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Best Hair Products For Straight Hair

2 mins

Goutaman Ram

Do you know how to choose hair products for straight hair? Here's a simple guide on caring for naturally straight hair and the best straight hair products!

Many would consider it a blessing to have naturally straight hair.

And just because you have straight hair, that must mean you’re able to style it in almost any way, right?

Little do they know how stubborn straight hair can be and that you are just always one step away from a frizzy, hectic mess. How to care for naturally straight hair? What are the best hair products for straight hair? Here's a super simple guide on caring for your naturally straight hair while keeping your sanity!

1. Less Is More

When it comes to caring for your hair, less is almost always more with naturally straight hair. This mantra is especially true with traditional shampoos by big brands that’s on almost every supermarket shelf. 

Why? Commercial shampoos are notorious for using harsh chemicals like sulfates and alcohols for cleaning your scalp. They are great in the short term but your scalp and follicles are paying the price in the long run. 

straight hair care, healthy hair

Straight hair is already prone to breakage and turning oily. These shampoos contain chemicals that damage your strands and dry out your scalp. Be sure to use these products in very little amounts or switch out from it entirely.

2. Hair Health Is Key

With straight hair types, your strands can gradually dry out and develop split ends from all the styling tools and products. These products are great and amazing for helping you look gorgeous.

But without taking good care of your strands, you may end up not being able to style it well at all, as you’ll be busy dealing with damaged hair instead!

treating long hair, beautiful hair

When your scalp and strands are in peak shape, styling and managing your hair gets much easier. We’re not just talking about conditioners.

Shampoos should play a role in nourishing your hair as well. We highly recommend using a natural shampoo and conditioner set that’s not made with any harsh chemicals.

If you already have dry, frizzy hair that lacks volume, and particularly if you have color treated hair, using the same shampoo that caused it will only make it worse. It’s going to take time for your strands to recover but using the same traditional products will only cause further damage. Here’s one of our top natural shampoo & conditioner sets we recommend!

WOW Green Tea And Tea Tree Shampoo And Conditioner

green tea shampoo, green tea hair conditioner

Shop the WOW Green Tea and Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

3. Nourishment Is Key

One of the most common issues with straight hair types is a lack of volume. You may be actively avoiding heavier products for fear of weighing your hair down.

It’s good to look out for heavy products but this can come at the cost of stopping your hair from getting the nourishment it deserves. This can cause your thin hair problem to persist longer and may even cause it to be prone to breakage.

healthy hair, hair volume

An important thing to remember is to use heavier products from your midsections to the ends of your hair instead of directly heading for the roots. This prevents your hair from getting greasy and weighed down from the product.

However, traditional conditioners and oils aren’t the best choices either. They often contain ingredients like silicones and mineral oils that weigh your hair down and aggravate dry hair problems like frizz and split ends.

Here are a few natural products we recommend for keeping your strands well-nourished for straight hair types!

WOW Red Onion Hair Mask


hair mask


Shop the WOW Red Onion Hair Mask.

WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil


wow black seed onion, hair oil


Shop the WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil.

Explore the WOW website for more natural hair care products

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