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Hair Loss Hairstyles for Thinning Hair on Crown: What to Wear


My grandmother, who has lived with us for the last two years, complains regularly about hair loss. “I have had thin hair my whole life, and eventually it just started falling out!” She exclaims. She has spent a lifetime trying myriad hairstyles to combat the issue, even going so far as to invest in several wigs a la Moira Rose. The issue can be tricky for so many women like my grandmother. You need to find a hairstylist who knows what they’re doing, so you get a flattering cut. In addition, you need the proper tools and products to support whichever style you may choose on any given day. Of course, you want options! And finally, you’ll want support in combatting the loss of hair and encouraging new growth if possible. (Hint: it is almost always possible.) The good thing is, once you have identified the problem area, strategies abound to put in your arsenal.  

Table of Contents:  

  • Why Is Your Hair Thinning at the Crown
  • Top 5 Hair Loss Hairstyles for Hair Thinning at the Crown
  • Combat Hair Loss and Encourage Growth
  • Products to Support Your Healthy Hair Journey

Why Is Your Hair Thinning at the Crown

Hair loss can occur for several reasons, and it is important to understand why this could be happening to you. Before wondering about where you are losing hair, let us begin with why you are losing hair. Roughly 30% of women suffer from genetic hair loss, meaning, like my grandma, that you are biologically predisposed to lose your hair. I, on the other hand, got excessive hair from the other side of my family. (Thanks, Dad.) I am honestly not sure which is worse for women – hair loss or hair everywhere. The good news is you now have a wealth of options to help fight genetics and get a solid head of luxurious locks. However, if your hair loss is not genetic, that means it is environmental, which means you will have to take concrete action in your lifestyle to combat it.  

The top contributors to non-genetic hair loss are smoking, stress, and poor nutrition. These are obvious fixes, but they are not always easy. If you have been trying to stop smoking, manage stress, or get onto a healthier diet and lifestyle plan, and you simply have not made any headway, get help. One of the marvelous changes we have made as a society over the last couple of decades has been to remove much of the shame around getting real medical help for our mental health and dietary problems. Reach out and change your life, and potentially get some hair back to boot.  

Top 5 Hair Loss Hairstyles for Hair Thinning at the Crown

Top 5 Hair Loss Hairstyles for Hair Thinning at the Crown

1. Boy Cut 

In my grandma’s day, it was a bouffant hairstyle, and it is the one she has always sported. Hair cut super short, what we would call a boy cut or a pixie cut today, and then blown dry and blown out, sprayed and teased up. The more voluminous the effect, the less the eye is drawn to your thinning crown.  

2. Bob It 

Whenever I cut my hair short, I typically go with a boy cut and then grow it out to a bob. I love bob haircuts, and because you have a bit more hair length, you can create styles around your face that draw attention away from your crown.  

3. Beehive 

If you are a rebel with a cause, you can sport an Amy Winehouse cut. Allow your hair to grow long and then pile it up on top of your head with lots of blow-drying and product. It is one of the coolest looks I have ever seen, thinning hair or not.  

4. Texturize! 

You can truly achieve this look with any hair length or cut. It is my go-to when I leave my hair down, short or long. Think beachy curls, messy waves, wild bob. It is a great on-the-go look, too, because the intention is for it to look carefree. You just wash, dry, throw some mousse or texturizer in, and ruffle your hair up a lot. You can let it air dry or blow dry it if you must.  

5. Invest in a Wig 

Seriously, though. Moira Rose made wigs super cool! I think her wigs had their own character on Schitt’s Creek. If you are losing hair and want a lot of options to work with to cover it up, invest in a wig. If hair loss is a long-term issue for you, invest in more wigs! Have fun with it. Because… why not? 

Combat Hair Loss and Encourage Growth

If your hair loss is genetic, see a doctor. You could be on the road to stopping the loss and growing new hair in no time. Do not wait or think you are beyond help. You are not.  

In the case of hair loss due to illness or some other medical condition, many of the same changes made for environmental hair loss can help you.  

Start today with a few simple steps at your fingertips. Decide to go to bed earlier tonight. Make a change in your work or social calendar that allows for just an hour or two each week for self-care. Add one or two fruits or vegetables to your daily meal plan. Even with smoking, you can start today. Determine that you will only smoke outside, while sitting down, with no distractions. It is the first step to limiting your habit and changing it up a bit.  

All of these small changes can have enormous impacts on your hair growth. It only takes you deciding to try one small thing, and then another, and then another.   

Products to Support Your Healthy Hair Journey

Below, I have linked some products to help you on your healthy hair journey. 

Detangling Wet Dry Brush 

This detangler is the perfect brush for working on texturizing. Click the link and read all the benefits. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Oil Conditioner Set 

This is one of my favorite product sets for healthy hair. It’s got the apple cider vinegar for a clean and stimulated scalp and the coconut oil to promote moisture and growth. Win-Win. 

Click the links above and explore the options beyond just these two. So many wonderful products are available that you can feel good about investing in.

Shanna Mendez

Shanna Mathews Mendez is a freelance writer and blogger on topics related to self-care, naturopathy, female empowerment, and motherhood. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children, where she enjoys traveling, being active outdoors, and studying herbalism and plant-based remedies in her free time. Drawing on her graduate degree in comparative literature and her own life experiences, she is currently writing her first book. She can be found online at her website

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