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How Often Should You Shampoo and Condition Permed Hair

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Nadja Molnar

A perming treatment, no matter how good your stylist is, leaves some damage. You can minimize the damage and make your hair more adaptable with a simple routine.

Perms are a great style to own and flaunt. The swaying wavy curls add a dash of style to your curls and up your style quotient. But at the root of it all, perms are a chemical treatment. You need to take care of your hair to retain your perms and maintain the health of your hair.

Depending on your hairstylist and your aftercare, you can enjoy your perms for up to 6 months. Shampooing and conditioning are crucial for any type of hair, but even more so for perms. The aftercare you invest in impacts your perms significantly. 

How do shampoos and conditioners help your hair? What are the right shampoos and conditioners for your permed hair? Any questions you may have about perming aftercare, get them answered here.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Shampoo or Condition your Permed Hair?
  • Benefits of Shampooing Permed Hair
  • Shampooing Routine for Permed Hair
  • Why Condition your Permed Hair?
  • Conditioning Routine for Permed Hair

Why Shampoo or Condition your Permed Hair?

Perming your hair may not be as intense as a coloring or bleaching process. But it is still a chemical process. Any chemical process that modifies your internal hair structure is bound to affect your hair. But it is possible to minimize hair damage and retain your perms for a longer time.

The secret lies in giving your hair the right perming aftercare.

Your hairstylist can always guide you toward healthy perming aftercare. This article will help you get the basics of perming aftercare right.

permed short hair, best shampoo and conditioner for permed hair

Perming aftercare need not be an elaborate exhausting process. A simple haircare with a moisturizer and a conditioner should be enough to keep your perms and curls healthy. A simple routine consisting of shampooing and conditioning can keep your hair healthy and the perms in their original shape.

With good aftercare, your hair will be more than ready for the next perm appointment. Once permed, your strands will not grow into their original texture unless strands grow out. This is why perms are named so – a moniker for “permanent.”

Benefits of Shampooing Permed Hair

No matter the style of perms you choose for your hair, wavy strands are a unique attraction. Curls give your hair volume. You do not have to spend extra time, effort, and money to improve your hair volume and texture. 

A perming treatment can, however, weaken your hair. Exposure to daily pollutants and the weather accelerate the damage.

The primary goal of shampooing is to keep hair clean. Hair retains its moisture through a secretion called sebum. In the absence of shampooing, sebum can build up, clogging hair follicles. Strands become malnourished because they do not receive enough nutrients from clogged follicles.

permed hair women, types of permed hair

In addition to oil, products used during perming treatment and other daily products add to the build-up. A shampoo removes all clogged impurities from permed hair and allows the free passage of nutrients and sebum into strands.

The ingredients of the shampoo are key to maintaining the health and waves of your hair. Choose shampoos that have been formulated for treated hair. Such shampoos are gentle on your hair and maintain its health without ruining your perm.

Ingredients in shampoos must not be harsh or chemical-laden as such, shampoos can leave your hair dry and frizzy.

Shampooing Routine for Permed Hair

Washing hair every day is not recommended for anyone, whether you are permed or not. Frequent washing squeezes out the natural oils in the hair and leaves strands dry and dull. With permed hair, you need to be extra careful when it comes to washing.

Washing once a week should be enough for permed hair. Avoid washing your hair within 48 hours of getting a perm. By not doing so, you face the risk of losing your perms. Even after 48 hours, you need to carefully choose the shampoo and conditioner for your newly-permed hair.

Choose a shampoo with humectants, emollients, and nutrients. Humectants attract moisture, which improves moisture content in your hair. Emollients soothe hair irritations, are calming on the scalp, and help heal damage.

Try the Coconut Milk Shampoo from WOW Skin Science to beat the perm blues efficiently. This shampoo is endowed with all nutrients needed to nourish permed hair regularly. The formulation moisturizes hair, rejuvenates strands, and is calming on the scalp.

best shampoo for permed hair, best products for permed hair

The coconut milk extract in the shampoo is a powerful hair nourisher. It nourishes the scalp with essential moisture and keeps it healthy. Coconut milk improves blood circulation, which keeps the scalp and strands nourished and healthy. This natural ingredient is also great at repairing hair damage.

