hydrated throughout the day

For more hair care solutions that will nourish and strengthen your fine hair, explore our range of 100% natural and vegan hair care products.

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul is the published author of "Heads Or Tails" and Quora writer with over 1.6 million views. He is a keen observer who enjoys the simple joys of life. He strongly believes true beauty is not how beautiful your face is but how beautiful your heart is.

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul is the published author of "Heads Or Tails" and Quora writer with over 1.6 million views. He is a keen observer who enjoys the simple joys of life. He strongly believes true beauty is not how beautiful your face is but how beautiful your heart is.
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