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Is Clarifying Shampoo Bad for Permed Hair?

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Vanja Mitic

If you have your hair permed and are wondering whether to use a clarifying shampoo, then this article is for you.

Perm is a short form for “permanent.” Permed hair is hair that has been treated to carry a curly and wavy style. A perm style lasts long, about six months, after a perming treatment. 

The process is considered permanent because once permed, it is not possible to revert to your original hair texture. You’d need to wait for your natural hair to regrow. 

Perming can be performed either using thermal or chemical treatment. In thermal treatment, specialized hot rods are curled around small sections of hair to change their structure. The temperature of the rods is monitored to ensure that they perm without frying strands. 

In chemical treatment, too, specialized rods are employed to impart curls to hair. The difference is that these rods are not heated. Instead, thermal induction is used to alter your hair structure. A mix of chemicals is used to break down your existing hair structure and create waves. 

Regardless of the method used to perm your hair, the aftercare you provide your hair is key to maintaining your curls. Reliable aftercare is also crucial to maintain the health of your hair. 

What is the role of a clarifying shampoo in maintaining your permed hair? Find out all about it and more in this article. 

Table of Contents:

  • Immediate Aftercare for Your Permed Hair
  • Long-Term Perm-Care Must Include a Clarifying Shampoo
  • Why Use a Clarifying Shampoo for Permed Hair?
  • Things to Keep in Mind While Caring for Your Perms
  • Choose the Right Haircare Products
  • Avoid Products with Sulfates and Silicones
  • Include a Conditioner in Your Haircare Routine
  • Avoid Exposure to Heat

          Immediate Aftercare for Your Permed Hair

          You can make your perm last with the following immediate aftercare: 

          • Wait for a minimum of two days to wash your hair. This duration gives your perm enough time to settle 
          • Avoid combing your hair for a day immediately after perming 
          • Keep your hair moisturized 
          ponytail, women ponytail
          • Avoid tying your hair up in ponytails before washing 

          Long-Term Perm-Care Must Include a Clarifying Shampoo

          Curls need moisture to be healthy, shiny, and frizz-free. They tend to dry down sooner than straighter strands. This is because natural oil finds it difficult to pass through the strands. In addition, any chemical treatment tends to dry down strands. 

          Moisturizers are key to maintaining the form and structure of your curls. A clarifying shampoo must be part of your hair care routine to maintain healthy perms. 

          Traditionally, clarifying shampoos have been shunned by perm-lovers, given the tendency of these shampoos to dry out curls. As a result, hair looks dry, dull, and lifeless. Perms need a lot of hydration, which clarifying shampoos were unable to provide until now. 

          Brands such as WOW Skin Science are introducing natural, and well-researched hair formulations specialized to specific hair types. Strand hydration is an important part of these modern and more intelligent formulations. Traditional beliefs about clarifying shampoos are now being redefined. 

          wow skin science, wow skin science products

          If you are looking for a healthy hair care routine for your permed hair, then a clarifying shampoo should be a part of it. 

          Why Use a Clarifying Shampoo for Permed Hair?

          Shampoos for everyday use are great. But you need a clarifying shampoo to give your perms a deeper clean. This deep cleaning is essential to get rid of residue build-up, dead skin cells, and dirt from your strands. Only a clarifying shampoo can provide a deep cleanse. 

          Any chemical treatment, including perming, leaves unwanted residue on the hair. In addition, shampoos and other haircare products you may use add to the build-up. Hair, as a result, develops build-up that manifests in the form of white flakes or a scaly coating. You can find such flakes in between strands when you part your hair. 

          women dandruff

          Unwanted residue clogs hair follicles, making it difficult for natural oils to pass through the strands. The benefits of your hair care routine, too, do not materialize as they do not reach the scalp or the strands. You will, as a result, start experiencing a range of hair issues.    

          If the build-up is not removed regularly, it can lead to hair issues, including: 

          • An itchy scalp 
          • Increased greasiness of the scalp 
          • Hair breakage 
          • Loss of curls 
          • Thinning hair volume 
          • Inability to style your hair 
          • Rough and stiff hair 
          • Dull, lifeless strands 
          • Increased oiliness 

          A clarifying shampoo helps by penetrating deep into the strands and removing any build-up. Ingredients in these shampoos are stronger than those of standard shampoos, which helps get rid of even stubborn residue. 