The formulation is also powered by aloe vera, a humectant, and a natural moisturizer. This natural extract keeps strands intact with plenty of moisture. Aloe vera also calms any scalp irritations.

This coconut milk shampoo is also fortified with argan oil, which contains omega-6 fatty acids.

These fatty acids are essential to keep hair moisturized and soft.

Almond oil keeps up the moisture levels of the scalp and hair strands. This essential oil nourishes hair with vitamins B1, B6, A, and E. It repairs hair damage and prevents damage by sun exposure.

A must-have in your perm haircare kit!

Why Condition your Permed Hair?

Permed hair demands moisturization. Perms being what they are – curly – do not facilitate the easy flow of nutrients and natural oil into the strands. As a result, perms tend to dry out easily, becoming frizzy and dull.

A conditioner helps by “conditioning” your hair. A conditioner works by reducing the friction caused by brushing or combing your hair. Regular use of a conditioner makes your permed hair more manageable and frizz-free. With strands becoming tangle-free, hair damage and loss are also significantly reduced.

A good conditioner adds essential moisture content to your hair after a wash. Using a conditioner is a must after shampooing your hair. Conditioning helps your hair retain the moisture lost after shampooing.

how to take care of permed hair, best hair product for permed hair

Proper use of a conditioner reduces split ends and boosts hair follicle strength. When follicles are strong, damage to hair is minimal.

Conditioning Routine for Permed Hair

A conditioner should be used after every wash. If you are washing your permed hair once every week, then follow it up with a conditioning routine. If your hair dries out quickly, then you may want to use a conditioner more than once a week.

A leave-in treatment once a week can do wonders to your hair by keeping strands and scalp moisture-packed. A deep conditioning treatment every two weeks can also keep your hair moisture-laden and strong. Talk to your stylist for more accurate hair care depending on your hair and perm type.

Witness the true benefits of a conditioner with the Coconut & Avocado Natural Hair Conditioner from WOW Skin Science. This conditioner nourishes your hair with the natural goodness of botanicals such as coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil.

best conditioner for permed hair

Coconut oil removes any build-up in hair and scalp and nourishes strands with lauric acid. It is a natural moisturizer, packing strands with moisture and health.

Avocado oil is rich in vitamin E and monosaturated fatty acids. These nutrients stop hair breakage and repair and prevent split ends. This essential oil also acts as a natural sunscreen, safeguarding your hair from sun-induced damage.

Castor oil is a powerful moisturizer that provides deep moisturization to your hair. It prevents hair breakage and loss by improving strand flexibility.

Sweet almond oil offers goodness in the form of essential hair vitamins, including E, A, B1, and B6.

These nutrients ensure that your hair is well-protected against UV damage. This oil also corrects any existing damage. It improves the ability of strands to retain moisture and makes them soft and smooth.

You can also try the shampoo-conditioner sets by WOW Skin Science. These natural plant ingredient-powered formulations make your task of choosing the right perm-care products easier.

shampoo and conditioner for permed hair, wow best shampoo and conditioner

Adequate moisturization is key to getting your perms right and maintaining them after treatment. You can perm-style your hair without the fear of excessive damage if you follow an effective haircare routine. Using shampoos and conditioners without parabens, sulfates, silicones, and mineral oils is key to keeping your perms healthy and neat.

You may want to explore the haircare line by WOW Skin Science. These products are completely natural, using only plant actives. They are dermatologically tested, vegan and gluten-free too.

You’ll discover a possibility for innovative haircare with WOW Skin Science. There are a variety of natural products to keep your hair healthy and glowing here.

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Nadja Molnar

Nadja is passionate about working in the beauty industry. Besides having a master's degree in marketing and public relations, she also has a strong background in digital marketing and eCommerce. Reading and traveling are among her favorite activities.

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Author: Nadja Molnar

Nadja Molnar

Nadja is passionate about working in the beauty industry. Besides having a master's degree in marketing and public relations, she also has a strong background in digital marketing and eCommerce. Reading and traveling are among her favorite activities.
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