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How Long Does Hair Toner Last? Best Ways to Preserve It


Back from your salon hairdo and in love with that amazing hair color you’ve been wanting for ages now? As you should be! Having vibrant and colorful hair means plenty of joy and excitement every time you look in the mirror and get an extra-flattering photo taken! 

Naturally, even if it’s semi permanent hair color, you’d want to keep the colors intact intact for as long as possible. Fortunately, hair toner, the secret ingredient to a dye’s longevity, can last for weeks following your dye job. Here’s what you can do to preserve it for as long as possible. 

Table of Contents:

  • What is Hair Toner?
  • How Long Does Hair Toner Last?
  • How to Preserve Hair Toner

What is Hair Toner?

A toner is a product used by your hairstylist in order to personalize your look or achieve that beautiful platinum gold tone that you have desired for so long. 

This type of product is not per se a permanent ‘dye’. Although it may seem colorful, it's a formula that enhances and cancels out stubborn undertones when bleaching. Because virtually all hair has some warm reddish tone, the warm essence is revealed when it's bleached. And as such, the darker the hair is, the harder it is to get out the orange and red undertones in one sitting. 

Of course, hair toners are not only meant for going platinum gold. They can also soften the look of your hair, give it another shade depending on the color you chose, enhance it, add depth and richness, and so on. 

Toners have little to no ammonia in them, which means that they will wash away gradually. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that penetrates the hair strand, allowing hair color to reach its core. 

Since toners have a low amount of ammonia, they act more like a top coat protecting the hair strand. And since they are gentler, they’re good for any type of hair, even if it’s damaged.

Nowadays, toning your hair at home is just as viable as getting it done at a salon since toners come in all forms – from shampoos to conditioners and other treatments. That being said, note that salon toners are usually more effective because they are more pigmented, as opposed to the regular pigment you would find in a regular hair-care product.  

How Long Does Hair Toner Last? 

Depending on many factors, including those that you can’t control, the toner you’re left with from the salon should last about 6 weeks. However, it gradually fading out doesn’t mean that your hair will instantly get those brassy tones. If you wash your hair very often, it can last for less, and on the contrary, if you don’t wash your hair very often, then that will increase the lifespan of your toner. 

Other factors influencing the look of your toned hair can include: 

Hard water 

The water that you use for showering and bathing contains many minerals, some of which might turn out to be very damaging to your skin and hair. 


If a natural blonde has to protect their hair from harmful external factors, then those with bleached, platinum blonde hair have to pay even more attention. 

The chlorine, typically found in pool water, is a damaging chemical for your hair. It’s attacking the hair color and the hair strands, making them susceptible to all kinds of damage, including stripping away the bleach or friendly products. 

While you are at the pool, you might as well protect your hair from the sun, too, as it is well known that the UV rays not only damage your skin but your hair too. 


Your hair can easily suffer from free radicals that come from air pollution. Free radicals are extremely reactive molecules that cause damage to your cells and, when they come from external sources, they might interfere with your chemically colored hair and react unpredictably.

UV overexposure 

Lately, people have become hyperaware of the damage that UV rays do to your skin, and have started to understand the need for products with a high sun protection factor. But, the Sun’s powerful UV rays can affect your hair as well – it does lighten it during the summer, doesn’t it? 

How to Preserve Hair Toner

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to preserve the beautiful look your toner gives you:

Purple or Blue toning shampoo

It’s simple color theory, really – on the color wheel, yellow and purple are on opposite sides. These complementary colors neutralize each other, which is why purple toning shampoo is best for yellow tones and blonde hair, while blue toning shampoo is the most adequate for orange streaks. It's the safest way to get rid of the brassiness immediately.

Wash less frequently 

Washing often and using products that contain sulfates and parabens is a deadly combination for your bleach and toner. Essentially, you’re not only stripping away the products’ properties by washing the hair every day, but also the hair’s natural oils, helping it stay in place. 

To make your toner last longer, try finding a balance in your washing routine. It’s recommended that you wash your hair about twice a week. If your hair starts feeling a bit too oily, freshen it up with WOW’s hair revitalizer spray. Working as a leave-in conditioner will ensure that your hair will be full of shine and vitality throughout the entire day! 

Condition your hair

Conditioning means sealing the hair strand to make sure that no water gets out, and the hydrating nutrients stay inside. If you are not one to use conditioner after shampooing, now is the time to finally get familiar with it. Your toner will last that much longer, thanks to your foresight and diligence. 

Cover your hair when needed

The solution for avoiding sun damage is pretty simple – cover your head with a hat or whatever item you feel comfortable with. Of course, it can be bothersome to have to hide your beautiful locks, but if you want them to stay like that when the sun's out, and its UV rays are not here to play, you should consider covering your hair to avoid unnecessary exposure and damage. 

Rinse with cold water 

Hot water is not exactly good when it comes to preserving hair’s integrity, so try giving your hair a final cold rinse before getting out of the shower. This will close out the pores, flatten the cuticle, lock in the needed moisture and maintain the longevity of your toner. 

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