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How Can a Guy Get More Volume in His Hair? Tips on Choosing the Best Volumizing Shampoo for Men


Having flat, limp, and thinning hair isn’t something that only women fear and have to deal with, but it’s as common for men. I’ve personally witnessed my brother going through his social media admiring those versatile hairstyles being donned by models and actors, trying them on and failing miserably. The biggest key behind such great texture and hairstyles is nothing but great volume, which is always undermined and overlooked by men. Focusing on adding volume to your thinning hair and getting that perfect bounce can eventually help your hair have an impressive personality of its own. Well, guys, this space right here is just for you, a guide to help you get some much-required volume in your locks.

Table of Contents

1. Tips to Add Volume to Your Thinning Hair
2. Best Volumizing and Thickening Shampoo for Men
  2.1 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash
  2.2 Activated charcoal and keratin shampoo
3. Some Hair Thickening Products for Men

1. Tips to Add Volume to Your Thinning Hair

Discovering what works for your hair and what doesn't is quite a long journey of hits and trials involving different products and tricks. Several factors, such as your hair care regimen, type and texture of your hair, your hair's porosity, hairstyle, etc., play an important role in figuring out what can work well to add volume to your thinning hair. Here are a few tips that are bound to work on your hair and add that desired volume to it, irrespective of your hair type. 

  • Wash your hair moderately: It’s really important to wash your thinning hair moderately. Make sure to use a shampoo and a conditioner that are gentle to your scalp, and yet effective and effectively in removing build-up, grime, and sweat. Typically, it is recommended to wash your hair twice a week. 
  • Rinse your hair with cold water:  Avoid washing volumizing shampoo and conditioner out of your hair with hot water no matter how cold the weather is. It will cause damage to your follicles and add on to your hair thinning. 
  • Try different hairstyles: Trying on various hairstyles and parting your hair differently than you normally do can also provide a much-needed lift to your locks. 
  • Using your blow dryer: Rather than leaving your hair to dry on its own, make use of your hairdryer to add a good amount of volume to your hair. Take it as a tip, always blow dry your thinning hair in the opposite direction to your natural parting.  
  • Use a hair oil for conditioning: Regularly apply a smooth hair oil to overcome those flat and lifeless strands. Apply a smooth hair oil one hour before washing your hair. This will provide enhanced moisture and nourishment to your scalp and hair and ensure healthy hair growth. You can opt for any one of the hair oils formulated by WOW Skin Science for intense conditioning of your hair. 

2. Best Volumizing and Thickening Shampoo for Men

Excess build-up of sweat, dirt, grime, and debris in your scalp can weigh your hair down, making it look lifeless and bland. Adding a volumizing and thickening shampoo to your regimen is the way to go if you want to keep your hair in optimal condition and wish to add an extra bounce to it.  

Here are some of the best volumizing shampoos for men that are worth investing in: 

2.1 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash

An excellent quality volumizing and thickening shampoo is the best way to add instant life to your locks and put some life back into your thinning hair. WOW Skin Science offers something that’s even better, a combination of body wash and shampoo packed in one formulation with organic ingredients for a double benefit. 

Several amazing ingredients such as Oud, charcoal, bourbon, antioxidants, and several essential vitamins are a part of these dual-purpose body care products designed especially for men. These shampoos not only add volume to your hair, but work well to enhance the texture of your hair as well. 

2.2 Activated charcoal and keratin shampoo

Infused with the goodness of several nourishing botanicals such as almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and aloe vera extract, this wonderful blend is a great product to soothe your scalp and restore the lost moisture into each strand of your hair. Keratin is usually a thickening shampoo ingredient because it actively fortifies your hair. At the same time, charcoal present in the formulation removes the excess dirt, oil, sweat, and impurities build-up in your scalp, ensuring healthy hair growth and providing your locks with a much-desired bounce.

This detoxifying formula is a must-try for those who crave clean and voluminous hair that can be easily styled in any way they desire. 

3. Some Hair Thickening Products For Men

There are some hair thickening products available in the market for men that can provide a great boost to the volume of your hair on regular use. Here’s a list of a few of these products. 

A Dry Shampoo: This product right here is the best way to keep your thinning hair non-greasy, bouncy, and shiny on days when you’re running late and out of time to take a shower. The powder-like formulation absorbs the excess oil present in your scalp and makes it quite easy to style your hair the way you want. 

Clay Pomade: Bentonite or Kaoline are the two types of clays that are mostly used in these pomades to enhance the thickness, texture, and volume of your hair. These premium quality products absorb the unwanted oil from your scalp and promote hair growth as well. 

A styling powder: A hair styling powder sticks to your hair fibers, enhancing the friction between them and boosting their volume. 

Lightweight mousse: Though not used by too many men, a lightweight mousse is an excellent quality foaming product that can provide a significant amount of thickness and shine to your hair on application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent baldness?

A few tips for preventing baldness include staying away from chemical-enriched hair products, avoid rinsing your hair with hot water, getting a scalp massage every once in a while, and keeping yourself stress-free.

Can shampoo thicken your hair?

Hair thickening shampoos do not change the chemical structure of your hair, but they focus on plumping each strand of your hair, making it fuller so that your hair appears to be more bouncy and thick.  


Hopefully, the tricks and hair care products mentioned here will work well for your hair and add that much-required volume to your locks, making it easy to style your hair the way you want. These styling approaches can make you feel much more confident about your hair and help you discover your own style. Nailing down that perfect look can take time, but with these products added to your regimen, it can happen at a much faster pace. 

Add that oomph factor to your hairstyle by lifting it with a perfect amount of bounce using the best volumizing and thickening shampoos for men! 

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