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Frustrated over Frizz? Tame your Curls with Deep Conditioning

5 mins

Evelyn Carter

Curly hair tends to be more vulnerable to hair damage than other hair types. Strengthen your curly hair with deep conditioning and get rid of these damages.

Having your curly waves swaying in the cool breeze can be a great sight. Curls are also a highlight at a party, making your friends envious of your curly mass. It is beautiful, wavy, and stylish.

But it takes a lot of work to maintain your curls. In addition, there are many problems specific to curly strands.

Here, we see a few key problems that can make the life of a girl with curly hair difficult. We also introduce you to some best techniques and products that can do wonders for your curls.

Table of Contents:

  • The Most Common Curly Hair Problems
  • Split Ends
  • Frizzy Hair
  • Lack of Shine
  • Hair Breakage and Thinning
  • Deep Conditioning — The Best Solution for Curly Hair Problems
  • Power Packs Your Hair With Moisture
  • Restores Natural Shine to Your Tresses
  • Keeps Hair Elastic
  • The Best Deep Conditioner for Your Curls

The Most Common Curly Hair Problems

Fast Fact: Before 2014, it was extremely difficult to find an animated character with curly hair. This was because the dimensions of a curl were strenuous to visualize and recreate, and there was no prototype to guide the grooming. It was also overwhelming for artists to mimic the real distribution of curliness across the hair.

Did you know the first detailed 3-D shape of curly hair was developed in February 2014? The credit goes to researchers at Paris’ Université Pierre et Marie Curie and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

solution for curly frizzed hair, deep conditioner for curly hair

The intrinsic curls may be harder to recreate, but they can be managed to be healthy and beautiful in the real world.

To manage your curls, it is important to first know the hair damage risks to which they are vulnerable.

  • Split Ends

Curly hair is more vulnerable to split ends because of the make of the hair. The curves of the curls make it easy for strands to get tangled. Tangling is easy and more frequent with curly hair, which is why split ends are a common hair problem.

If you have curly hair, then you would be increasing a risk of split ends with the following habits:

  • Brushing hair too often
  • Brushing hair roughly
  • Washing hair frequently
  • Over-shampooing
    best frizz control, frizz control products
  • Rubbing your hair hard with a towel during drying
  • Undergoing hair styling and treatments often, especially using heat devices such as straighteners and blow driers
  • Wearing styles such as tight braids and twists too often
  • Excessive exposure to the sun and other pollutants
  • Absence of deep conditioning in your haircare routine
  • Using haircare cosmetics with harmful chemicals such as sulfates
  • Lack of adequate essential nutrition for your hair

  • Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is hair that looks worn-out, unclean, and spread in several different directions as opposed to neat and straight hair. In people with curly hair, frizz is more common, and yes, it is happening for a reason.

A healthy hair cuticle, the protective layer outside the hair shaft (a protrusion from the hair follicle), is soft, smooth, and manageable. A healthy cuticle does not stick out or refuse to lie down when combed. Healthy cuticles are maintained through moisturization by natural oils produced by the scalp.

best anti frizz products, how to keep hair from frizzing

In people with curly hair, natural oils produced by the scalp cannot pass through the strand and reach the cuticle given the curl of the hair. These angles make it hard for the oil to reach the cuticle.

So, curly hair does not receive adequate moisturization, which compromises the health of the cuticle. As a result, frizz happens.

You would be increasing a risk of frizzy hair if you:

  • Use hair products with harsh chemicals
  • Live in highly humid conditions
  • Over-wash your hair
  • Towel-dry hair rigorously

  • Lack of Shine

Hair gets its natural shine from cuticles that lay down and reflect light. Strands that suffer from inadequate moisturization and excessive dryness lose their shine. As curly hair is naturally prone to dryness, shine takes a backseat.

how to make your hair shine

Using hot styling devices or subjecting hair to chemical treatments often can increase your risk of losing natural shine.

  • Hair Breakage and Thinning

Curly strands tend to break and be dry and brittle, given that they do not receive enough moisture through natural body oil.  

Breakage can be accelerated if you brush or comb vigorously or tie your curls in tight hairstyles. Hair-damaging habits such as detangling while the hair is still wet after a shower can also lead to breakage.

what is deep conditioning, what is deep conditioning your hair good for

If you tend to wear tight rollers to bed, you should know that it can cause breakage. Even friction caused by rubbing your hair on your pillow while sleeping can cause breakage. Use a silk-covered pillow to reduce such friction and resultant hair breakage.

