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What Are Essential Oils and How To Use Them

5 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Do you know how to use essential oils to make the most powerful formulas? And then, how to use essential oils on skin? Read on to find out!

You may have heard of these potent potions called essential oils. Passionate fans have been incorporating these elixirs in every part of their routine since ancient times. With such a powerful formula, you need very little to feel its effects. First perceived as just a holistic item for spiritual people, they have since become a mainstream must-have for cleaning, wellness, insect repelling, skincare, haircare, and more! 

How to use essential oils safely? The potency is something to be careful with, especially if you have known allergies. Due to their potency, you rarely need more than 3 drops to feel the power of essential oils. It’s recommended to conduct a patch test by rubbing a drop of essential oil on your skin and waiting 24 hours to see a reaction.

Keep reading for our detailed guide on how to use essential oils!

Table of contents:

  • What Are Essential Oils?
  • Choosing Your Essential Oils
  • Diffusing essential oils
  • Inhalation
  • Use Essential Oils For A Spa Experience
  • Freshen Your Laundry
  • Boost Your Beauty Routine
  • Natural Home Odor Eliminator
  • Heat and Aromatherapy

            What Are Essential Oils?

            Essential oils, sometimes referred to as botanical oils and plant essential oils are the potent extracts derived from herbs and plants. This super powerful concentration contains a plethora of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential properties like being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and more. You can see why they’re so useful! Especially when you get WOW Skin Science essential oils, which are 100% pure and therapeutic-grade to ensure you’re using the best quality products. 

            Choosing Your Essential Oils

            With so many essential oils on the market, there’s a lot of natural solutions to choose from! To find the perfect ones for you, think of what you’d need them for. Here are some options!

            For an energy boost, try essential oils like lemon, peppermint, and citronella. If you want a super-blend of potent power, try WOW Skin Science’s Energizer Essential Oil Blend. 

            How can I use essential oil to overcome stress? For relaxation, try essential oils like lavender oil, cedarwood oil, and ylang ylang oil. The soothing properties help for sleeping, relaxing, meditation, and calmness.

            What is peppermint essential oil use for? For sinus relief, try essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree. Get more bang for your buck with WOW Skin Science’s Cold Soother blend, with decongesting and warming properties to help your cold recovery. 

            Depending on which essential oils you’re using and their purpose, try these different methods of applying them!

            Diffusing essential oils

            One of the most popular methods of using essential oils safely is with a diffuser. It effectively dilutes the potent essential oil in water, and mists a fragrant vapor to fill your space. While any essential oil can be used in this method, we definitely recommend it for relaxation. Essential oils in conjunction with meditation can help you come to a calm state of mind. Scents are linked with your mood and can help relieve symptoms of stress, and other negative side effects that can be caused by health conditions like depression and anxiety. 

            If you want to take these benefits on the go, reach for WOW Skin Science’s diffuser necklaces. The stunning necklace includes a diffuser pad inside, which holds the essential oil of your choice. It doubles as a natural perfume and a beautiful piece of functional jewelry! You can even use multiple discs to have various scents on hand, so you can switch it up for every mood. 

            Some essential oils we recommend to diffuse are lavender oil, sandalwood oil, ylang ylang oil, and frankincense oil


            If you’re looking for a quick pick me up, try inhaling the essential oils (the safe way of course.) Simply place a drop or two of essential oil on a dry substance such as a cotton ball, q-tip, or piece of scrap fabric. You can create your own unique blend by adding a drop of the essential oils of your choice. Keep it handy in your purse, stuffed into your pillowcase, anywhere in your vicinity to smell. 

            How to use essential oils to promote sleep? Opt for stress-soothing or sleep-promoting essential oils, like lavender, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang, or go for a blend of relaxing oils like WOW’s Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend

            Use Essential Oils For A Spa Experience

            Treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience from the comfort of your home! Mentally check out from your daily responsibilities, and release the tension in your body. Look forward to it by making this a regular me-time moment!

