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How to Reverse Hair Loss from Medication: It’s Possible


One of my mother’s biggest concerns, when she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, was hair loss. Yes. You read that right. She had fully metastasized cancer in her colon that had moved to her liver. The doctors gave her a 3% chance of surviving cancer and its treatment. Still, she stressed out about losing her hair. Chemotherapy is well known for causing hair loss, and my mother would have none of it. Gratefully, in the end, the chemo did not cause her to lose her hair. She did happen to be part of the 3% who survived, and she’s still around to drive me crazy (and help with my kids) 13 years later. Today, many women have those same concerns about hair loss as a side effect of the medication they must take, often to save their lives. Thus, the worry over how to reverse hair loss from medication is a pertinent one, and, fortunately, the options are plentiful.  

Table of Contents:  

  • What Medications Cause Hair Loss?  
  • Top 5 Ways to Reverse Hair Loss from Medication 
  • The World of Naturopathy 
  • Products that Encourage Hair Regrowth 

What Medications Cause Hair Loss? 

Myriad medications can cause hair loss, and, sadly, many of them are prescribed to women. Any drug with high amounts of Vitamin A can do it, as well as antibiotics and antifungals. These medications kill the bad bacteria and fungus in your body, but unfortunately, they don’t target the bad stuff – they kill it all. This means you lose the good gut bacteria and good fungus properties that support hair growth. Similarly, any drug that affects your blood or blood pressure, like blood pressure medicine, blood clotting medication, or cholesterol-lowering drug could cause hair loss because they are connected to the circulation of your blood and stimulation of your blood flow, which could interfere with the flow of blood to your scalp, and thereby your hair. Immunosuppressant drugs and antidepressants can also impede hair growth and cause hair loss due to the imbalance of your chemical makeup. The list goes on. The bottom line, while the medications may have an enormously beneficial impact on one part of your health, as with most pharmaceuticals, they also come with side effects, some of which are not so pleasant.   

Top 5 Ways to Reverse Hair Loss from Medication 

1. Regulate Your Vitamin A 

If you are taking a medication that is causing excessive Vitamin A in your body, talk to your doctor about ways to counteract it. It may require switching to a new medication altogether.  

2. Take a B Vitamin 

Of course, talk to your doctor before taking any medication or vitamin while already on a prescription. But the B Vitamin Biotin, along with other B vitamins, can help you build new red blood cells, which will carry oxygen to your scalp and hair follicles along with other nutrients.  

3. Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is just one of those super vitamins. It does seem to do everything! Your body needs Vitamin C to create collagen, which is necessary for hair growth. It also helps with your body’s absorption of iron, a mineral critical to growing in new hair.  

4. Take Zinc 

I love zinc. It has been my go-to through cold and flu season each year, and I love having it on hand for this crazy pandemic. Zinc plays a critical role in tissue growth and repair, including the tissue in your hair. It will also contribute to the proper function of your hair follicles. Zinc for the win.  

5. Wait It Out with a Wig 

In the end, you can also just wait and see. Take the medication you need to treat whatever ailment you struggle with and invest in the wig while you wait. It can be fun to play around with different styles, textures, and even colors. Once you are off medication, you can begin building back your vitamins and nutrients and expect your hair to grow back in just fine, as most people’s hair does.  

The World of Naturopathy 

It is worth mentioning that for virtually every single medication that may cause hair loss, there is a naturopathic alternative that has nowhere near the same side effects. Often, it can feel easier, and even cheaper, to trust in allopathic medications to treat your illness. This sad truth is because naturopathy means more work and greater attention to your total lifestyle. For example, you may need to try this or that vitamin, take this or that supplement, experiment with this or that food and exercise plan, and see how it works for you. The world of pharmaceuticals would have us convinced that a single pill is a one size fits all treatment for all bodies. The reality, however, is that some people experience serious side effects that can be even worse than the original ailment being treated. Hair loss is only one side effect among them.  

Of course, this is not to say not to take the medication prescribed by your doctor, especially for acute pain or lifesaving measures. It is to say that your health, ultimately, is in your hands, and it is worth exploring all of your options.  

Products that Encourage Hair Regrowth 

Once you are ready to reverse hair loss from medication, Wow Skin Science has some products that will actively encourage your regrowth from the outside.  

Scalp Massager Brush 

I love this massager brush for circulation and stimulation purposes. You can use it alone or with shampoo or hair oil. It feels like a last self-care step in the shower to work it across your whole scalp.  

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Oil Conditioner Set 

Speaking of shampoo and conditioner, this set is a favorite for hair regrowth. Almond oil with omega 3 fatty acids for strong hair and coconut and avocado oil for moisture support mean a winning combo.  

10 in 1 Hair Oil 

This hair oil, rich with ingredients clinically combined to stimulate your scalp and support hair regrowth is a dream. And it does not take very much to cover your whole scalp.  

Follow the links above to see what is available to you to help in your journey toward fully rehabilitated hair. Each product is vegan-based, and 100% cruelty-free, and acts as a kind of self-care in more ways than one.  

Shanna Mendez

Shanna Mathews Mendez is a freelance writer and blogger on topics related to self-care, naturopathy, female empowerment, and motherhood. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children, where she enjoys traveling, being active outdoors, and studying herbalism and plant-based remedies in her free time. Drawing on her graduate degree in comparative literature and her own life experiences, she is currently writing her first book. She can be found online at her website

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