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How To Stop Hair Growth On Face & Have Ultra Soft Skin?


No matter how stringent our beauty regime and pampering sessions are, facial hair in women is one disturbing concern that refuses to go away. I’ve always struggled with unwanted facial hair that can get quite excessive at times. Sometimes rushing to the salon for hair removal isn’t a solution, such as when you’re running late for work or have some other essential errands to cater to. If you’re in the same boat as me and are in dire need of ways to help you get rid of facial hair, then this article is for you. Follow the article and learn all about the causes of facial hair and how to fix it. 

Table of Contents

  • Causes Of Facial Hair Growth
  • Essential Oils To Remove Facial Hair: Eliminate Stress and Anxiety
  • How Can I Lighten My Facial Hair Without Bleach?

    Causes Of Facial Hair Growth

    The thorny struggle of dealing with unwanted, unruly, and troublesome facial hair can get quite easy and effortless if you’re well-acquainted with the prime causes of such unwanted hair. Here are a few major factors that can cause facial hair growth. 

    • Hormonal changes: Several hormonal changes that appear during menopause, for instance, or in association with PCOD can lead to a significant increase in facial hair growth. As per Rachel Nazarian from Schweiger Dermatology Group, New York City, ‘With the growing age of females, their female hormones tend to decline while the male hormone present in their body remains constant. This male hormone, androgen, leads to excessive growth of facial hair.’
    • Medications: Certain drugs and medications such as steroids, minoxidil, danazol, etc., can disrupt the hormone levels in your body. This can further lead to the growth of unwanted facial hair.
    • Adrenal gland disorders: Certain medical complications such as Cushing's disease and adrenal tumors can affect how your body produces androgens. 
    • Obesity: The condition of unwanted facial hair growth, i.e., hirsutism, can become much worse if you're obese. Your body might end up producing an excess amount of male hormone, eventually leading to excess facial hair.   
    • Ancestral history: People belonging to South Asian and Middle Eastern countries tend to have more facial hair. 

    Essential Oils To Remove Facial Hair: Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

    Essential oils are potent solutions that work amazingly well for skin care, but also for relieving stress and anxiety, which are tightly connected to hormonal imbalances. I’ve tried several essential oils from different brands and WOW Skin Science is one brand that never fails to impress me, offering a wide range of 100% pure essential oils and essential oil blends that have worked exceptionally well for me and shown considerable results. Here are a couple of my favorite essential oils that, in my opinion, are worth investing in:

    Tea Tree Essential Oil: This oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties and is infused with healing qualities that work well in fighting against several skin and scalp issues, such as dandruff and acne. This oil is also helpful in combating flu, cold and other infections. 

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    study has shown that lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil, when applied topically, could be effective in reducing mild idiopathic hirsutism (hirsutism that appears in women with normal ovulatory function, normal serum androgen levels and no other underlying conditions).  

    And this leads me to the second essential oil I would recommend for dealing with unwanted hair on your face:

    Lavender Essential Oil: Besides the direct impact it might have on hirsutism, lavender oil can also indirectly prevent excessive hair growth by being a powerful stress and anxiety reliever – it instantly calms you and it is perfect to diffuse before bed if you want to enjoy a restorative sleep. 

    Lavender Essential Oil

    How Can I Lighten My Facial Hair Without Bleach?

    Lightening your facial hair may not be the best solution (as it will still be visible), but some prefer it to having to pluck their hairs every day or having to deal with regular facial hair removal. So here are a couple of recipes that might help: 

    • Honey and lemon: Both lemon and honey have mild bleaching properties. These two mixed together can be quite helpful to naturally lighten your unwanted facial hair. 
    • Potato and lentil: This DIY homemade recipe is also effective in lightening facial hair. Soak the lentils overnight and grind them in the morning to make a smooth paste. Mix this paste with potato juice and apply it on your facial hair. Leave it on for at least an hour, then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat, until you obtain the desired results. 

    Excessive hair growth can often feel quite nerve-wracking and difficult to deal with at times, but it isn’t something that can’t be taken care of. Do not let facial hair be a huge concern for you and follow the above-advised tips and DIY home remedies and add the recommended essential oils to your skincare regimen to help reduce unwanted facial hair growth. 

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