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How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

4 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Limiting to 5 resolutions or less will help you feel less overwhelmed. Here are some more tips that will help you stick to your resolutions!

We have tips to help you stick to your new year's resolutions. It's a new year, but we are not staying the same old us. Keep in mind that this month’s choices are next month’s habits. It is up to us to make sure that we are forming the best habits to try and instill a sense of self-fulfillment and perseverance within ourselves. 

The past year has left many people disillusioned about setting goals, understandably so. With so many plans and schedules upended, it feels useless to create strict regimens to stick to. However many experts (counselors and clinicians) say that it’s still worthwhile to set new year’s resolutions for this coming year but to be realistic with your expectations. Limiting it to 5 new year’s resolutions or less will help you feel less overwhelmed, and less likely to give up your goals. Here are some more recommended habits that will help you stick to your resolutions!

Table of contents:

  • Boost Motivation
  • Pampering Routine
  • Keep Track and Keep Trying
  • Change Your Focus
  • Connect Virtually With Loved Ones

Boost Motivation

After setting your goals, here are our recommendations to stick to them and track your progress! Boost your motivation naturally with our Energizer Essential Oil Blend to start your day invigorated. Just add 1-2 drops in your diffuser, or dab a drop on your pulse points in the morning to help wake you up. If you’re losing steam throughout the day, use WOW Skin Science Step Up Motivation Essential Oil Blend to revive your energy levels. These carefully curated blends feature essential oils like Grapefruit Essential Oil, Lemon Peel Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, and Tangerine that are known to boost motivation, to help you stick to your goals. 

step up motivation essential oil

A great way to incorporate energizing products in your morning routine is with a refreshing body wash, like WOW Skin Science Tea Tree & Mint Foaming Body Wash. Starting your day with an invigorating wash will give you a jumpstart on keeping those positive habits. For a head-to-toe clean, use WOW Skin Science Energy 2 In 1 Shampoo & Body Wash to start your day off the right way! 

Pampering Routine

Our first resolution for this year is to take one day out of the week to reset and focus on self-care. You can’t expend energy you don’t have, and that can be replenished by small acts of wellness to de-stress and prepare yourself for the upcoming week. Take a relaxing bath, spend time on your skin and hair care, soothing massages, at-home foot spa, and more.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Coconut/Avocado Oil Conditioner

If you’re looking to reset yourself, try resetting your scalp! Stress sweat and pollutants can clog your scalp, causing scalp acne, hair fall, and other issues. Use a nutrient-rich shampoo and conditioner like WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Coconut/Avocado Oil Conditioner to detox impurities, balance pH levels, and hopefully bring some balance to your life!

Don’t forget to nourish your largest living organ - your skin! After a nice refreshing shower, use a lotion or body butter to help rehydrate the skin. If you’re looking to combat signs of aging and stress, use WOW Skin Science Body Butter Vitamin E to fight free radicals and help even out your complexion. If you want something more light-weight, use WOW Skin Science Coconut Milk & Argan Oil Lotion to hydrate head-to-toe. Bring this moisture up to your face and neck with WOW Skin Science Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel to deliver intense hydration, and seal in all your skincare. 

Body Butter Vitamin E

Keep Track and Keep Trying

Self-care can also be holding yourself accountable and trying to stick to a routine to better your life. Journaling has gained popularity in the last few years, as a fun activity to personalize and focus your energy on. Beyond that, you can use this to track your goals and write reflections on interesting things that happened, key learnings to keep in mind, and feelings that are difficult to release. 

People who note vivid descriptions of their goals have been proven to be 1.2-1.4x more likely to successfully accomplish their goals. (Source) Not only does it help you pinpoint what exactly you want, why, and how to do it, you can hold yourself accountable. It can be hard to keep everything in your mind when thinking about your yearly goals, but writing it down will help your intentional goal setting, and help you stick with it. 

motivation you need, fresh start and how to stay motivated

Change Your Focus

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything happening around us. With social media making it easier to connect to the world, there is a never ending inundation of bad news that can really put a damper on your mood. Try to focus on the things that you can change, instead of things out of your control. Do activities that make you happy, and bring your a state of peace. For example, if you really enjoy tacos but can’t go out to taco Tuesday because of the pandemic, then focus on what you can do, and make your own taco nights at home! You might find that you might prefer your own version of things.

Connect Virtually With Loved Ones

Feeling isolated can hurt your productivity and happiness, so we suggest keeping in communication with those around you, virtually through the internet. Instead of continuing to isolate yourself, we really recommend you take it in stride and try to implement weekly virtual calls with loved ones. Having an actual list of people to contact definitely helps to keep track of who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. 

connecting with loved ones

Connecting virtually doesn’t just mean only talking to those closest to you… You can also connect virtually to so much going on around you. For example, if you are interested in politics there are daily, weekly, monthly virtual calls where you can join and watch and learn a lot about what specifically interests you. There are classes being held online, there are lectures being had, there are ways to date with virtual calling now! This is time to connect and not hermit oneself into their home.


All in all, the new year has come upon us again, and we can choose to be pessimistic or optimistic towards the outlook. If you have big plans and goals that you want to reach, it gives you more motivation and energy to achieve them when you plan, journal, and reflect. Given that it is known by neuroscientists that people are more likely to complete their goals if they write them down, then this is something that we really recommend you do! You can boost your motivation with essential oils, and take time to focus on your wellness. This coming year has a lot in store, and we can only hope to gain success in our ways--both big and small! 

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