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How Thick is Human Hair

3 mins

Radhika Bhatia

Ever been curious about how thick the average human hair is? Or about the vital roles that hair plays in our body? In this article, we cover some interesting facts about your hair.

Questions about the average thickness or density of human hair are quite fascinating!

If you’re worried about thinning hair or excess shedding, knowing how your scalp compares to the norm can either confirm or alleviate your fears and formulate a treatment strategy accordingly. 

In this article, we will be expanding on the question, “How thick is human hair?” We will also talk about hair density and ways to thicken your hair naturally.

Table of Contents:

  • How thick is human hair?
  • How dense is the average human hair?
  • How can I naturally make my hair thicker?
  • Hydrate Your Hair
  • Trim Regularly
  • Add Biotin to Your Routine
  • Use Sulfate-Free Products

How thick is human hair?

Human hair is inherently unique to each person, which is how forensic scientists are able to use hair as an important marker of identity. 

In fact, did you know that in 2016, experts at the Forensic Science Center of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed the first-of-its-kind biological identification method that can use the information found in the protein structure of a human hair? 

The breakthrough provided an insight into how distinct each person’s hair is.

better hair quality, higher hair thickness

However, when it comes to factors like thickness, there is a standard of approximately 70 microns, give or take 20, which is about the same size as the eye of a fruit fly.

To emphasize how tenuous that is, a human skin cell ranges from 20 to 40 microns. Measured in millimeters, the average human hair is about 0.016 to 0.05mm thick.

This number is affected by the various characteristics of your natural strands. If you have blonde hair, your strands will be thinner than dark hair, which is thick because it has a middle layer. 

A lot of people don’t know this, but the thickness of human hair is comprised of three components:

  • Keratin, which is the primary protein that forms about 80% of a strand
  • Water, which ranges from 10 to 15%, and
  • Lipids or minerals that form the remaining 5 to 10%.

How dense is the average human hair?

The typical human scalp consists of roughly 80,000 to 120,000 hairs. The large gap in the estimate can be explained by the fact that density varies from person to person based on ethnicity, age, and even color.

A study found that, on average, there are anywhere between 800 and 1,290 hairs per square inch on the scalp. Additionally, there are almost as many follicles on your head as there are hairs.

human hair, hair density

Both thickness and density are influenced by genetics, which implies that genetic syndromes can majorly affect the quantity and quality of your hair. 

This information can be useful if you’re struggling with issues, as it might help you narrow down the cause and figure out a solution with the guidance of a professional.

How can I naturally make my hair thicker?

The great news is that your genes don’t have to decide what your hair looks and feels like forever, and there are a plethora of natural ways in which you can thicken your hair.

how to make your hair thicker, thick hair tips

Hydrate Your Hair

Deep conditioning masks, hair oils, shampoos, and massagers containing essential ingredients and oils can do wonders for thin, brittle hair. 

  • Castor oil, for instance, is an excellent stimulant that not only thickens your strands from root to tip but also gives them a lovely shine. 

    castor oil, wow castor oil

  • Grapeseed oil is yet another hydrating agent containing fatty acids that preserve the hair shaft. 

  • Jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and rosemary essential oil to reduce dryness and enhance hair health.

Trim Regularly

Split ends can slow down the growth of your hair and make it seem thinner at the tips. Getting regular trims will let you get rid of split ends, facilitate faster growth, and give you thicker hair. 

It doesn’t have to be a salon visit either. You can do it at home by wrapping your fingers one inch above the tip and trimming the thin, lifeless ends.

Add Biotin to Your Routine

Biotin, a type of vitamin, is known to boost the body’s natural keratin production, which is a formative component of your hair, skin, and nails. 

good hair care routine

Though information on the exact functions and effects of biotin is limited so far, experts in the field prescribe biotin supplements, shampoos, and treatments along with foods rich in the nutrient. Examples include egg yolks, nuts, whole grains, legumes, etc.

Use Sulfate-Free Products

Parabens, silicones, and sulfates are the reason your shampoos feel so rich and luxurious, but they might also be the culprit behind thin, lackluster hair in the long run. 

what to avoid in hair care products

The chemicals block the hair from exhibiting or absorbing healthy nutrients and build up on the scalp, which in turn makes you feel greasy and forces you to wash your hair more frequently. 

The vicious cycle can only come to a standstill if you replace your hair products with all-natural, sulfate-free ones. They may not give you the kind of foam that you love, but the benefits, in the long run, are worth the sacrifice.

Now that you are a walking encyclopedia on human hair, it will be easier for you to recognize problems, if any, and formulate the best strategy to combat them. 

Whether you struggle with thinness, hair loss, excess moisture, or something else, it’s always a good idea to try natural remedies that don’t cause harm or show side effects. 

Browse through the WOW Hair Care catalog and give your hair the TLC they deserve!

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Radhika Bhatia

I'm a content writer, copywriter, and blogger with a background in marketing, planning, and eCommerce. I specialize in beauty writing, including skincare, cosmetics, wellness, aesthetics, and health. Classically trained and idea-savvy, I love living in the present.

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Radhika Bhatia

I'm a content writer, copywriter, and blogger with a background in marketing, planning, and eCommerce. I specialize in beauty writing, including skincare, cosmetics, wellness, aesthetics, and health. Classically trained and idea-savvy, I love living in the present.
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