If you see some strands shorter than others, then you are looking at hair breakage. If your hair snaps while detangling or even with a light tug, then it is breakage. If you seem to shed hair while styling, you should know that it is also a sign of breakage.

So, why does hair break?

Right, your curls are not getting as much natural moisture as straight hair does. Breakage also means that your curls need extra moisture and oils, which you can supply with the right products.

Deep Conditioning — The Best Solution for Curly Hair Problems

It is important to have deep conditioning as part of your hair care routine as it delivers multiple benefits for your curly hair.

  • Power Packs Your Hair With Moisture

If you want your curly tresses smooth and flexible, then deep conditioning is a must in your haircare routine. Deep conditioning gives your locks all the hydration they need. With adequate hydration, strands turn healthy inside out, including the hair shaft and cuticles.

With the right deep conditioning products, your hair receives not only essential moisturizing oils but also protein, which is key to maintaining hair structure. With hydration, your locks will be strong enough to be flexible. They will not be brittle or break at the slightest tug or brush.

Deep conditioning maintains such hydration even during harsh weather conditions such as cold winters.

healthy curly hair, voluminize locks
  • Restores Natural Shine to Your Tresses

Locks looking dull and lifeless? Time for deep conditioning, then!

With deep conditioning, your hair gets all the nutrients it needs to get that natural shine. In addition, any product or dirt build-up in hair follicles is removed. This build-up can make your hair dry and brittle. As the build-up is removed, your hair becomes clean and shiny.

  • Keeps Hair Elastic

Strands regain their elasticity when they are moisturized and strong. With regular deep conditioning, you keep your hair strong and elastic, which means fewer chances of breakage while brushing or tugging. 

The Best Deep Conditioner for Your Curls

Give your curly hair the best deep conditioning treatment with WOW Skin Science’s Coconut Milk Conditioner. This formulation is a pack of hair-benefiting goodness with its completely natural ingredients and chemical-free constitution.

This conditioner is a great choice for grooming curly hair, given its ingredients that are well-known moisturizing agents.

Coconut milk is a powerful moisturizer that nourishes strands all through, protecting them from hair-damaging dryness.

coconut milk conditioner, conditioner to tame frizz

Castor oil repairs damaged hair, thanks to its excellent lubricating properties. This oil keeps the hair shaft moisturized, promoting hair flexibility and reducing the risk of breakage.

Argan oil contains plenty of linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential nourishment for your curly locks. The rich nourishment keeps hair strong and healthy. In addition, argan oil is a powerful hydrating agent.

Sweet almond oil used in the conditioner contains vitamins good for the hair. These include vitamins B1, B6, E, and A. These vitamins keep your hair nourished, repair damaged strands, and offer protection from UV light. 

This conditioner comes with hydrolyzed keratin extracted from soy. This protein keeps hair strong from its root.

best deep conditioner for curls

Together, these natural ingredients and extracts provide plenty of moisture to your curly hair. By doing so, they keep frizz, split ends, and any other hair damage, out.

Further, this formulation is completely paraben- and sulfate-free. The conditioner comes in amber packaging, which protects the strength of the ingredients for a long time.

Now you understand why it’s a must for your curly hair repair-and-safeguard kit!

With an efficient haircare routine, you can transform your curls into a lovely companion that lets you style them the way you want. 

WOW Skin Science has a range of hair care products you could explore to create a haircare routine that really works! These products are made from plant actives, are chemical- and cruelty-free, and are dermatologically tested. Formulations are based on powerful ancient remedies with modern scientific backing.

It is time to carry your curls with pride and style!

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Evelyn Carter

Evelyn was involved in the beauty industry as a makeup artist before she turned to full-time writing. Carter has reviewed numerous skincare, haircare and other beauty products. Her experience gives her keen insights into products, ingredients, and their reliability. Her articles are informational content pieces liked by readers and beauty brands alike.

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Evelyn Carter

Evelyn was involved in the beauty industry as a makeup artist before she turned to full-time writing. Carter has reviewed numerous skincare, haircare and other beauty products. Her experience gives her keen insights into products, ingredients, and their reliability. Her articles are informational content pieces liked by readers and beauty brands alike.
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