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Forehead Wrinkles at 30: Causes & Best Ways to Prevent Them


Wrinkles! The dreaded word that we usually associate with aging is not necessarily a sign of aging alone. Forehead wrinkles can appear much sooner in both men and women, and that has little to do with age. Your forehead creases could be a result of your lifestyle and your skincare routine too. Premature aging is becoming increasingly common today for various reasons and forehead wrinkles are just a part of it.

Thankfully, women and men in their 20s and 30s can prevent these forehead creases while there is still time. All you need is healthier eating and sleeping habits and a good skincare regime. We’ll get to that, but first let us find out why forehead wrinkles may appear as early as 30.

Table of contents:

  • What causes forehead wrinkles at 30?
  • At what age do wrinkles appear on the forehead?
  • What are the primary factors that cause premature forehead wrinkles?
  • How to get rid of wrinkles on my forehead at 30?
  • Improve your diet
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Wash off makeup before you go to bed
  • Consciously avoid expressing with your forehead
  • Wear a sunscreen
  • Quit smoking
  • What else is needed to prevent forehead wrinkles at 30?
  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Use an essential oil

What causes forehead wrinkles at 30?

    By now, you must already be familiar with the fact that the firmness of our skin is maintained by collagen present in the tissues. As we age, this collagen begins to dwindle as our ability to replenish it decreases, causing the skin to lose its firmness and sag at certain places. This is what causes fine lines and wrinkles.

    Certain areas of your face are more prone to wrinkling, such as the corners of the eyes, the skin around your mouth, and your forehead. This is because these are the areas that are engaged in emoting and expressing. Every time you laugh, smile, cry, raise your eyebrows, or frown, the skin in these parts tends to stretch and crease. As skin loses elasticity with the loss of collagen, it does not spring back as easily causing these creases to stay on. With age, the forehead creases that you get deepen and turn into wrinkles.

    At what age do wrinkles appear on the forehead?

    Ideally, wrinkles should start appearing in your late 30s or 40s. But this is not a universal truth that applies to everyone. There are several other factors at play here. Collagen production in our body begins to decrease after 20 itself. After 20, your skin produces 1% less collagen every year.

    Despite this, some people get wrinkles sooner than others. That is because genetics, diet, sleep cycles, behavioral habits, and many other factors influence the appearance of your forehead creases.

    forehead wrinkles

    What are the primary factors that cause premature forehead wrinkles?

    The main factors that contribute to your skin’s aging and appearance of forehead wrinkles include:

    • Genetics – Genetic factors like skin color, skin texture, facial muscle strength, etc. play a key role in your skin’s aging. Dark skin, for instance, has more melanin that protects it from UV rays and prevents premature aging. Light skin ages faster because of the lack of melanin. Similarly, dry skin tends to age earlier than oily or normal skin.
    • Repetitive facial expressions – Some people habitually use their forehead muscles a lot when expressing themselves. For instance, raising your eyebrows often, or squinting frequently can cause your forehead to wrinkle sooner.
    • Sun damage – Excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun, especially without sun protection, damages your skin and causes premature aging.
    • Smoking – People with a smoking habit are likely to experience premature aging as smoking damages the collagen in your skin and reduces its elasticity.
    • Sleeping habits – Sleeping very late can cause your skin to age sooner. Also, sleeping in certain positions where the skin on your face is strained can cause wrinkles too. The best sleeping position in this regard is on your back, facing upward.
    • Stress – Excessive mental or emotional stress can also cause the early appearance of forehead wrinkles.

    How to get rid of wrinkles on my forehead at 30?

    Getting rid of wrinkles entirely may not be possible. You can, however, fade the creases that have already appeared slightly. But the good news is, you can prevent more forehead wrinkles if you act on time.

    Here’s what you need to do.

    Improve your diet

    What you eat has a major impact on your skin’s health. To replenish and revive your skin from the inside, eat foods that help build collagen, hydrate your skin and increase its elasticity. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables, carrots, berries, etc. can be very beneficial for your skin. Tomatoes in particular are known to work wonders on fine lines, as they contain lycopene. Yogurt is known to make skin supple and moist. Include all of this in your diet every day.

    eating healthy, healthy diet

    Avoid food with high artificial sugar content. Sugar also degenerates your skin and causes premature aging.

    Get at least 7 hours of sleep

    Your sleep cycle is just as important to your skin’s health as your diet. Having a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep is crucial for you in every way. Sufficient sleep allows your skin cells to regenerate and replenish the lost nutrients. You will see a noticeable difference in your skin after a good night’s sleep.

    Wash off makeup before you go to bed

    Never go to sleep with makeup on. All that product on your skin not only damages it, it can also strip your skin of the natural oils as it clogs your pores. Your skin will dry out eventually leading to wrinkles in the long run. Wipe off all the makeup and wash your face with a gentle face wash before bedtime.

    Consciously avoid expressing with your forehead

    This may be the toughest part because these habitual expressions are involuntary. But if you have realized that you use your forehead too often in your facial expressions, you have to consciously control it. Be persistent and you will soon form a new, better habit.

    Wear a sunscreen

    The sun is your skin’s biggest enemy. Particularly the harsh sunlight at noontime and in the afternoon. Make sure to wear a good sunscreen with a high SPF every time you leave your house. Also, reapply sunscreen every 3 to 4 hours because that’s how long its effect lasts.

    Quit smoking

    If nothing else has motivated you enough to do this, at least think of your forehead wrinkles as a reason to quit. Smoking has never been and will never be good for you, in any way. The sooner you quit, the better.

    What else is needed to prevent forehead wrinkles at 30?

    Apart from these changes in habits, a good skincare routine involving some good skincare products is extremely important. Don’t ever skip the following steps.


    The first step is to clean your skin well. Remove any product on your skin using micellar water. Micellar water deep cleans your skin removing any dirty pollutants, excess oil, and stubborn makeup trapped in your pores. You can try the WOW Coconut Clarifying Micellar Water that is extremely gentle on the skin.


    Every time you wash your face, remember to moisturize. This is best done at bedtime. After you wash your face, apply a nice hydrating moisturizer lavishly on your face, massage for a bit, and go off to sleep. You will wake up with visibly softer skin.

    You can use the WOW Vitamin C Face Cream or WOW Skin Science Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel. Both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are excellent for reducing the signs of aging on the skin.

    Use an essential oil

    Essential oils are good for your skin in two ways. Firstly, they induce better sleep which naturally gives you healthier skin. And they are nourishing for your skin, taking care of most of your skin woes naturally.

    Apply an essential oil on your skin and massage it well before going to bed every night for great results. For your wrinkles, you can try the WOW Skin Science Lemon Essential Oil packed with natural compounds that help fight signs of aging.

    A word of caution: lemon essential oil causes photosensitivity, so do not expose your skin to the sun for at least 12 hours after applying it. Also, make sure to dilute it properly in a carrier oil. 

    Explore our range of 100% organic skincare products for firmer, glowing skin naturally!

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