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How to get wax off skin: best tips & tricks


If you are familiar with waxing, you probably know that wax stains are impossible to avoid. There is no need to worry or to rub your skin excessively. Here is a list of the best tips to get wax off skin. 

Waxing can put us all off for several reasons: first of all, it is a painful way of removing body hair, and second of all, the wax can stick to our skin and clothes for several days afterward. Yet, we prefer waxing to any other hair removal method because it is long-lasting and it leaves our skin smooth. That is if we learn how to get wax off skin. Here is a list of 5 methods you can try to get wax off skin.

Table of Contents

  • How to prevent wax stains
  • How to get wax off skin: 5 best tips and tricks
  • Warm water and soap
  • Oil
  • Alcohol
  • Wax
  • Scrub
  • Store remedies to get wax off skin

How to prevent wax stains

Waxing is one of the most preferred hair removal methods among women and men. It is the only method that significantly thins hair roots after repeated uses. However, it is not easy to do it on your own; it can be quite messy as the wax can stick to items around us or our skin.

The best way to prevent post-waxing skin strips is to apply baby powder before applying the wax. This will prevent sweating and thus, the wax will be easier to remove. Moreover, the wax will stick better to the hairs and will remove them from the roots.

Another method to prevent wax stains is to leave the wax on the skin for an appropriate amount of time. If you've done the procedure in salons, you probably know that the wax has to be slightly dry to be removed. If it is too soft, it will be hard to remove; if it is too dry, the wax will break upon removal, leaving even more skin stains behind.

Commercial wax strips can be harder to remove unless you heat them well before application. The best way to do it is to press them between the hands for a minute or so and then apply the strip on the skin. Before pulling the wax strip, you must press it well against the skin to stick to the hairs. In my experience, no matter how much you heat it, waxing strips will leave a lot of stains behind so here is what you should do, if you could not avoid getting stained.

How to get wax off skin: 5 best tips and tricks

 get wax off skin, remove wax after waxing

Don’t need to freak out if you got wax all over your skin, as there are plenty of DIY remedies.

Warm water and soap

This method might take a while and is not recommended to those who have sensitive skin because it requires a lot of rubbing. Yet, it will eventually get the sticky wax off the skin. Some wax stains may not go on the first washing, but they will eventually disappear after several applications. The method is simple: you just rub the soap on the sticky area until you no longer feel the wax. At the very least, if you choose this method, search for gentle foaming body washes that can prevent skin irritation.


Another efficient remedy against wax stains is a natural oil, be it olive, argan, or castor oil. Most women prefer oil because it does not irritate the skin like other wax deterrents. To apply it, you must add a few oil drops on a cotton pad and gently rub them on the skin until there are no more wax traces. Additionally, the skin will be smoother.


Alcohol is professionals’ preferred method to get wax off skin. It is not only fast, but it also sterilizes the open skin pores. This is desirable because pores can sometimes bleed during waxing and alcohol will clean them and prevent infections. Just like with the oil, you must soak a cotton pad in alcohol and gently apply it to the waxed skin.


This may sound strange, but re-applying wax on the skin will clean it faster than any other method. Usually, salon professionals do it several times after waxing to get any stains but make sure you check well before leaving the salon. If you still get stains, apply a wax strip on the skin and pull it fast.


Scrubbing is the best solution to remove dead skin cells and wax stains. The small scrubbing particles will help get wax off the skin more efficiently than warm water and soap, that is, you won’t have to rub the skin for too long. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to use a natural product like the Ubtan face and skin scrub, which also removes fine hair.

Store remedies to get wax off skin

If you are not a DIY person, there are also in-store solutions. Many cosmetic shops have post-waxing products that clean, soothe and regenerate the skin. While we may not perceive it this way, waxing is quite aggressive for our skin because the top skin coats are removed. So using a gentle body wash afterwards and applying a natural oil, lotion or body butter will do away with sticky stains and calm the skin. This skincare routine will also prevent ingrown hairs.


Wax skin stains are annoying. They don’t just stick to the skin, but they also stick to clothes, pinching your skin when you least expect it. It is desirable to remove the wax residues before getting dressed because otherwise you won’t be able to wear them again. For that, you can rub alcohol, oil, or wash thoroughly to get the wax off the skin. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizing products afterwards to soothe the skin and help it heal. 

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