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How To Soften Coarse Gray Hair & Rock The Look Effortlessly


Our society considers gray hair to be the biggest sign of an individual's aging process, making it difficult for them to embrace it, even if they find it appealing. Growing up, I have witnessed both my parents succumbing to this pressure of society and getting their natural grey hair colored every few weeks just to fit in. Recently my mom decided to let go of this dread and embrace her gray roots as the entire process of covering up was getting quite repulsive for her. After turning gray, her locks had become more dry and brittle as well. But with all the correct tips and premium quality products that she’s added to her hair care routine, this issue’s been long forgotten. With this article, I’m going to share all that has helped her over the years and made her gray locks shiny and smooth. 

Table of Contents 

1. Reasons For Coarse Gray Hair
2. Right Products To Soften Coarse Gray Hair 
 2.1 Choosing The Correct Shampoo
 2.2 An Effective Leave-in Treatment
 2.3 Opting For The Right Hair Oil
 2.4 A Healthy Hair Mask 

1. Reasons For Coarse Gray Hair

As per a renowned trichologist, Sally-Ann Tarver, Consultant Trichologist at the Cotswold Trichology Centre & Theradome GB, gray hair tends to absorb more pollution and can become yellow or dull quite quickly. Also, during the aging process, our scalp starts producing less sebum, which normally acts as a natural moisturizer for our tresses. 

Here’s a detailed list of other reasons that cause gray hair to turn coarse:

  • Overuse of chemical enriched hair care products and lack of a proper hair care regimen. 
  • As per a study, with growing age, hair tends to become frail and dry due to changes in the structure of the follicles. 
  • Fractures caused in your gray hair due to combing can also lead to dry and rough hair.
  • There is some evidence that aging enhances oxidative stress, which can further lead to coarse hair.

2. Right Products To Soften Coarse Gray Hair 

Here’s a mention of all the hair care products that have made all the difference for my mom and made her fall in love with her grey hair: 

2.1 Choosing The Correct Shampoo

Finding a perfect shampoo that caters explicitly to your gray locks can get quite tricky at times. A suitable shampoo infused with the right amount of natural ingredients keeps your hair healthy, soft and shiny, and moisturized from roots to tips. It’s really important to wash your hair with shampoos that have hydrating components as a part of their formulation. Deep cleansing of gray hair is a must for effective care.  

Two effective shampoos (and conditioner packs) that have worked exceptionally well for my mother are WOW Skin Science Coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and WOW Skin Science Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner. These combination packs consist of the best moisturizing ingredients and keratin. Opt for any one of these and use them thrice a week for best results. 

WOW Skin Science Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner

2.2 An Effective Leave-in Treatment

The 10-in-1 WOW Skin Science Revitalizer Spray is one do-it-all leave-in conditioner that works exceptionally well for coarse gray hair. My mother witnessed this product leaving her tresses feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated, without getting greasy or limp. Infused with the goodness of several organic ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, Moroccan argan oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, rosemary, Vitamin E, and several others, this soothing conditioner works wonders on your rough gray locks. 

This conditioner also works well to tame frizzy hair.

10-in-1 WOW Skin Science Revitalizer Spray

2.3 Opting For The Right Hair Oil

Finding the correct hair oil and adding it to your hair care routine can help you manage your coarse and unruly strands much more easily. A high quality hair oil can coat your locks and keep them nourished and adequately moisturized. 

As per celebrity stylist KC Fee, gray hair tends to be extremely porous and dry. It can get extremely stubborn and difficult to style, if not properly taken care of, regardless of the styling products you're using. She suggests opting for products that can nourish and soften your hair, preventing it from becoming extremely brittle and dull.  

Opting for a hair oil that has a high concentration of nourishing natural ingredients, such as argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil almond oil, etc., can be really beneficial for your gray tresses as they'll nourish your hair all the way up to its roots. The hair oils from WOW Skin Science are definitely worth experimenting with. Castor oil and Onion Black Seed oil are the two of the oils that my mother has added to her regimen and has been really happy with. 

Onion Black Seed oil

2.4 A Healthy Hair Mask 

A hair mask is a perfect solution to keep your aging hair from turning dull, brittle and damaged. After going through several hits and trials, my mother ended up getting a product that has worked as a fresh breath for her lifeless grey mane. The WOW Skin Science Moroccan Argan Oil mask is an excellent combination of healing ingredients such as sunflower bio lipids, wheat protein, argan oil, and several other essential nutrients. The hair mask shows considerable results on all types of hair, but works exceptionally well for gray hair. 

Moroccan Argan Oil mask

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do ionic hair dryers soften coarse hair?

Yes, an ionic hair dryer dries your hair rapidly and also reduces frizziness to a great extent, which makes it suitable for softening coarse hair. 

2. What shampoo ingredients are best for gray hair?

Moisturizing ingredients in shampoo are best for gray hair. Ingredients such as coconut milk and argan oil work well for gray hair. 

3. How to get yellow out of white hair naturally?

Apple cider vinegar mixed with water can rinse out yellow out of your white hair naturally. 


While gray hair used to be a sign of trouble in the past, nowadays it can be a true trendsetter, if properly taken care of. Let go of all your inhibitions and add the desired amount of nourishment, moisture, shine, and softness to your gray tresses by adding all the correct hair care products to your routine! Flaunt that silver fox hairstyle and set yourself apart from the crowd!

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