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How to Make Natural Hair Curly and Soft in a Hassle-Free Way


Gone are the days when the first thought that used to pop up hearing curly hair was frizzy, annoying, and unmanageable locks. Nowadays, soft and radiant curls have taken dominance over the age-old boring naturally straight hair. I'm someone who's always had naturally straight hair, and there haven't been many styles that I've experimented with. I've always been envious of my friends who've had those bouncy, soft curls. Rocking that natural hair style has always been something that I've dreamt of, but it has always felt like a far-fetch dream. A little bit of digging has helped me learn about several friendly and safe ways to transform my regular natural straight hair to attain those trending curls. So, if you’re someone who’s always cringed and despised their straight hair, then you’ve landed at the right place. Continue reading to gain information on how to get those stylish curls. 

Table of Contents

1. Chemical-Free Ways To Get Bouncy Curls
2. Hair Care Products Recommended For Easy Curls 
 2.1 Use a smooth and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
 2.2 Add a leave-in conditioner to your routine

1. Chemical-Free Ways To Get Bouncy Curls

If you’ve always wanted curly hair but are stuck with naturally straight hair that is too stubborn at times, then here’s a mention of few easy and quick ways in which you can get voluminous curls without making use of any harsh chemicals.

  • Applying sea salt spray: A seal salt spray can provide your natural hair with that much-required lift, making it easier to transform those kinky bends in your locks to well-shaped curls. Simply apply the product to your wet hair after you’ve taken a shower and make use of your fingers to form soft curls. 
  • The Bantu Knots: Getting Bantu knots is quite simple for hair of different lengths and textures. Just follow some simple steps.

Twist a section of your hair and wrap it tightly against itself. Wrap it at the base as well, and then proceed ahead with a hairpin to close the open ends at the base. Leave your hair like this for the night and open the folds in the morning to witness your Bantu Knots curls. 

  • Using Flexi rods: Wash your hair as usual, then let it dry, but not completely. Comb your hair nicely using a comb or hairbrush and properly clamp both upper and lower sections with a hairpin. Once you’ve detangled all the knots, apply some leave-in conditioner or a setting lotion to enhance the texture of your hair and make it a bit moisturized. Enclose a section of your hair around Flexi rods and twist the ends of the rod to ensure that your hair locks are in place. Dry your hair naturally, or opt for a blow dryer at low speed for quick drying. Untie the Flexi rods. 
  • Finger coiling: This process requires a moisturizing curl cream and your skilled fingers. Start by moisturizing your dry hair with a leave-in conditioner. Comb your hair neatly and separate different sections. Take a premium quality curl cream and apply it to your fingers. Now form finger coils: twist the small sections of your hair with the gel in your hand. Air dry your finger coils, and then style your curly hair as per your heart's desire. 
  • Ringlet curls with straws: Use a pack of regular straws with bobby pins available at home to get stylish ringlet curls. Start with your regular routine of shampooing and conditioning. Comb your hair and divide it into sections and start rolling your locks with straws taking the help of bobby pins to secure them. Let them dry completely. Once your hair dries, start removing all the straws gently and separate the curls.  

2. Hair Care Products Recommended For Easy Curls 

2.1 Use a smooth and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

It’s really important to keep your natural hair hydrated all the time by adding an effective shampoo and conditioner to your regimen. Keeping your locks protected against exposure and providing them the essential amount of nourishment without stripping off their natural oils is extremely important. 

The combination pack of apple cider vinegar shampoo and coconut/avocado oil conditioner from WOW Skin Science works exceptionally well to deep cleanse your natural hair, keep it hydrated all the time and provide relief from several hair care issues as well. The dynamic plant-powered combination is infused with nourishing ingredients that make it a perfect choice. 

2.2 Add a leave-in conditioner to your routine

A revitalizing and high-quality leave-in conditioner adds to the silkiness and strength of your natural hair while keeping it well protected against potential damage. An effective conditioner guarantees hydration of each strand of your hair from roots to tips. 

The leave-in hair spray from WOW Skin Science is one such gentle formulation that will leave your hair with an enhanced texture and shine that will make it super easy to attain those curls. This rich conditioner also makes detangling of knots quite easy, and its active ingredients, shea butter and soy protein, ensure proper absorption of protein by hair follicles. Adding this revitalizer to your regimen is a sure-shot formula in the path of getting soft and smooth curls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my curly hair not soft?

Several factors such as extreme dryness, use of chemical-infused products, and environmental pollutants can be a big reason for your curly hair not being soft. 

2. How can I make my virgin hair soft and curly?

First, understand your hair type, then try and add a combination of rich products and home remedies to your regimen. Wash your hair strategically and use a smooth shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Use a diffuser to define your curls. 

3. Does rice water grow hair?

Yes, the amino acids present in rice water boost the growth of your hair. Apart from that, it also contains Vitamin B, C, and E, which are essential for enhanced hair growth. 


You can easily try any of these tips to transform your naturally straight hair into curls without any fear of side effects or damage. All of these products and quick tricks will provide you with bouncy curls that are super soft and smooth. Just a bit of change and effort will provide you with curls that are drool-worthy and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Quit sitting around being unhappy with your natural hair and add all these products to your hair care routine for a fired-up new look!

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