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Flu Supplies: Winter Season Essentials

2 mins

Akhila Jerripothula

Did you get your flu supplies yet? Put these antibacterial and antiviral essential oils on your flu shopping list! Clean high-touch surfaces naturally! 

Flu season is different this year. Many people get really sick with the flu, with rising cases of deaths in the past few years. Since this giant risk has no ‘cure’, the best thing you can do is be fully prepared to combat the most common symptoms. Now that we’re in colder weather too, viruses tend to live longer and infect more people. 

Interestingly, many countries are actually experiencing fewer people getting the cold and flu. This is largely due to the fact that more people this year have gotten a flu vaccine and are actively wearing masks when they are out and about-- blocking the spread of infection. This is great news, and can only be improved with antibacterial essential oils! Cleaning your space from outside contaminants is super important. You may be asking, “what essential oils help with sickness?” 

Natural flu supplies: How to use essential oils for flu-relief 

When getting your flu supplies, look out for antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antiseptic essential oils like tea tree, lavender, geranium, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint-- which are 100% therapeutic-grade and pure from WOW Skin Science!

Disinfecting Surfaces

Hopefully, throughout the whole pandemic, you have gotten into the habit of wiping down and disinfecting high-touch surfaces like handles, doors, phones, wallets, electronics, and more. Think of how many things you rarely clean and actively touch, spreading the germs by touching your face or phone-- like your yoga mats, reusable grocery totes, water bottles, etc. A great DIY option for a naturally effective disinfectant to fight viruses and bacteria is simple: 

To an 8 oz spray bottle, add

- 1/8th cup of white vinegar

- 1 cup of water

- 15 drops of WOW Skin Science antibacterial essential oil drops. We love tea tree essential oil, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. 

Tea tree essential oil is actually really good for any disinfecting need because it is naturally antibacterial and antiviral.

You can also use this as a hand sanitizer.

Purify Your Space 

Have you ever thought about how many germs are in the air? Especially since viruses can spread airborne and live in the air for minutes and hours, purifying your space should be on top of mind. Don’t worry, essential oils are here to save the day! Not only through purifying your space, but through helping to clear out your lungs!

Using a diffuser is an easy way to utilize essential oils, just add 2-3 drops of an antibacterial essential oil to the water, and let the vapor purify the air around you. You can also use a smudging tool-- like white sage or palo santo. Both of these products are herbs/plants that you burn in metaphysical practice to help cleanse and clear out a room of previous and stagnant energies. This is a great added step for those that are facilitating all these other options to give themselves the best foundation for personal health and well-being. 

Keep In Mind

Besides cleaning high-touch areas at home like door handles, light switches, and buttons, and your home’s surfaces with antibacterial essential oils, we have more tips for you! Another rule of thumb to keep in mind during this flu season is to make sure to stay indoors as much as possible, but do try to keep windows open if possible to allow airflow. Try to soak in the sun, as a lack of vitamin D that occurs during the winter season can increase your risk of getting sick with a lower-functioning immune system. Stress also lowers your immune system function, so try to be as prepped as possible for your peace of mind! 

Take Care of Yourself

Overall, this year has been full of hyper-vigilance in terms of getting sick and whatnot. This has been a big reason why we have seen a lower prevalence of people experiencing the flu this year. Essential oils are good for the flu because of certain oil’s antibacterial and antiviral nature. We have all been implementing personal decisions that help to combat the flu season and we are able to do this in natural, but still impactful ways!

We have all been implementing personal decisions that help to combat the flu season and we are able to do this in natural, but still impactful ways! Make sure to stay away from others as much as possible, to disinfect the areas around you, to purify the air in your space, and to clean high-touch areas. Be safe, as the flu season doesn’t go away until March! And make sure to get your flu vaccine done to try to better combat this virus. 

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