          Use a clarifying shampoo twice a week for the best results. 

          Try WOW Skin Science Activated Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo for the best residue removal without any hair damage. An excellent choice for treated hair! 


          Activated Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo

          This formulation is powered by activated charcoal, which is well-known for its deep detox benefits. In addition to deep cleansing, activated charcoal nourishes and strengthens strands and restores natural shine. 

          Other ingredients include argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and keratin, which nourish strands with vitamin E and essential fats. 

          Aloe vera extract is an excellent moisturizer that protects against hair damage. In addition, it contains proteolytic enzymes, which are hair-healing. They repair scalp damage by rejuvenating dead skin cells. These enzymes also smoothen hair and restore natural shine. 

          With its amazing benefits, this shampoo is a must-have in your perm repair and care kit. 

          You can explore a range of other silicone and sulfate-free clarifying shampoos by WOW Skin Science. These shampoos are built for deep detox and excellent hydration. 

          best clarifying shampoo for my hair

          No more shunning clarifying shampoos. Give your curls the powerful benefits of detox with a clarifying shampoo. You may also want to try the shampoo-and-conditioner combos to double the benefits! 

          Things to Keep in Mind While Caring for Your Perms

          Staying frizz- and tangle-free is a challenge for perm lovers. But keeping your hair healthy and curly need not be overwhelming. Here are a few things you can do to keep your perms lasting, beautiful, and healthy. 

          • Choose the Right Haircare Products

          Treat your curls as real, meaning take care of your hair as you would your naturally curly hair. 

          Choose shampoos and conditioners formulated for curly and treated hair. Such hair care will minimize the damage from perming while making your curls last. 

          You may want to try the Coconut Milk Conditioner by WOW Skin Science. Designed to nourish wavy curls, this conditioner contains coconut milk extract, hydrolyzed keratin, and castor oil. 

          Hydrolyzed protein strengthens curls at the roots. It penetrates deep into the hair shaft and replenishes the keratin content here. This replenishment strengthens hair structure and rebuilds the protective layer of strands. 

          coconut conditioner, coconut milk hair products

          Coconut milk nourishes curly strands with plenty of moisture. It also prevents scalp irritation and dryness. Castor oil repairs damaged strands and facilitate healthy hair growth. 

          • Avoid Products with Sulfates and Silicones

          Sulfates and silicones are harsh chemicals that can strip your curls of essential moisture, leaving them dry and lifeless. Go for products with natural ingredients. 

          Haircare products from WOW Skin Science are plant-derived and 100% natural. They are completely sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free. They are also dermatologically tested, gluten-free and vegan.  

          • Include a Conditioner in Your Haircare Routine

          Any chemical treatment leaves your hair a little damaged. You can minimize the effects of the damage by using a conditioner after shampooing. This gives your curls the extra hydration and care they need to stay healthy and shiny. 

          A deep-conditioning treatment is also good to get rid of any frizz your curls may be carrying. 

          Try Moroccan Argan Hair Oil from WOW Skin Science to give your perms a natural shine. This oil helps address any brittleness, dryness, split ends, frizz, and scalp irritation. It rejuvenates strands with essential nutrients. 

          Apply the oil by massaging it on the scalp and leave for about 30 minutes. After that, wash your hair regularly. Use this oil twice every week for healthy hair.      

          • Avoid Exposure to Heat

          Straightening your hair or blow-drying strands can make your curls lose their shape and strength. 

          how is heat damaging the hair

          Heat treatments dry out strands, leading to frizz. If you want to use heat devices such as a blow dryer, then do so using a heat protectant. 

          Curls are beautiful, fashionable, and fun. But the right care is important to maintain your curls. Maintain the beauty and strength of your permed hair with the above haircare guide

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            Vanja Mitic

            Vanja enjoys exploring news in the beauty world and incorporating everything she learned in her articles. She always chooses holistic, natural, and vegan products and strongly believes in the beauty and purity of nature.

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            Vanja enjoys exploring news in the beauty world and incorporating everything she learned in her articles. She always chooses holistic, natural, and vegan products and strongly believes in the beauty and purity of nature.
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