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How To Get Natural Curls Back: 3 Natural Tips

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Goutaman Ram

We'll tell you how to get your curls back, if you have natural wavy hair. When cared for properly, this type of hair can give you the most gorgeous hair styles!
It’s easy to forget how fragile curly hair is. Natural curls and waves are one of the most gorgeous hair styles to have when cared for the right way. That is, when your hair is not just frizzy and puffy. How to get natural curls back?
Here are some natural ways to get your curls back to their glory in no time!

1. Look Out for Product Buildup

If your curls have lost their definition, your hair is either weighed down or dried out. Both are commonly caused by product buildup.
Products like styling gels, mousse, and dry shampoo are common culprits. This is also the case with any conditioners and hair oils containing silicones. Sometimes even our normal daily products can cause buildup if we don’t rinse well when showering.
Once buildup accumulates, your roots get clogged up and this dries out your follicles and affects strand health.
Get a clarifying shampoo that’s made without any harsh ingredients. Regular shampoos dry out your scalp from using ingredients like sulfates. The WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is perfect for this.
Apple Cider Vinegar is excellent at dissolving any sticky residue and buildup naturally. Pair it with the WOW Stimulating Scalp Massager for a complete cleanse with its soft, silicone bristles.

2. Follicle Health 

It can be difficult to achieve defined curls with damaged hair. Bleaching your hair too many times, using heat tools, and improper hair care are all causes of hair damage for naturally curly hair.
If you are just recovering from a phase of significant damage, then you need to be patient. It will take time for your hair to recover and get back those perfect curls as you are transitioning to a healthier hair routine.
Be gentle when drying your hair to minimize damage and frizz as your hair is especially fragile during this phase.
Pick out a nourishing conditioner that doesn’t weigh your hair down like the WOW Coconut & Avocado Natural Hair Conditioner. It’s formulated with rich botanical extracts like Almond Oil and Argan Oil enriches your strands. With long term use, you can restore a luxurious shine & vigor to your curls!

3. Moisture

Keeping your curls well hydrated is key for beautiful curl formation. Well-defined curls are difficult to achieve with hair that lacks moisture. Your strands will also be more prone to breakage and snapping without sufficient moisture.
After picking out a great conditioner, the next step is to find yourself a great leave-in conditioner that’s suitable for your hair type like the WOW Hair Revitalizer Spray. It has a gentle formula that effectively restores shine & vitality to your strands. It's also made with a rich array of nourishing ingredients for thicker, healthier strands.
Your hair loses moisture throughout the day as well, this is why it’s useful to have a mist tonic spray handy like the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Mist Tonic. It’s perfect for when you need to spruce up your curls in the middle of the day.
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