            How to use essential oils for hair? Try natural vaporization to take your shower or bath to the next level. Use the natural steam produced by the hot water in your bathtime routine to amplify the scent of your essential oils and fill the room with an amazing aroma. By simply dropping a few drops of essential oil into the water of your bath, or by placing a few drops along the shower walls or edges during your shower, you can have the full spa experience to truly decompress. Ahhhhhhh.

            Freshen Your Laundry

            Your laundry room is a great place to use essential oils and boost cleaning power, naturally. A common way to do so is by dabbing wool dryer balls with essential oils like bergamot or lemon, and tossing them in the dryer with your clothes. If you have sensitive skin, just make sure to test it on your skin beforehand in case of any allergic reactions. This will improve the scent of your laundry, and is a natural way to reduce static.

            Boost the cleaning power of your laundry detergent by adding 2-3 drops of essential oils like rosemary, tea tree, or lavender into your washing machine. The antibacterial properties help fight germs and bacteria found in dirty clothes, keeping you and your family cleaner! The laundry room is a great place to get use out of your essential oil collection.  

            Boost Your Beauty Routine

            Get the most bang for your buck by utilizing the amazing scent and special properties of essential oils for your beauty routine. You can make beauty products for everyone, like bath bombs, body scrubs, or lotions. This fun DIY craft is a great bonding moment with your family members, or yourself. 

            How to use essential oils for skin? You can create a body scrub with just a few sensitive skin-friendly ingredients by mixing coconut oil, sugar (make sure the crystals are large enough to exfoliate with,) and the essential oil of your choice (we particularly love geranium, jasmine, and rose!). Remove dead skin cells before shaving with this DIY body scrub! You will be left smelling delicious, as the essential oils melt into the coconut oil that deeply moisturizes your skin. Creating a bath product with essential oils can be a relaxing way to utilize these oils. 

            Natural Home Odor Eliminator

            If you have pets or children, odds are that the odors in your home are constantly switching up against your will. Eliminate funky odor, naturally with essential oils! You can even adjust how powerful your chosen scent is by the number of drops you put into the diffuser, and how much water there is to dilute the essential oil. Fewer drops will have a less potent effect and more drops will make it be a stronger scent. 

            We love using frankincense, lavender, or peppermint to freshen up the scent of your space--plus, these are all pet-friendly! An essential oil diffuser is a perfect solution to leaving your rooms smelling fresh and not overwhelming.

            Heat and Aromatherapy

            Need some fast relief for your sore or tired muscles? Relax with a DIY microwavable aromatherapy bag for quick pain relief. Fill a fabric bag with rice or seeds, and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, or go for a blend like WOW’s Sore No More Essential Oil Blend. Microwave the sealed bag to create that comforting warmth, while the essential oils will vaporize to set a relaxing mood. 

            As the scent fades, apply a few drops of oil to the fabric before or after microwaving. It’s an affordable option to relax your muscles and your mind. 


            Diffusing Necklaces

            Perfume doesn’t work for everyone, especially if you’re allergic to strong, synthetic fragrances. The beauty of Essential oils is the natural scent that is heightened when placed on the hot spots of your body. 

            To make the most of essential oils without potentially harming your skin, try a diffuser necklace instead. These beautiful jewelry pieces hold a round diffusing pad. Just add 2 drops of your chosen essential oil to the diffusing pad and place it inside the necklace. The pad then creates dry vaporization and provides a natural scent booster, wherever you go. 

            The great thing about them is that you can wear it around your neck, place it in your pocket, on or in a purse, or on your ID badge reel. You can also change out the scents by changing out the diffuser pad and oils. Once you are done for the day, simply remove it and put it on the next time you are heading out the door. 


            The essential oil craze is absolutely justified with the plethora of useful benefits, and amazing scents to choose from. Essential oils are an affordable, and accessible way to naturally improve your quality of life. It can be integrated seamlessly into any lifestyle to meet your changing needs. 

            While quality and purity can vary, you can trust WOW Skin Science and their range of therapeutic grade, 100% pure essential oils and blends. Mix and match formulas tailored specifically to what you need. Whether you’re looking to Revitalize or Sleep Easy, there’s something out there for you. So get out there and try out some of our most loved essential oils like cedarwood oil, sweet orange oil, eucalyptus oil, and so much more!   





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