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Does Castor Oil Help Eyelashes Grow and How to Use It

4 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Try castor oil for eyelashes growth! It prevents breakage, makes them look longer, fuller, thicker, and it keeps them healthy and strong.

We all desire long, thick lashes. After all, they transform our appearance. And while it seems easier to obtain thick, strong, long lashes with lamination, heavy mascara, or false lashes, such methods can have the opposite effect. A natural method can offer good results with no damage and smaller prices. We’re talking about castor oil.

Castor oil is known for its beneficial effects in regenerating hair and rejuvenating skin. It's filled with essential vitamins for the hair, fatty acids, and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicle, moisturize the hair shaft, and prevent pollutants from inhibiting growth. But can you use castor oil for eyelashes and expect the same results? Let's see what scientific research and beauty experts have to say!

Table of Contents:

  • Why and how can I thicken my eyelashes naturally?
  • Why is castor oil a great choice for hair growth and skincare?
  • Castor oil for eyelash growth: will it work?
  • Is there any scientific research to support using castor oil for growing eyelashes?
  • How long does it take for castor oil to make eyelashes longer?
  • Can I put castor oil on my eyelashes every day?
  • Can castor oil damage your eyes?
  • Here’s how to use castor oil for eyelashes
long eyelashes, oil for eyelashes growth

Why and how can I thicken my eyelashes naturally?

Our beauty habits, specifically designed to make lashes longer, can backfire. We crave long, dense lashes, so we use heavy mascara. Or we apply false lashes. Maybe we give lamination a try. Such habits could prevent us from getting the desired results: long, thick lashes. Stick-on lashes and fake eyelashes are heavy and cause traction damage, breaking the lash or, even worse, damaging and stressing the follicle. This can even cause loss of your lashes. Mascara and eyeliners, which we use to make our lashes appear longer and thicker, can cause infections and can also stress the follicle or break the lashes. 

That is why natural remedies gain more power. Is castor oil one such ingredient? Should you use castor oil for longer lashes? The answer is yes, you can use castor oil for eyelashes. However, make sure to understand that, while it can offer results, it’s not a miracle solution for sparse hair. Nor will it grow extra hair follicles. What does it do, then?

Why is castor oil a great choice for hair growth and skincare?

This vegetable oil is causing many reactions online. Some celebrities say it's their beauty secret. Some beauty experts and dermatologists say it's a must-have ingredient in your routine. At the same time, others are not so convinced by its powers. Does castor oil work for hair growth and skincare? And if so, could we conclude it can stop lash breakage?

Medical experts have reached the conclusion that castor oil can be used effectively for acne and inflammation, to reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation, and to diminish wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin and keeping it hydrated and plump. At some point, beauty aficionados decided to give it spin and add it to haircare routines. Sure enough, there were results! Castor oil can make hair grow thicker, stronger, and less prone to damage and breakage since it delivered nutrients to the follicles. It can also act as a deep conditioner, moisturizing the hair shaft and retaining the hydration within. 

castor oil, hair oil

Castor oil for eyelash growth: will it work?

On a quick search on the internet, you can see we all want thick lashes, long lashes, that'll make our eyes sexier, and our glances stand out. How many of us have asked Google how to get healthy lashes? Well, beauty comes from within, and there is no beauty without health. Thankfully, castor oil's properties contribute to better health for your eyelashes:

  • Castor oil has moisturizing properties. This helps lashes since it coats them with a protective, conditioning, and hydrating layer. Lashes are delicate but, when using castor oil, breakage is diminished. Furthermore, eyelashes appear glossy, shiny, and dense. Also seals in the moisture in the hair, preventing it from becoming dry and brittle.
  • Castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-microbial properties, which can help boost follicle health. A healthy, strong follicle will maintain lash strength and elasticity, and enhanced flexibility can prevent breakage. Vitamin E in castor oil is a potent antioxidant aiding in hair repair and growth. It also keeps the lashes from falling out.
  • Castor oil has stimulating effects on microcirculation and the lymph system. An increased blood flow means deeper nourishment for the follicle.

Is there any scientific research to support using castor oil for growing eyelashes?

To date, no direct scientific data can suggest that castor oil will make eyelashes grow longer and seem thicker. However, it is deemed one of the easiest natural ways to strengthen your lashes. And it's no wonder! While there's no clinical evidence, some studies can concur: castor oil is effective for eyelash growth.

4.1. Castor oil proven effective for hair luster

One study from 2003 showed how castor oil boosted hair luster, suggesting it can work for lashes as well.

Ricinoleic acid found in castor oil proven to moisturize and improve hair health

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid. According to the International Journal of Science and Research, this fatty acid contains omega-6 and omega-9, which may help moisturize hair and lashes. 

Castor oil prevents hair loss and breakage

Castor oil boosts hair health since ricinoleic acid inhibits prostaglandin D2, which has been associated with hair loss.

How long does it take for castor oil to make eyelashes longer?

If you're looking to get thick, long, luscious lashes, you probably want them yesterday. We know that. Using castor oil can get you the wanted results, but it will take time, dedication, and patience. Results are to be expected after a couple of months of daily applications. The good news is that applying castor oil will make your lashes appear more voluminous, shiny, and longer instantly!

Can I put castor oil on my eyelashes every day?

What happens when you put castor oil on your lashes daily? Well, this is the frequency that can offer you results.

Can castor oil damage your eyes?

While a moderate dosage shouldn’t cause any problems, it’s possible to encounter undesired effects. Here are some side effects of castor oil for eyelashes to look out for:

  • allergic reactions and skin irritation;
  • cornea irritation if the oil reaches the eyes;
  • follicle-clogging when used in larger amounts.

6. Here’s how to use castor oil for eyelashes

castor oil, wow castor oil

Lash lamination, fake eyelashes, expensive mascaras - they can all be alternatives to make your lashes stand out. While they offer instant results, they are not natural. And let's face it, they can backfire and they are also expensive. On the other hand, castor oil is relatively cheap. Don't let this make you settle for a cheap product, though! Always make sure you choose a
high-quality castor oil. Pure, organic, cold-pressed castor oil is less likely to cause irritation and more likely to deliver the desired results. And speaking of results, here is how to use castor oil for eyelashes:

  • Make a skin patch test one day before starting your lash routine. If irritations appear, you may be allergic, and it's recommended not to use it.
  • Always apply castor oil on cleansed and make-up-free eyelashes.
  • Use a cotton swab to dip into the castor oil. Delicately rub the cotton swab along the top of your lash line. Make sure not to get oil into your eyes since it highly irritates the corneas. 
  • Wash off the remaining oil the following day using a gentle cleanser or make-up remover. 

Repeat the cycle every day, and you can get those eyelashes you've been dreaming of. You will not get there in a blink of an eye, but trust the process and maybe invest the money you would've spent on lash lamination in something else you desire.

WOW Skin Science uses the best natural ingredients to leave your hair, face and skin as healthy as ever. Try out products guaranteed free of harmful, synthetic ingredients.


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