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How to Use Overnight Hair Mask

3 mins

Radhika Bhatia

If you know how to use a hair mask properly, it is a great way to revitalize and transform your hair. Fix your hair woes with an easy overnight hair mask!

Let’s be real -- we make a goal to do more self-care for ourselves, but actually doing it is another story. Doing simple hair treatments, such as applying a hair mask, is easier than you think! Using such concentrated treatment is a great way to revitalize and transform your hair -- all while you sleep. Fix your hair woes with an easy overnight hair mask!

Table of contents:

  • Hair Mask Overnight Benefits?
  • How to Use a Hair Mask Overnight
  • Which Overnight Hair Mask to Use
  • What to Look for in a Hair Mask

Hair Mask Overnight Benefits

overnight hair mask benefits, holding hair mask over night

If your hair is looking a bit dull, limp, or giving you more problems than usual, you may want to use an overnight hair mask. The specific benefits of using an overnight hair mask do depend on the active ingredients used in the treatment. Overall, here are some of the most common benefits of hair masks:

  • Reduce hair breakage by strengthening hair and sealing split ends
  • Hair masks smooth out hair and tame frizz
  • They make our hair glossier, which makes detangling knots so much easier
  • Hair masks boost the shine of dull, dry hair
  • Can add volume to limp strands
  • Nourishment from root to tip for healthy, and bouncy hair

    How to Use a Hair Mask Overnight

    How to Use Hair Mask Overnight, hair mask over night tipsIf overnight hair masks makes you think of messed up pillows, think again! It doesn’t have to be as long as you follow these instructions:
    1. Clarify and condition your hair in the shower to reset your scalp and leave it ready to absorb the treatment. Pat excess water from your hair using a microfiber or cotton towel.

    2. Do not rub the towel on your head, as this friction causes frizz and breakage when your hair is at its most vulnerable state.

    3. If you have thick or curly hair, divide your hair into sections using large hair clips or hair ties.

    4. Take the first section and massage a dollop of hair mask into the roots first. Work your way down your hair all the way to the ends of your hair. Repeat on each section until you have completed your entire head.

    5. Run a wide tooth comb through the entire length of your hair to make sure that the mask is evenly distributed and tangle-free for easier rinsing.

    6. Wrap your hair up into a nice bun and use bobby pins or a scrunchy to secure it to your head so it stays in place all night.

    7. Cover your hair with a T-shirt, or shower cap to keep your bed and sheets clean.

    8. Place an extra towel over your pillow just in case some product leaks out or soaks through.

    9. Go to sleep!

    10. In the morning, take off the shower cap, rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner to remove all the product from your scalp and hair strands.

    Which Overnight Hair Mask to Use

    Depending on your hair type and hair concerns, take some time to find the best overnight hair mask that will work for you better than others. Here are a few different ones to consider:

    Apple cider vinegar hair mask

    If your hair needs a good detox, reach for a clarifying hair mask. Great choice is an apple cider vinegar hair mask. Product build-up and residue can make your hair dull and limp, stifling hair growth. Apple cider vinegar effectively cleans your hair while maintaining natural oils and balancing pH levels.

    Coconut oil hair mask

    If you’re suffering from breakage and hair damage from heat styling and chemicals, use DIY coconut oil hair mask or coconut milk hair mask to nourish and heal your split ends. Coconut oil helps supplement the protein in your dry hair while deeply penetrating the hair shaft with some much-needed moisture for thicker, stronger, and smoother hair.

    Avocado hair mask

    Avocados contain natural oils that can help nourish dehydrated and dry hair. Avocados are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that can repair damaged hair, promote hair growth and protect against further damage.

    Aloe vera hair mask

    If you have an irritated scalp or struggle with dandruff, an aloe vera hair mask is the skin soothing solution you need. Aloe vera, as an anti-inflammatory ingredient of hair masks, can soothe scalp irritation and redness while moisturizing it to combat itchy dryness.

    Shea butter hair mask

    Like coconut oil, shea butter is a great moisturizing component that can work wonders for dry, brittle and damaged hair. Packed with emollients, fatty acids, and vitamins, shea butter is an amazing natural conditioner that can truly transform your frizzy hair as an ingredient in your overnight hair mask.

    What to Look for in a Hair Mask

    When it comes to actually purchasing overnight hair masks, there are a lot of things to consider. Take the time to look at the ingredients of the mask itself. A lot of hair products tend to contain unnecessary chemical additives that can easily counteract the beneficial ingredients of the mask. Ingredients to avoid include sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

    Another thing that you need to consider when buying a hair mask is the company that you’re purchasing from. The company should be reputable and have positive customer reviews of its products to show you that it really works as promised. You should also pay attention to customer service. A company might have great products, but if it doesn’t complement that with great customer service, it isn’t worth patronizing.


    As you can see, using a hair mask overnight is easy to do and can be extremely beneficial to your hair. So, before you go another day struggling with dry, frizzy, or damaged hair, take the leap and try out any hair masks that are specially formulated to combat your specific concerns.

    You’ll be able to see the difference after just one use of a hair mask and you’ll want to incorporate it into your weekly routine to continue to reap all the benefits that hair masks have to offer. 

    Explore the WOW website for more natural hair care products. From our all natural sulfate, silicone and paraben-free hair care collection we recommend Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo. And if you would like to learn more about apple cider vinegar's benefits or onion oil's benefits check out our ultimate guide on how to use them on your hair. 


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    Radhika Bhatia

    I'm a content writer, copywriter, and blogger with a background in marketing, planning, and eCommerce. I specialize in beauty writing, including skincare, cosmetics, wellness, aesthetics, and health. Classically trained and idea-savvy, I love living in the present.
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