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How to Depuff Eyes: 5 Ways

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Vanja Mitic

Are you tired of dealing with red, puffy eyes? Here are five ways to help reduce the look of puffy eyes. Read on to learn more.

Rarely is your first glance at the mirror of the day a confidence booster. Puffy, droopy, or tired eyes definitely don't help either. 

If you're wondering why your eyes look so puffy, WOW Skin Science is here with all the information you need. Let's figure out how to minimize the appearance of puffy eyes.

Table of contents:

  • Are Dark Circles the Same as Puffy Eyes? 
  • What Causes Puffy Eyes?
  • Aging
  • Improper Diet
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Allergies
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Medical Conditions
  • Can You Depuff Your Eyes?
  • How To Depuff Your Eyes
  • Get More Sleep
  • Evaluate Your Diet
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Home Remedies

    Are Dark Circles the Same as Puffy Eyes?

    Before we begin, we want to clear up a common misconception. Dark circles are not the same as puffy eyes. It's no fun dealing with puffy eyes, eye bags, or dark circles. 

    While dark circles may be just as annoying as puffy eyes, that doesn't mean they're the same thing or require the same care. Puffy eyes are essentially swelling around the eye, whereas dark circles could be caused by sleeping too much to even too little. 

    dark circles around eyes, how to get rid of puffy eyes

    Since puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles are common, we'll give you options to help fix your under-eye dilemma. 

    What Causes Puffy Eyes?

    Numerous factors may be the cause of puffy eyes. Take a look at our list below to see what could be causing your eyes to look and feel less than their best.

    • Aging

    As you age, your collagen production drops, and the skin around your mouth and eyes begins to stretch and distend. As the skin surrounding your eyes becomes lax, the fat around your eyes slowly moves into the area under your eye, causing puffy eyes or under-eye bags

    Moisturizing and wearing sunscreen can help minimize the signs of aging. Using beauty products with collagen, a protein dealing with skin's elasticity, could help maintain a more youthful appearance.

    how to treat dark circles around eyes

    You could improve the appearance of your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by: 

    • Practicing proper hydration of the skin 
    • Using moisturizers with hyaluronic acid
      hyaluronic acid moisturizer
    • Consuming enough vitamin C and collagen
    • Using ultra-hydrating moisturizers
    • Implementing a proper skincare routine

    Aging is inevitable, but taking care of your skin can help you minimize the signs of fine lines.

    • Improper Diet

    Puffy eyes can be a sign of fluid retention. If your diet is high in salt and sodium, this can cause your body to hold on to excess water. 

    Waking up with puffy eyes could be due to the food you've been eating. If your diet is high in sodium, you may need to take a second look at the foods you choose to eat.

    how is diet affecting your skin
    • Lack of Sleep

    Sleep is crucial to your overall health and well-being, especially for your skin. Your skin, especially the under-eye area, may suffer if you aren't getting adequate, quality sleep. 

    While poor sleep quality can affect your health, it may also have adverse effects on your skin's appearance. A lack of sleep can heighten your cholesterol levels, triggering the breakdown of proteins that help keep your skin tight and glowing. 

    • Allergies

    Allergies, allergens, and dust mites are no fun and often leave you feeling stuffed up and uncomfortable. If your puffy eyes seem to be a seasonal issue, they could be caused by allergies. 

    Speak with your GPA for solutions to help get your allergies under control.

    • Genetics

    Under-eye bags are often due to genetics. Just as certain kinds of acne are genetically linked, so are under-eye bags. Some people have had under-eye bags from a very young age. 

    If you've suffered from under-eye bags since you were a child, there's a chance they were passed down to you by your parents. 

    • Smoking

    Smoking may cause issues in your overall health (and skin health). If you smoke regularly, this may be the cause of puffy, tired eyes. 

    how is smoking affecting your skin
    • Medical Conditions

    Certain medical conditions are known to cause puffiness in the eye area. For example, certain health conditions are known to have side effects, including puffy eyes. If you have other related symptoms, make an appointment to see your doctor.

    Can You Depuff Your Eyes?

    Unless you have an underlying medical condition, it is possible to reduce the appearance of undereye bags. It could take nothing more than simple lifestyle changes, such as a diet change or upping your routine with quality skincare products

    How To Depuff Your Eyes

    There are a few options to help your eyes look less puffy. Here are some simple changes that may help lessen the appearance of puffy eyes. 

    • Get More Sleep

    While getting more sleep is often easier said than done, a lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of puffy eyes. If your body isn't getting the proper rest, or your sleep quality is poor, it can leave your eyes tired and swollen. 

    beauty sleep

    An excellent way to get to bed earlier is by having a solid nighttime routine. Take the time to formulate a nighttime and skincare routine that can help you feel more organized and ready for sleep come bedtime. It may improve your quality of sleep and minimize the appearance of puffy eyes.  

    • Evaluate Your Diet

    Your diet can play a huge role in your skin's health and appearance. If your diet is high in salt and sodium, consider reducing your intake as it may cause puffy eyes. 

    Evaluate your diet and try to cut out food items high in salt or sodium. These foods often include potato chips, French fries, and other packaged convenience foods.

    • Spring Cleaning

    A little spring cleaning never hurt anyone. Allergies, allergens, and dust mites can cause puffiness in the face and eye area. If you haven't deep cleaned your bedding in a while, now may be a good time. Wash your sheets, dust, and vacuum, and see if that helps improve the appearance of your eye area.

    cleaning the house
    • Home Remedies

    There are tons of home remedies that might help calm your swollen eyes. Some of the most common and effective home remedies include:

    • Cold compress: Applying a cold compress to your eye area may help reduce puffiness and alleviate any discomfort. 
    • Teabags: Believe it or not, caffeine may help reduce puffy eyes. Caffeine is a common ingredient in eye creams as it's thought to help the blood vessels constrict. 
    • Chilled cucumbers: Similar to a cold compress, chilled cucumbers might help reduce eye puffiness. Get the spa feeling at home by applying a cool, sliced cucumber to each eye.
      cucumbers for eyes
    • Eye massage: Gently massaging the eye area can be an excellent option. Massaging stimulates blood flow, which may benefit your puffy or tired eyes. 
    • Chilled eye serum: Cooling the eye area can help reduce puffiness and restrict blood flow. You could place your moisturizer or eye serum in the fridge before using it for a relaxing cooling sensation. 

    Puffy eyes are usually an uncomplicated fix. Take a look at your skincare routine, your sleep schedule, and the foods you eat. Once you're able to detect the underlying factors that may cause puffy eyes, you can adjust accordingly. 

    WOW Skin Science is here for all your skincare needs. Browse our products and find new ways to treat yourself and improve your skincare routine process!

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    Vanja Mitic

    Vanja enjoys exploring news in the beauty world and incorporating everything she learned in her articles. She always chooses holistic, natural, and vegan products and strongly believes in the beauty and purity of nature.

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    Vanja Mitic

    Vanja enjoys exploring news in the beauty world and incorporating everything she learned in her articles. She always chooses holistic, natural, and vegan products and strongly believes in the beauty and purity of nature.
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