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How To Get Smooth Skin on Face: Tips & Tricks


At some point, even the most blessed of skin types have to deal with rough, uneven textures that dim your appearance and make you look lackluster. 

From lifestyle and diet to environmental aspects like pollution, dirt, and so on, there are so many factors that impact the way your skin feels at the end of the day. 

Because it’s our face that is the most exposed to these external agents, effects like aging, dryness, blemishes, spots, and wrinkles first begin to show where they are least desirable.

So, if you keep wondering how to get smooth skin on face, we will be discussing some tips that will aid in healthy living and specifically improve the texture of your facial skin.

Table of Contents:

  • What causes rough, uneven facial skin?
  • How to get smooth skin on face?
  • What natural products can I use to soften the skin?

What causes rough, uneven facial skin?

Consistent exposure to environmental pollutants or other types of irritants found in chemical products and makeup kits can be one of the biggest contributors to bumps and dry patches on the skin.

Conditions such as Keratosis Pilaris, which is associated with eczema, or hormonal imbalances that lead to acne, are equal causes of the problem. 

rough skin, uneven skin

Rough skin is often connected to blemishes, which are exacerbated by spending an extended period of time in the sun without adequate protection.

How to get smooth skin on face?

An unhealthy lifestyle can begin to show on your face before anywhere else, which is why it’s necessary to maintain certain habits:

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The importance of hydration for smoother, better-looking skin cannot be stressed enough. 

There’s ample evidence revealing the dermatological benefits of drinking a healthy supply of water, such as improved elasticity and reduced dryness.

Consume Plenty of Antioxidants

Foods and ingredients rich in antioxidants don’t just refine the skin’s texture, but they also protect it against skin conditions like acne and eczema while shielding against UV damage. 

Try to add an adequate supply of leafy veggies and citrus-loaded fruits to your diet.

Exfoliate Regularly

An essential step to brightening the skin is to get rid of dead skin cells that take away your glow. You can do this with physical exfoliators like soft brushes and scrubs or with chemical exfoliators containing either alpha or beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) that are found in serums, toners, and face masks.

 Also, look for products with hyaluronic and glycolic acids that moisturize the skin as well as restore its suppleness.

exfoliate face skin

You should also wear a sunscreen of UPF50 religiously, moisturize your face after every wash, and make sure to get lots of exercise and sleep to give your skin time to repair itself. 

Limiting the intake of alcohol and avoiding smoking will also make a huge difference to the quality of your skin.

What natural products can I use to soften the skin?

When it comes to achieving baby-soft and smooth skin on your face, not all cleansers and moisturizers are made equal. 

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin C are the holy grail of a brighter appearance and can help you glow from the inside out. 

Here are some products that will allow you to naturally clarify and revive dull skin:

WOW’s Ubtan Face & Body Scrub

Ubtan face and body scrub is crafted from the natural wonders of homebound ingredients like chickpea flour and almond shell powder, which are both rich in antioxidants that exfoliate the skin. Its turmeric and saffron extracts have soothing properties and can brighten your complexion, while the sandalwood and Moroccan Argan Oil hydrate from within to give you healthy, glowing skin. Use this twice a week to remove dead skin and reveal a smooth, soft texture that never looks dull or lackluster.

Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash With Brush

Created especially for those with oily skin, this Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash leaves you feeling super-clean and refreshed after each use. Containing powerful antioxidants found in a combination of active vitamin C and mulberry extract, the cleanser strips the layer of dead cells to unveil your natural glow and brighten your complexion. Infused with lemon and orange essential oils that are loaded with fatty acids and minerals, this face wash is ideal for purifying the skin and protecting it against environmental pollutants. You’ll feel revived, hydrated, and oh-so-soft after a single wash, thanks to the built-in silicon brush whose soft bristles deep-cleanse while facilitating blood circulation.

vitamin c face wash with brush

Activated Charcoal Face Mask 

This face mask shields your skin against the main culprit of the dull skin — your environment. Crafted with potent, plant-powered anti-pollution properties, the mask has become a go-to for detoxifying the skin and removing impurities like dirt, oil, and pollution. The masks also contain licorice extract, which fades dark spots and evens the skin tone. Activated charcoal, which absorbs impurities and clarifies pores, and alteromonas ferment extract, which softens the skin to leave it looking squeaky clean, and bright.

Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel

The Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel is a godsend for those who suffer from dry, rough skin but detest the heaviness of most moisturizers. The featherlight, water-based formula supplies deep hydration to your epidermis and rejuvenates the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and Pro-Vitamin B5, this is an effective solution to combat dehydrated skin, wrinkles, dark spots, and blotchy complexion. Daily application will leave you with skin that is firmer and smoother.


Beautiful skin might seem unattainable because of all the different factors that threaten to strip your face of its natural shine, but by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and treating your skin to nourishing ingredients, you will be able to revive the glow that brightens up every room. 

You can explore our entire range of organic, cruelty-free products and give yourself the TLC you deserve. 


Samina Siddique

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