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Healthy Hair Habits You Need for Gorgeous, Shiny Hair

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Goutaman Ram

Getting perfectly gorgeous hair isn’t easy. With the right habits , you can revitalize your tresses back to life in no time!

You’re doing all the right things and using all the right products but your hair is still dull and dry.

Getting perfectly gorgeous hair isn’t easy and it may seem like an impossible feat. With the right habits, you can protect your hair and revitalize your tresses back to life in no time!

Healthy Hair Habits You Need for Gorgeous, Shiny Hair

1. Keep Your Strands Nourished

Healthy hair starts with healthy follicles. Firstly, you should already be regularly conditioning your hair. The job of a good conditioner is to deeply hydrate & nourish your strands.

Commercial conditioners use ingredients like silicone which weigh the hair down and gives it a limp appearance. The job of a good conditioner is to hydrate & nourish your strands for healthier hair.

We formulated the WOW Coconut & Avocado Natural Hair Conditioner to nourish & restore your follicles without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Unlock an undeniable, luxurious shine as you use our natural conditioner over time.

Shop the WOW Skin Science Coconut & Avocado Natural Hair Conditioner.

2. Use a Scalp Massager to Boost Healthy Hair Growth

Scalp health is central to obtaining a gorgeous head of hair. Our scalp accumulates buildup from product residue, dead skin cells, and excess oils.

Instead of using your fingertips, you can use a scalp massager. The WOW Stimulating Scalp Massager Brush is specially made for your scalp with soft, silicone bristles and an easy-to-use ergonomic handle.

Shop the WOW Skin Science Stimulating Scalp Massager Brush.

This is especially true with kinky hair and fine hair types. Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. Combine this with the added friction of our fingertips and it is not unusual to develop a dull appearance.

The friction damages the cuticle and leaves much room for frizz and split ends.

3. Using a Hair Oil

Using hair oils may seem unconventional but merely using a shampoo and conditioner just isn’t enough.

Styling tools are one of the top shine destroyers for your hair. Too much exposure to heat tools like straighteners and blow dryers can help you unlock temporary shine. But you will still have a dim appearance that will grow to a more dull appearance over time.

Hair oils like the WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil can do wonders for strand health and restore much-needed silkiness and strength for your locks. It’s made with bioactives like Lemon Essential Oil and Almond Oil which are filled with vital nutrients for your hair.

Oils like WOW Castor Oil helps with hair regrowth & keeping your scalp health in peak shape. 

Shop the WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil.

Shop the WOW Skin Science Castor Oil.

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